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Learn the ins and outs of what you need to have ready to secure funding for your business. We've covered the basics.

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Accountant using a calculator
Business Liabilities Every Owner Should Know
By Jamie Johnson | April 11, 2024

This guide identifies common business liabilities that every small business owner should keep track of and understand.

When Should You Hire a CPA?
By Jamie Johnson | April 11, 2024

When is the right time for your business to hire a CPA to take care of your tax needs? This guide explains how to know when to hire an accountant.

businesswoman standing over a series of paper reports on a desk
How to Define Accounting for Business
By Matt D’Angelo | April 11, 2024

Business owners should understand the basics of accounting, including what accountants do. Learn how to improve your fundamental accounting knowledge.

6 Credit Card Processing Scams to Avoid
By Leslie Pankowski | April 11, 2024

Many small businesses fall victim to credit card processing scams. Learn about common credit card processing scams and how to find a credit card processor.

fingers punching numbers on a credit card processor
Effective Tips for Negotiating Lower Credit Card Processing Fees
By Rebecka Green | April 11, 2024

Follow these tips to get a better deal with your credit card processor.

Small Business Credit Card Processing: What You Need to Know
By Elizabeth Crumbly | April 11, 2024

Learn the basics of credit card processing, including fees, transaction types, and pros and cons.

How to Prepare an Income Statement
By Max Freedman | April 11, 2024

An income statement can be used for gauging the health of a business and making strategic decisions. This guide explains how to prepare an income statement

two business partners conversing at a desk
How to Pay Yourself With an Owner’s Draw
By Julie Thompson | April 01, 2024

This guide explains how business owners can pay themselves with a payroll tactic known as an "owner's draw."

What is a Business Line of Credit?
By Max Freedman | April 01, 2024

A business line of credit provides a lot of financial flexibility. Here is how it could help your business.

financial data on a laptop
Payroll Checklist: 10 Steps to Process Payroll
By Max Freedman | March 29, 2024

Processing payroll is critical for businesses. Refer to this payroll checklist to ensure you stay compliant and don't miss vital payroll processing steps.

Exporting Invoices From QuickBooks
By Max Freedman | March 28, 2024

Exporting invoices from QuickBooks is quick and efficient. Learn how to do it here.

How to Accept Mobile Payments via SMS
By Max Freedman | March 25, 2024

SMS payments can help you obtain customer payments that might otherwise go missed – and that's not their only benefit.

How to Accept ACH Payments
By Dock David Treece | March 22, 2024

Learn how to accept overnight payments electronically and offer this added benefit to your customers.

What Is Invoice Factoring?
By Dock David Treece | March 18, 2024

This guide explains invoice factoring, a funding option available to businesses that turns outstanding invoices into cash in exchange for a fee.

Accountant using a calculator
The Best Receipt-Tracking Apps for Professionals
By Andrew Martins | March 04, 2024

What's the best receipt app for your business? We reached out to small business owners and other professionals to find out what software they prefer.

Accountant using a calculator
How to Calculate Cost of Goods Sold
By Dock David Treece | February 23, 2024

Tracking cost of goods sold (COGS) is an important indicator of financial health and critical for tax deductions. Here's how to calculate COGS.

10 Ways to Reduce Your Fuel Costs
By David Gargaro | February 20, 2024

Businesses that operate a fleet of vehicles know how much money they are spending on fuel each month. Here are several ways to cut down on those expenses.

Businessperson signing a paycheck
What Is a Merit Pay Increase?
By Nicole Fallon | February 16, 2024

Learn what merit pay is, how to award merit pay increases, and best practices for implementing a merit pay policy.

The Pros and Cons of a Term Loan
By Jamie Johnson | February 15, 2024

A term loan is a one-time upfront payment to fund a one-time project or long-term business growth. Learn whether a term loan is right for your business.

What Is Payroll Accounting?
By Dock David Treece | February 15, 2024

Payroll accounting is the process by which businesses track expenses related to payroll. Learn more about it and how accounting software can help.

What Is the Small Business Innovation Research Program?
By Max Freedman | February 13, 2024

Joseph Hennessey, Small Business Innovation Research Adviser, explains

Doctor signing a form
What Are Medical Claims?
By Max Freedman | February 12, 2024

Medical claims are documents that your practice must submit to payers for reimbursement. Learn how to create them here.

Businessman with a calculator and laptop
What Are Accounting Standards?
By Jamie Johnson | February 12, 2024

This guide introduces the concept of accounting standards and explains why they are important to businesses trying to better manage their finances.

Accountant using a calculator
Section 179 Deduction: Rules and Limits
By Dock David Treece | February 08, 2024

Section 179 lets you deduct the cost of a business asset in the year you buy it or place it in service. Learn if it's the best choice for your business.

Accountant working at a desk
Tax Deductions You Should Take and Some Crazy Ones to Avoid
By Sally Herigstad | February 08, 2024

Some tax deductions may cause the IRS to flag your tax return while others could even land you in trouble. Learn what deductions you can and can't take.

What Is An Expense Report?
By Dock David Treece | February 08, 2024

Expense reports help you understand your business's financial activities, profit margins and cash flow. Learn about creating and using expense reports.

What Are Payroll Liabilities?
By Julie Thompson | February 08, 2024

Payroll liabilities are payroll expenses a business owes but has not paid. These liabilities can appear every time you run payroll.

How Do Acquisition Loans Work?
By Dock David Treece | February 08, 2024

Businesses use acquisition loans to acquire other businesses or strategic assets, such as equipment. Learn how they can help your company.

Accountant working with a laptop and a calculator
What Are Payroll Taxes?
By Sean Peek | January 30, 2024

Employers must withhold federal income tax, plus any state or local taxes. Here’s what every small business owner should know.

Cashless Society Pros and Cons: Are Digital Payments Really Killing Cash?
By Mona Bushnell | January 30, 2024

Cashless transactions are growing worldwide with a wide range of payment options. Learn the pros and cons of cashless payments and what they mean for SMBs.