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Franchising presents an opportunity to buy a business and leverage an established brand.

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8 Reasons to Consider Franchising
By Bassam Kaado | November 14, 2022

Before you consider a franchise, ensure you understand how it differs from other business models. Learn franchising's benefits and how to open a franchise.

9 Places to Find Businesses for Sale Online
By Saige Driver | September 19, 2022

If you dream of entrepreneurship, you can get a head start by buying an established business. Find businesses for sale on these online platforms.

50 Franchises for Every Budget
By Saige Driver | September 19, 2022

Franchising is a great opportunity for entrepreneurs who want a ready-made business to run. Check out these franchise options for a wide range of budgets.

How to Choose the Right Franchise
By Sean Peek | September 19, 2022

Thinking about buying a franchise? Here's how to pick one that's right for you, your budget and your business goals.

Ultimate Guide to Business Franchising
By Max Freedman | September 08, 2022

Opening a franchise can be profitable, but it requires some work upfront. This guide explains everything you need to know before launching a franchise business.

The Basics of Franchising and Today’s Top Opportunities
By Bennett Conlin | August 24, 2022

Opening a franchise is a business opportunity with relatively low risk and high support. Learn about franchising costs, regulations and considerations.