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Merchant One Review

Jamie Johnson
Jamie Johnson
  • Merchant One is our pick as the best credit card processor for easy approval.
  • Merchant One accepts all major payment methods, including Mastercard, Visa, Discover and American Express.
  • It offers a strong slate of features and integrations that enable businesses to make better decisions regarding cash flow.
  • This review is for small business owners who want to learn about Merchant One's credit card processing service and why it's our best pick for easy approval.

For a small business owner, trying to choose a new credit card processor can be overwhelming. There are endless options, and it's hard to know what features will bring the most value to your business. We chose Merchant One for its full slate of features, seamless integration with a wide range of third-party software. This means you can automatically pull data on debit and credit card transactions into your other business software, more effectively tracking sales, customers' preferred payment methods, and your hottest-selling items.

Merchant One

Merchant One

The Verdict

Merchant One is a credit card processor with a wide range of features, seamless integration with many popular programs, and a willingness to work with all small business owners. That's why it's our best pick for a credit card processor with easy approval.

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Merchant One

Pricing 2.0/2
Contract 2.0/2
PCI compliance 2.0/2
Early termination tee 2.0/2
Fast deposits 0.7/2
Editor's score 8.7/10

Merchant One offers top-notch credit card processing services to businesses of all sizes. The company also has an iPhone app that makes wireless processing possible for merchants. Merchant One is known for providing merchant services that cater to the specific needs of small businesses.

The company offers various hardware, from POS systems to debit and credit card readers. It's known for its quick turnaround; it often has new customers up and running in just 24 hours. Merchant One offers specifically designed solutions that work for all kinds and sizes of businesses. It's also willing to work with customers who have less-than-ideal credit scores. The company has a 98% approval rate on new applicants.

Merchant One offers multiple credit card readers.

Merchant One accepts Mastercard, Visa, Discover and American Express. The software also uses digital technologies to confirm IDs and process documents.

Pricing and Fees

Like many credit card processors, Merchant One doesn't disclose all its rates or fees on its website, which is inconvenient. But it is possible to get a general overview of what you can expect to pay before signing up. 

Early Termination Fee

All Merchant One accounts include a minimum three-year agreement. If you choose to cancel your contract early, you'll have to pay an early termination fee. This will depend on your specific contract but could end up costing as much as $750.

Monthly Fees

Merchant One charges $6.95 for its base plan, which is much lower than what most other credit card processors change.

PCI Compliance Fee

In addition to an early termination fee and monthly fee, you can expect to pay a PCI compliance fee. This fee will depend on the plan you sign up for, but some charge up to $100 per year.


You can expect to pay the following rates per transaction:

  • Keyed-in transactions: 29% to 1.99%
  • Swiped transactions: 29% to 1.55%

Equipment Costs

Merchant One does not require you to buy or lease your equipment; it provides all customers with a basic terminal free of charge. You can choose from these terminals:

  • Pax S80
  • Pax S500
  • FD130
  • Verifone VX520

All terminals are EMV and NFC ready. If you prefer, you can upgrade to a more advanced terminal instead of getting one for free. 


Merchant One's comprehensive features help it stand out from other credit card processors. The company offers a variety of processing hardware and services for small businesses. Here's an overview of the solutions and features it offers.

Merchant Accounts

Merchant One uses First Data (Fiserv) as its main back-end processor. A merchant account is required to process debit and credit card transactions. The company offers various First Data products and services, including the Clover terminal lines and POS systems.

Did You Know?Did you know? In order to process any card-based transactions, small businesses must first set up a merchant account. Most credit card processing services will help you open one.

Credit Card Terminals

Currently, Merchant One offers four standard credit card terminals on its site. You can choose between the Pax S80, Pax S500, Verifone VX520, and Fiserv FD130 models. All models support NFC and EMV payments, and the Pax S500 offers free support and payments.

Like other payment processing services, Merchant One offers reliable and secure card terminal placement software. Merchant One even offers one free terminal when you set up a new account. This is a significant benefit to choosing the company, but it does come at a cost. Essentially, the terminal is on loan from Merchant One, so you will have to give back the terminal line if you decide to close your account.

POS System

Since Merchant One is a Fiserv reseller, it offers businesses the entire Clover lineup of POS systems. You can expect to get a detailed Clover Station and a Clover Mini. However, these POS systems are not accessible through Merchant One's primary terminal placement software; you'll have to purchase them upfront.

Payment Gateway

Merchant One rigorously advertises the quality of its payment gateway services. It offers a virtual terminal for dedicated manual transactions. You can expect to receive a proprietary gateway and a third-party, white-label gateway.

The best thing about using a Merchant One payment gateway is that it offers all the basic features businesses need:

  • Recurring billing support
  • Customer database
  • Customizable API
  • QuickBooks integration

In addition, Merchant One's payment gateway can integrate with up to 175 shopping carts online.

TipTip: Integrating business software improves visibility into all the data your small business generates, which can help your team make better decisions.

Mobile Payments

Merchant One offers portable processing for businesses that want to take out payments at a moment's notice. In this area, Merchant One offers Clover Go and Clover Flex.

Merchant One makes it simple to accept payments via your iOS or Android devices.

Other credit card reader offers include the Swift B250, SwipeSimple, BBPOS Chipper and MagTek aDynamo. Again, Merchant One does not disclose pricing on these models, but online reviews affirm that Merchant One reviews the business's needs and then offers practical costs.

Customer Support

With Merchant One, you'll receive dedicated 24/7 customer support from specialized agents. The company offers personalized recommendations to help you find the best plan for your business. There is a reason Merchant One has an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. In fact, the credit card processing platform has maintained this rating since 2010.


You should expect to pay additional costs on most of Merchant One's products and services. Merchant One also requires a three-year contract with an early termination fee of $750, which is less convenient than month-to-month service with anytime cancellation.

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Merchant One

Merchant One

The Verdict

Merchant One is a credit card processor with a wide range of features, seamless integration with many popular programs, and a willingness to work with all small business owners. That's why it's our best pick for a credit card processor with easy approval.

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