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10 Best Slack Apps for Business

Charell Star

These 10 Slack apps are must-haves for any business owner.

Slack is quickly becoming one of the most used business communication tools around – and for good reason. The platform, frequently described as a "messaging app on steroids," makes collaboration super easy for teams of all sizes. Users can set up private or group chatrooms, drag and drop files for sharing, search messages, and access the system on their desktop or mobile device. 

What's more, there are more than 450 integration apps that allow teams to do nearly everything: track customers' feedback, approve vacation time, provide project status reports, you name it. Basically, if you want to make your team more collaborative, productive or – dare we say – fun, there is probably a Slack app for that. We know you don't have time to sort through hundreds of options, so we rounded up the 10 best Slack apps for business that you should try, whether you're new to the world of Slack or looking to take your team to the next level.


Creating shared project plans can be difficult, and managing them across teams can be downright challenging for even the most Marie Kondo-styled manager. The MeisterTask extension helps keep things hyper-organized by allowing teams to create streamlined, automated workflows and get more done together. Using a Kanban-style project, the app lets users share work details with team members, upload files, set due dates and add checklist items in real time. MeisterTask starts at $8.25 per month per user. 


Creatives do some of their best work when they have real-time feedback at hand. InVision provides this and more right within Slack. Design prototypes can be connected to channels, making changes visible to team members, and individual screens can be shared for instant collaboration. Multiple project files can also be stored, viewed, reviewed and commented on simultaneously. InVision starts at $99 per month for up to five team members. 


Toggling between apps to dial in to a conference call or see your messages is simply inefficient. With Dialpad + Slack, users can dial calls and get notifications for missed calls, voicemails, and text messages, all within the interface. Admins can also choose different departments to route specific Slack notifications, so your team can return any important calls when you're out. The Dialpad + Slack app requires a Pro or Enterprise Dialpad account and starts at $30 per month per user. 


Knowing how your customers actually feel about your product or service lets you make informed decisions on your company's direction. The Survicate app for Slack keeps their feedback at your fingertips by allowing users to monitor incoming survey responses in real time. Customer feedback can also be shared within a Slack team or across an entire company via the selected Slack channels. Users can also distribute surveys by email or direct message, or embed them into the company's website or mobile app. Survicate starts at $159 per month and includes seats for 10 users. 

Concur Travel

Whether it's for a client meeting or a team-building workshop, employees need to make travel arrangements from time to time. The Concur Travel bot simplifies the search process by letting users organize and book travel directly within Slack. Team members can also collaborate on travel plans and look up flights within their Slack conversations that talk about travel plans. Upcoming itineraries can be accessed for review within Slack and automatically imported into Concur Expense for seamless processing. The Concur Travel bot is free for SAP Concur Travel account holders.


Hungry employees are not happy employees. The Hoppier Slack bot helps keep hunger pains at bay and spirits high by organizing feedback for office snacking orders from individual employees. Preferences and dietary restrictions can be collected via monthly polls, and Hoppier notifies account managers when specialty items are needed so snack boxes can be ordered. The data-driven bot minimizes office food waste by ensuring snack orders are based on the actual needs of the office and gives employees a voice in the pantry decisions. The Hoppier Slack bot is free.


Arranging an important meeting with team members with different schedules can be difficult. Doodle Bot makes scheduling meetings super simple for even the busiest users. Within Slack, employees can create a Doodle poll of meeting time options for team members that can be shared through Slack or email. The responses appear in a single Slack message, making it easy to set a meeting for the most convenient time for all parties. Doodle Bot starts at $69 per year per business user. 

Vacation Tracker

Managing employee vacation days is a breeze with Vacation Tracker. The app lets team members request vacation days, sick days or any out-of-office request within Slack. Supervisors can also approve or deny the requests within the app and see an overview of all upcoming team vacations. Administrators can also set up local and global holidays for each team so employees know when their respective offices are closed. Vacation Tracker starts at $25 for up to 50 users.


Sometimes you need more than a picture to get your message across. The Giphy app lets users creatively express themselves without saying a word. Team members can search a curated library of GIFs and share them instantly in a Slack channel or direct message. Workplace admins can also set a maximum GIF rating, such as G (intended for general audiences), so unprofessional GIFs do not get shared inadvertently. Giphy for Slack is free for all users. 


A tool built on collaboration such as Slack is bound to have a way to integrate music into your team's daily routine. The Spotify app for Slack let users easily control their favorite tune selections as well as find and share music with co-workers. Users can also view information about songs, albums and podcasts. The Spotify app for Slack is free, but users must have a Spotify Premium subscription, which starts at $9.99 per month, to access all features.


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