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How 5G Will Change Your Small Business
By Jeremy Bender | August 21, 2023

This guide explains how the 5G rollout will affect small businesses and what you can do to take advantage for yours.

Quote vs. Invoice: What Is the Difference?
By Julie Thompson | August 18, 2023

Quotes and invoices help businesses get paid correctly and on time. Learn the differences between quotes and invoices and best practices for creating both.

How Small Businesses Are Affected by Minimum Wage
By Adam Uzialko | August 17, 2023

Minimum wage increases affect small businesses. Learn about state and local minimum wage laws and what small businesses need to know to plan and adapt.

Self-Employed? Everything You Need to Know About Taxes
By Julianna Lopez | August 15, 2023

When you are self-employed, filing your taxes can be tricky. This handy guide can make things easier.

How to Implement an Electronic Health Records System
By Adam Uzialko | August 14, 2023

An EHR system may take time to implement, but the benefits are worth the investment for medical facilities. See the steps and get software recommendations.

Cyberattacks on Remote Workers on the Rise: How to Defend Your Business
By Donna Fuscaldo | August 10, 2023

Does your team work from home sometimes (or all of the time)? If so, you could be increasing your cybersecurity risks — but you can change that.

What Is Meta Pay?
By Max Freedman | August 09, 2023

Meta Pay, formerly Facebook Pay, is a secure digital wallet payment form. Learn how to get started with Meta Pay and how it can help your business.

12 Collaboration Tools for Small Businesses
By Andreas Rivera | August 09, 2023

This article includes some of the best collaboration tools for remote teams to use to stay productive no matter where they work.

Accountant using a calculator
What Are Intangible Assets?
By Simone Johnson | August 09, 2023

This guide defines intangible assets and explains why they're important to a small business.

Key Fobs 101: What Small Businesses Need to Know
By Kiely Kuligowski | August 09, 2023

Key fobs work through RFID technology and are important parts of business access control systems. Learn about key fobs, how they work, and how to use them.

Doctor signing a form
By Max Freedman | August 08, 2023

Electronic medical records (EMRs) are digital patient records and charts while electronic health records (EHRs) include records and more information.

Accountant using a calculator
Accounting Ratios and Formulas: The Basics You Need to Know
By Matt D’Angelo | August 08, 2023

Accounting ratios and formulas streamline the bookkeeping process and help you evaluate your company's finances. Learn how these ratios and formulas work.

10 Top Expense Trackers
By Sean Peek | August 08, 2023

Expense trackers can help you track and document how you and your team are spending money. These are some of the best expense trackers out there today.

Business Software Guide: What SMBs Need
By Tejas Vemparala | August 07, 2023

This guide lists and describes various business software solutions that may benefit small businesses.

What Are Self-Service POS Kiosks?
By Jennifer Dublino | August 07, 2023

Many retailers are implementing self-service POS kiosks so customers can ring up their own purchases. Learn the pros and cons of self-service POS kiosks.

Server using a POS system in a restaurant
POS Inventory Management
By Jennifer Dublino | August 07, 2023

Inventory management means having the right amount of product to meet demand. Learn how POS systems can help you with inventory management.

The 10 Best (and Worst) States for Small Business Taxes
By Natalie Hamingson | August 03, 2023

Find out which states are best or worst for small business taxes. Our guide includes information on property, individual, sales and corporate taxes.

Businesswoman talking on the phone
What Is Non-Fixed VoIP?
By Jeff Hale | August 02, 2023

Find out how non-fixed VoIP phone systems help small businesses communicate without the need for a physical location.

Businesswoman signing a paycheck
Gross Pay vs. Net Pay
By Julie Thompson | August 02, 2023

Gross pay is what employees earn before taxes, benefits and payroll deductions are withheld. The remaining amount is net pay. Learn how to calculate each.

Businessperson using a smartphone
How to Access Your Computer From a Mobile Device
By Shayna Waltower | August 02, 2023

Remote PC access software lets you connect to your computer from a mobile device, such as a smartphone or tablet. Learn how remote access works.

Midsection close up of unknown caucasian man holding a box with personal items stuff leaving the office after being fired from work due recession economic crisis downturn losing job company shutdown
These Workers Are Most Worried About Layoffs
By Business News Daily | August 02, 2023

Layoffs are picking up in multiple industries. Discover the most impacted roles, how economic downturns impact small businesses, and tips to avoid letting workers go.

Accounts Payable: A Crucial Guide for Your Business
By Leslie Pankowski | August 02, 2023

Accounts payable are bills a company must pay. Learn about the accounts payable process and how to handle this crucial component of your business finances.

Accountant using a calculator
Balance Sheet vs. Income Statement: What’s the Difference?
By Vishal Sanjay | August 01, 2023

Balance sheets and income statements are related but not the same. Learning the difference and when to use each can aid your business’s financial health.

Email Marketing List Management Best Practices
By Jamie Johnson | August 01, 2023

Email marketing is most effective when based on an up-to-date and accurate email list. These tips will ensure your address list is up to the task.

robot hand typing on a computer
Get Ready for AI Customer Service Agents
By Natalie Hamingson | August 01, 2023

AI technology can help businesses improve their customer service with tools like chatbots. Learn best practices for implementing AI customer service tools.

12 Best Photo Editing Apps for Business
By Max Freedman | July 31, 2023

Your business has a lot to gain by making sure your social media photos look as good as possible.

15 LinkedIn Marketing Hacks to Grow Your Business
By Simone Johnson | July 31, 2023

LinkedIn can build brand awareness and customer relationships. Learn 15 LinkedIn marketing tips to engage your audience and market to potential partners.

iPhone Credit Card Processing: What You Need to Know
By Adam Uzialko | July 31, 2023

Small businesses often use iPhones for credit card processing. Learn how to use your iPhone as a POS device and the best credit card processors for iPhone.

How to File a Tax Extension for Your Small Business
By Business News Daily | July 31, 2023

Filing for a business tax extension can buy you additional time when you're not prepared to file taxes. Here's how to file an extension for your business.

Is a Four-Line Phone System Right for Your Business?
By Jeff Hale | July 31, 2023

What is a four-line phone system, and how do you know if you need one? Find out how these phone systems work and if one would be right for your business.