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Should You Hire a Debt Collection Attorney for Your Business?
By Max Freedman | November 27, 2023

A debt collection attorney works to recover debts from nonpaying customers. Learn when business owners should hire or consult a debt collection attorney.

Paycards vs. Direct Deposit: Which Is Right for Your Business?
By Adam Uzialko | November 21, 2023

Employers have options for paying their employees, including direct deposit and paycards. Both offer benefits and drawbacks that need to be considered.

Self-Employed? Everything You Need to Know About Taxes
By Julianna Lopez | November 20, 2023

When you are self-employed, filing your taxes can be tricky. This handy guide can make things easier.

How Small Businesses Are Affected by Minimum Wage
By Adam Uzialko | November 20, 2023

Minimum wage increases affect small businesses. Learn about state and local minimum wage laws and what small businesses need to know to plan and adapt.

pair of hands swiping a credit card on a reader
Still Not Accepting EMV Chip Cards? Why You Need to Switch
By Paula Fernandes | November 20, 2023

EMV chip cards help prevent fraud and allow customers to pay easily. Learn why you might want to accept this form of in-person card payment.

What Is Inflation?
By Rebecca Neubauer | November 20, 2023

Learn about the types of inflation, the history of inflation in the U.S., inflation's impact on interest rates and how to protect your business from the effects of inflation.

What Is Meta Pay?
By Max Freedman | November 20, 2023

Meta Pay, formerly Facebook Pay, is a secure digital wallet payment form. Learn how to get started with Meta Pay and how it can help your business.

Accountant using a calculator
What Is a Revolving Line of Credit?
By Dock David Treece | November 20, 2023

A revolving line of credit lets businesses borrow against a set amount. Learn how revolving lines of credit work, their types, and their pros and cons.

Should You Get an Unsecured Business Loan for Your Small Business?
By Sally Herigstad | November 20, 2023

Getting small business funding without collateral is challenging. An unsecured business loan is an option, but interest rates and risks are factors.

Businesswoman signing a paycheck
How Stagnant Real Wages Hurt Small Businesses
By Casey Conway | November 20, 2023

Find out how wage issues combined with inflation can hurt both existing businesses and would-be entrepreneurs.

Accountant doing payroll
What Is a Lien?
By Simone Johnson | November 20, 2023

A lien gives a lender the right to your property or assets if you fail to repay a loan. Learn how liens can help your business and how to get rid of them.

What Is a Per Diem?
By Nicole Fallon | November 15, 2023

A per diem is a daily stipend an employer provides to cover employee expenses. A per diem employee works with a company on a daily basis at a set rate.

How to Turn Knowledge into Money
By Ned Smith | November 13, 2023

Joseph Hennessey, Small Business Innovation Research Adviser, explains

What’s the Difference Between Accountants and Bookkeepers?
By Donna Fuscaldo | November 10, 2023

Accountants and bookkeepers are both financial professionals but perform different tasks. This article explains the differences and when to hire each one.

Should You Audit Your Bookkeeper?
By Linda Pophal | November 08, 2023

Conducting random audits of your bookkeeper and finances can ensure your books are balanced and your bookkeeper is following proper protocol. Learn how.

The 10 Best (and Worst) States for Small Business Taxes
By Natalie Hamingson | November 08, 2023

Find out which states are best or worst for small business taxes. Our guide includes information on property, individual, sales and corporate taxes.

Getting Audited? How to Handle It Like a Pro
By Siri Hedreen | November 08, 2023

Here’s everything small business owners need to know about being audited by the Internal Revenue Service.

What Is a Recession?
By Ross Mudrick | November 08, 2023

A recession can harm your business, but you can prepare for it. Here’s how to set yours up to weather this economic storm.

Accountant in a wheelchair working at a desk
15 Accounting Payment Terms and How to Work With Them
By Jamie Johnson | November 08, 2023

Get your customers to pay their bills quickly with these accounting payment terms and strategies.

Businessperson signing a paycheck
How to Calculate Gross Wages
By Sally Herigstad | November 08, 2023

Calculating gross wages is the first step to compensating employees properly and keeping accurate payroll records. Learn about the process with this guide.

Commercial Real Estate Loan Guide
By Dock David Treece | November 08, 2023

Learn how to qualify for a commercial real estate loan, find out the different types and get answers to frequently asked questions.

Self-Employed 401(k) Plans: Frequently Asked Questions
By Heather Larson | November 08, 2023

Check out the answers to these frequently asked questions about self-employed 401(k) plans.

What Businesses Need to Know About Venmo
By Mona Bushnell | November 08, 2023

Venmo can be a secure way to simplify online transactions for you and your customers. Find out how Venmo works and how to set it up in our guide and FAQs.

How to Set Up a POS System
By Adam Uzialko | November 08, 2023

POS systems are necessary for any business that sells products. Here is everything you need to know about POS installation.

5 Ways Small Business Owners Can Start Preparing for Retirement
By Katharine Paljug | November 08, 2023

This guide offers tips to help small business owners plan and save for their retirement.

Businesswoman signing a paycheck
What Are Withholding Allowances?
By Max Freedman | November 06, 2023

This guide explains withholding allowances, how they work, and what an employer’s obligations are when conducting payroll.

Businessperson signing a paycheck
How to Offer Payroll Advances
By Julie Thompson | November 03, 2023

Payroll advances can help relieve financial stress for employees, boosting their productivity, engagement and loyalty. Learn how payroll advances work.

How to Fill Out and File an HCFA Form
By Max Freedman | November 02, 2023

This guide explains the importance of the form HCFA and how to fill it out for your medical practice.

10 Top Expense Trackers
By Sean Peek | October 27, 2023

Expense trackers can help you track and document how you and your team are spending money. These are some of the best expense trackers out there today.

FIFO vs. LIFO: What Is the Difference?
By Adam Uzialko | October 27, 2023

Learn the differences between FIFO (first in, first out) and LIFO (last in, first out) to determine the best inventory management method for your business.