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Video Conferencing Cheat Sheet: Zoom, Skype, Microsoft Teams and GoToMeeting
By Andrew Martins | April 10, 2020

Use these tips and tricks to be a video conferencing expert.

How to Upload PowerPoint Presentations to YouTube
By Business News Daily Editor | March 24, 2020

Putting a presentation on YouTube can be a great way to reach co-workers and customers, and it's easy to do. Here's how.

Email Smarter With These Gmail and Outlook Plugins
By Business News Daily Editor | March 23, 2020

Want to make your email communications more efficient? Try one of these plugins for Gmail or Outlook.

Wi-Fi 6 and the Legacy of Wi-Fi Standards
By Saige Driver | March 20, 2020

Wi-Fi 6 began last year. Here's what your small business should know about Wi-Fi 6 and Wi-Fi standards.

Google One: How This New Service Is Changing Online Storage
By Business News Daily Editor | March 16, 2020

Learn about Google's latest cloud service and how it stacks up to other offerings.

Excel Table Formatting and Filtering Guide
By Business News Daily Editor | March 13, 2020

Ready to become a master at tables in Microsoft Excel? Follow these tips to get started.

How to Switch From a PC to a Chromebook
By Business News Daily Editor | March 12, 2020

Chromebooks have some quirks that may throw off traditional Windows PC users. But with these tips, you can get surfing fast.

Best iPhone XS Cases for Professionals
By Business News Daily Editor | March 10, 2020

These cases are stylish and will protect your expensive new Apple phone.

What Is the Difference Between an App and a Mobile Website?
By Mona Bushnell | March 09, 2020

Get to know the difference between an app and a mobile website, and find what's right for your business.

Microsoft Bookings Wants to Help Customers Schedule Meetings
By Business News Daily Editor | March 06, 2020

Your customers crave an easy way to schedule meetings. Microsoft thinks one of its newest services can help.

Apple MacBook Air (13-inch, 2018): Best Business Features
By Business News Daily Editor | March 05, 2020

Apple's new MacBook Air is 10 percent thinner and boasts enhanced graphics, all-day battery life and USB-C ports.

7 iPhone Apps for a Better Business Meeting
By Business News Daily Editor | March 04, 2020

Scheduling a meeting is the easy part; planning and pulling off a productive meeting can be a real challenge. Here are seven apps to help you keep your meetings – and life – in order.

What Is Amazon Storefronts?
By Matt D'Angelo | March 04, 2020

Amazon Storefronts offers small and midsized businesses a platform for selling products directly through Amazon.

7 Best Cybersecurity Podcasts You Should Be Listening To
By Business News Daily Editor | February 26, 2020

Keep with the latest cybersecurity trends and advice with these podcasts.

How to Change the Bing Default in Cortana
By Business News Daily Editor | February 26, 2020

Cortana works exclusively with Microsoft Edge and Bing, but what if you prefer Google?

Google Glass Enterprise Edition 2: Is It Good for Business?
By Business News Daily Editor | February 26, 2020

Find out how Google's latest wearable, the Glass Enterprise Edition 2, can help businesses.

Best Apps for Expos and Trade Shows
By Business News Daily Editor | February 26, 2020

Headed to a trade show, expo or fair to promote your business? Make sure you have these apps.

Best iPhone Apps to Manage Your Business Contacts
By Jackie Dove | February 26, 2020

Struggling to stay organized with all of your business contacts? These mobile apps for iPhone can help.

Location-Based Services: Definition and Examples
By Business News Daily Editor | February 24, 2020

Location-based services use real-time geo-data from a smartphone to provide information, entertainment or security.

How to Calculate a Running Total in Excel
By Business News Daily Editor | February 21, 2020

Learn to create cumulative sums in Microsoft Excel with these step-by-step instructions and screenshots.

How to Find the Best Cloud-Based Phone System for Your Business
By Kiely Kuligowski | February 20, 2020

There are lots of options for cloud-based phone systems. Here’s how to find the right one for your business.

Business vs. Consumer Laptops: What You Need to Know
By Mona Bushnell | February 18, 2020

Should you buy a business laptop or a consumer laptop? Here's how to choose the right laptop for your business.

What Small Business Owners Need to Know About AWS
By Business News Daily Editor | February 18, 2020

Amazon's Web Services is great for small businesses seeking a way to offload the complexities of managing software.

Pros and Cons of an IT Managed Service Provider for a Small Business
By Business News Daily Editor | February 18, 2020

Organizations that have no IT staff or are seeking to free up personnel for other duties can turn to managed services to monitor their IT infrastructure at a low cost.

What Is SIP Trunking? Do You Need It for Your Business?
By Kiely Kuligowski | February 18, 2020

Find out if SIP trunking is the right phone solution for your business.

How to Make Your E-Commerce Website Mobile-Friendly
By Howard Wen | February 18, 2020

If you operate an e-commerce website, it's important to optimize it for mobile devices. These five steps make it easy to make your website mobile-friendly.

How to Create an Autoplaying PowerPoint Presentation
By Business News Daily Editor | February 14, 2020

Self-running presentations work great at conferences and conventions. Here's how to set one up.

News of the Week: Sustainability, 5G, and a New AI Tool
By Andrew Martins | February 14, 2020

In this week's news roundup, we look at sustainability data from The Conference Board, 5G's potential impact on business IT spending and a new AI-powered logo maker from Fiverr.

Funniest Chatbot Fails
By Business News Daily Editor | February 13, 2020

These computer programs designed to simulate human interactions can be helpful for a business. But sometimes they're too smart for their own good.

Microsoft Office 365 Personal: More Affordable for Small Businesses
By Business News Daily Editor | February 12, 2020

A new, individualized subscription to Microsoft Office 365 could be a boon to small business owners.