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Small Business Marketing Guide: Everything New and Existing Businesses
Small businesses have a lot to manage, including marketing. This guide will introduce you to core concepts of small business marketing.
Jennifer Post
Jennifer Post
What Are Demographics in Marketing?
Demographics are a key part of your small business marketing strategy, as they help you identify the individual members of your audience by certain characteristics, wants and needs.
Mark Fairlie
Mark Fairlie
How to Reach Your Target Customer
Struggling to pinpoint your audience? Here are several ways to find your target consumers.
Katharine Paljug
Katharine Paljug
10 Ways to (Really) Know Your Customers
Follow these customer engagement tips and tools to help you build brand loyalty and drive repeat business.
Sammi Caramela
Sammi Caramela
Local Marketing Strategies for Success
For many businesses, their marketing efforts need to reach a local audience. Here are some local marketing strategies for small businesses.
Adam Uzialko
Adam Uzialko

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4 Ways to Improve Communication With Customers
By Adam Uzialko | February 03, 2023

This article explains the importance of communicating well with your customers, as well as offers tips for how to improve your customer engagement.

Best Android Email Apps of 2023
By Adam Uzialko | February 02, 2023

Here are our top picks for the best Android email apps for busy small business owners on the go.

Businessman using laptop computer
How to Run Payroll in QuickBooks
By Trish Petak | February 02, 2023

This easy, step-by-step guide will show you how to run payroll in QuickBooks, featuring in-depth instructions and images.

Salesperson on the phone
Affiliate Links: What Small Businesses Should Know
By Jennifer Post | February 02, 2023

Learn how this cost-effective technique can help your small business tap into the followers of influencers and others.

Key Fobs 101: What Small Businesses Need to Know
By Kiely Kuligowski | February 02, 2023

Key fobs work through RFID technology and are important parts of business access control systems. Learn about key fobs, how they work, and how to use them.

Negative Customer Review? Turn It Into a Positive Opportunity
By Nicole Fallon | February 02, 2023

Negative customer reviews are common, especially in public-facing businesses. Here’s how you can adapt your business processes and generate customer loyalty from negative customer reviews.

Do’s and Don’ts of Creating a Visual Brand
By Katharine Paljug | February 02, 2023

A visual brand is a strong and consistent marketing tool. Here’s what you should do ― and not to do ― as you create it.

Woman using a whiteboard to lay out business ideas
Track Your Goals With These 10 Free Tools
By Tejas Vemparala | February 02, 2023

Digital and analog tools can track your progress toward achieving your goals. Learn 10 tools to measure progress and milestones and boost productivity.

10 Best Tools for Remote Business Collaboration
By Adam Uzialko | February 02, 2023

Need better tools to collaborate with your team? These 10 apps can help.

Social Media for Startups: Entrepreneurs Share 5 Key Lessons
By Nicole Fallon | February 01, 2023

Learn by example with these real-life social media marketing and management lessons from entrepreneurs.

What Is a Virtual Phone Line?
By Jeff Hale | February 01, 2023

Learn what a virtual phone line is and how small businesses can use them as their business phone system.

A Guide to Managing Customer Relationships
By David Gargaro | February 01, 2023

This guide explains methods for customer relationship management, as well as software tools available to improve customer relationship management for small

Privacy on Social Media Guards Against Identity Theft
By Adam Uzialko | February 01, 2023

Social media identity theft is growing. Learn to safeguard your personal information and reduce your risks by securing your accounts and staying private.

How to Determine Employee Salary Ranges
By Skye Schooley | February 01, 2023

Learn how to set the best salaries for your employees, what should be included in your calculation and other considerations.

Bad Customer Service? Most Consumers Will Dump Your Brand
By Max Freedman | February 01, 2023

Don't give your customers a reason to leave. Instead, build brand loyalty with these customer service tips.

freelancer using a laptop
CRM vs. Marketing Automation: What’s the Difference?
By Kiely Kuligowski | February 01, 2023

Using marketing automation and CRM software together can maximize benefits and help businesses create a better marketing strategy.

How to Avoid Copyright Infringement in the Age of Social Media
By Matt D’Angelo | January 31, 2023

You'll need to abide by copyright law when using social media to promote your business. Learn about content usage best practices and protect your business.

Is a Remote Desktop Right for Your Business?
By Sara Angeles | January 31, 2023

Outsourcing your IT department can offer your company many benefits, but you should consider the risks as well.

Internal Hires May Not Always Have the Inside Track
By Adam Uzialko | January 31, 2023

While some companies prefer internal hires, there are pros and cons to using an internal or external candidate pool for open positions.

Accountant using a calculator
What Is A Profit And Loss Statement?
By Adam Uzialko | January 31, 2023

Learn the importance of accurate P&L statement reporting and how it may keep your business on the right track and sound financial footing.

Measuring Success When Working With Influencers
By Kiely Kuligowski | January 31, 2023

Social media has revolutionized marketing. Are your influencer campaigns successful?

10 Tax Solutions for Small Businesses
By Sally Herigstad | January 30, 2023

Tax apps, business tax software and other tools can help small business owners stay on top of tax obligations. Discover 10 small business tax solutions.

Two colleagues talking
6 Tips for Writing an Effective Performance Review
By Sean Peek | January 30, 2023

Performance reviews explain what is and isn't working and keep employees and staff on the same page. Learn how to conduct an effective performance review.

person checking email on computer
Choosing the Right Email Marketing Service for Your Business
By Simone Johnson | January 30, 2023

Get informed with this guide to choosing the right email marketing software or agency for your business's needs. See key features, pricing and benefits.

How to Find the Right Softphone App for Your Business
By Kiely Kuligowski | January 30, 2023

Is a softphone right for your business? Learn more about the requirements for a softphone and how to choose the best app for your company.

12 Collaboration Tools for Small Businesses
By Andreas Rivera | January 27, 2023

This article includes some of the best collaboration tools for remote teams to use to stay productive no matter where they work.

How a Government Shutdown Hurts Small Businesses
By Adam Uzialko | January 27, 2023

A government shutdown can have negative impacts on small businesses — such as lost profits or delayed loans. Learn how your company can prepare for one.

How to Calculate Annual Revenue
By Sally Herigstad | January 26, 2023

To determine your business' financial health, you need to know how much money you are bringing in. Here is how to calculate your annual revenue.

7 Ways to Improve Your Business Blog
By Katharine Paljug | January 26, 2023

Regularly updating your blog can help your company in numerous ways. Here are seven tips to boost your content marketing results.

How to Create a Strong Password
By Jeremy Bender | January 26, 2023

Many users create passwords that hackers can easily crack. Learn how to create strong passwords to protect accounts and business networks and boost cybersecurity.