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Updated Mar 22, 2024

Teletrac Navman Review

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Written By: Neil CuminsBusiness Ownership Insider and Senior Analyst
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Table of Contents

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Editors Score:8.2/10
Teletrac Navman is our choice for the best fleet tracking service for fleet maintenance. It has a vast array of granular vehicle management and monitoring features and can track powered and nonpowered assets in real time via a user-friendly interface.
Plus Sign Pros
  • Teletrac Navman's artificial intelligence (AI) dashcams support driver scorecards with built-in departmental comparisons.
  • The platform provides granular insight into vehicle and asset maintenance and diagnostics.
  • The company offers comprehensive United States-based support and has excellent customer service scores.
Minus Sign Cons
  • Teletrac Navman doesn't list pricing on its website.
  • There's no free trial or "freemium" model to test the platform.
  • The service doesn't provide temperature sensors or trackers that alert managers when a container is open.
Teletrac Navman company logo
Editor's Rating8.2/10

Businesses that operate fleets rely on their fleet tracking system for insights into vehicle management and maintenance. While not as well known as some of its more recognizable rivals, Teletrac Navman is an excellent solution for companies that prioritize keeping their fleets in top-notch condition. It offers a wealth of granular reporting information about vehicle and asset diagnostics and maintenance while providing essential fleet management features, such as solar asset trackers, driver scorecards and workflow management.

Teletrac Navman Editor's Rating:

8.2 / 10

Refresh time
Customer service

Why Teletrac Navman Is Best for Maintenance

While all GPS fleet tracking systems track your fleet’s vehicles, many companies need functionality that extends beyond real-time updates into more granular vehicle management and monitoring. We found Teletrac Navman to be an industry leader in providing information about fleet vehicles’ conditions and maintenance necessities ― with features far beyond what many competitors offer. It provides real-time engine diagnostics, solar-powered, minute-by-minute asset tracking, live updates when tasks are completed and maintenance schedules in accordance with odometer and engine hours data. Ultimately, these features can help you reduce fleet maintenance costs

We were particularly impressed with Teletrac Navman’s dedicated Inspections app, which allows drivers to complete a digital inspection of their vehicle using various customizable inspection checklists on their smartphones. This inspection is uploaded instantly to the maintenance platform. Failure notices are converted into maintenance events while drivers can later confirm that reported issues have been resolved satisfactorily. The app records all maintenance costs and can attach invoices and reports. If unscheduled work is performed, the app can schedule rechecks automatically to ensure the issue is resolved. 


For all these reasons and more, Teletrac Navman is our pick for the best fleet tracking system for businesses that prioritize proactive maintenance.

FYIDid you know
Teletrac Navman is a good choice if you plan to expand your business internationally. The company started in the United Kingdom, where it retains a significant presence and also operates across Canada and Mexico.

Teletrac Navman inspection app

Teletrac Navman’s Inspection app creates a digital inspection process that can alert drivers to potential vehicle issues. Source: Teletrac Navman


We found the Teletrac Navman desktop interface similar to many GPS fleet tracking systems. While not as intuitive as many competitors, the serviceable dashboard features a gray menu on the left that lets you switch easily between journey planning, messaging, tracking and insights. You can call up engine idle time reports, geofence notifications, maintenance planning alerts and chain-of-custody reports across heavy equipment and nonpowered assets alike. However, some users have reported difficulties finding specific functions.

We like that the platform makes tracking equipment usage easy. This function gives managers instant oversight into redundant or underused machinery. You’ll see Days On Site and Days Since Last Use data displayed in hover windows on the Google-powered map interface. The mobile apps do a good job of condensing this data into a compact interface with effective use of color. 

Teletrac Navman dashboard

The Teletrac Navman dashboard helps you track equipment usage to gain insight into underused or overused machinery. Source: Teletrac Navman

Teletrac Navman Features

AI-powered cameras

The company has a dual-facing AI camera and a quad-cam device capable of surround-view monitoring.

Real-time fleet tracking

A proprietary platform hosts second-by-second tracking, video telematics and safety analytics 

Driver scorecards

Driver scorecards support fleet-wide benchmarking and driver training.

Daily workflow management app

A stand-alone app supports daily driver workloads.

Asset-tracking hardware

Monitor nonpowered assets using one of two stand-alone tracking devices.

AI-powered Camera 

Teletrac Navman’s AI-powered IQ camera is a dual-facing dashcam that can monitor hard braking and acceleration as well as distracted driving events. This video telematics solution can identify subtle infractions, such as tailgating and lane departures, as well as more obvious violations, including speeding (traffic sign recognition is standard). We like that it issues audible alerts to alert drivers immediately when they commit a dangerous action. All footage is uploaded to the TN360 platform, reviewed by AI and scored. Drivers can also press a prominent record button to flag emergencies.

We appreciate that Teletrac Navman provides detailed tech specifications for its dashcam solution. Its outward and inward cameras have a 142-degree field of vision, with 1080p-capable resolution and 4G LTE connectivity. We were also impressed that businesses can upgrade to a quad dashcam, offering a near-total view of the road environment, including sideswipe coverage. 

Did You Know?Did you know
Motive is the only other vendor we encountered with a quad-view dashcam. Check out our review of Motive to learn about its AI Omnicam.

Teletrac Navman IQ camera

Teletrac Navman’s IQ camera can warn drivers about dangerous behaviors like tailgating. Source: Teletrac Navman

Real-time Fleet Tracking 

We like that Teletrac Navman’s TN360 platform was designed to provide a single point of overview for fleet activities. From here, you can dispatch jobs, receive maintenance alerts and driver updates, and use driver coaching apps to tackle risky behaviors identified by the AI cameras. The platform’s second-by-second updates impressed us. As we detail in our review of Jobber, one-minute refresh rates are not uncommon in the industry, so we appreciate this true real-time tracking capability. 

There’s also a welcome focus on what happens once vehicles reach their destination. Customers can receive real-time insights into arrival times while proof of delivery can be captured using photos or signatures. Additional fleet safety and compliance features include integrated electronic logging device (ELD), International Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA) and hours of service solutions. 

We also like that fleet managers can locate and route the closest available driver for urgent assignments. The manager-centric DIRECTOR interface hosts services, such as geofencing, with pop-out windows highlighting every vehicle’s live location, speed, driver and applicable event description. 

Did You Know?Did you know
Teletrac Navman's Connected Services platform integrates with original equipment manufacturer technology to provide breakdown support, 24/7 in-vehicle concierge services, stolen vehicle tracking and emergency calls.

Teletrac Navman driver behavior

Managers can visualize driver behavior with second-by-second updates. Source: Teletrac Navman

Driver Scorecards

Many GPS fleet tracking platforms offer an element of driver scoring, but Teletrac Navman’s driver scorecards are more detailed than many. We like that users can set metric thresholds to suit their business needs. For example, you may want to reduce the importance of harsh braking if your drivers operate in congested urban environments. This control helps you add context to your drivers’ unique situations.

Scorecards track individual driver progress (or the lack thereof) over time, factoring in numerous criteria and behaviors to see how drivers compare to companywide and department-specific averages. Managers can even monitor fuel usage to help fleets cut down on fuel costs.

Real-time performance alerts monitor drivers’ progress toward violations and notify them when they breach a key performance indicator.

Teletrac Navman driver scores

Managers can monitor drivers’ scores and compare them companywide. Source: Teletrac Navman 

Daily Workflow Management App

We like Teletrac Navman’s driver-facing app, which augments the TN360 platform with daily workflows. It offers turn-by-turn navigation between appointments or assignments and supports single or multijob run sheets. It also features proof of delivery tools, live updates to other dispatches and automated communications with customers via short message service or email.

A custom cloud-hosted document application called EasyDocs makes it easy for drivers to file digital paperwork and store maintenance or supervision documentation in a centrally accessible location. This platform can host operator manuals, company policies, driver data and delivery instructions. Managers can push documents to selected vehicles and force driver acknowledgments for regulatory purposes. 

FYIDid you know
Driver-focused apps are a growing trend among fleet management platforms. Read our Samsara review to learn about this vendor's mobile app with robust driver-specific features.

Teletrac Navman driver app

Teletrac Navman’s driver app includes the EasyDocs feature, making it easy to access and store crucial documents. Source: Teletrac Navman 

Asset-tracking Hardware

Teletrac Navman has two trackers designed for nonpowered assets, helping fleet managers monitor anything from power tools to light towers and storage containers:

  • ATS1 tracker: The ATS1 tracker is designed to monitor trailers and identify geofence breaches. It only provides updates every 12 hours as standard, but the update frequency can be adjusted if required. It makes three AA batteries last up to five years and offers IP67 dust and waterproof protection.
  • ST101 tracker: The solar-powered ST101 device can update its location every minute in motion and every four hours while stationary. It has a 9-axis accelerometer to detect even slight movement, combining solar panels with an integrated battery to offer up to seven years of tracking.

Of these two options, the ST101’s regular updates and 9-axis accelerometer represent compelling advantages. While Teletrac Navman’s asset trackers don’t offer the temperature monitoring or door-open alerts of some competitor products, the ST101 is still a solid product to help prevent and track fleet equipment theft.

Teletrac Navman ST101 Tracker

Teletrac Navman’s solar-powered ST101 tracker is ideal for nonpowered assets. Source: Teletrac Navman

Teletrac Navman Cost                

We were disappointed that Teletrac Navman’s pricing is so opaque. Time-poor fleet managers often want a headline oversight of how much it’ll cost to supervise their fleet and some platforms are very transparent about hardware and subscription costs. Teletrac Navman is not one of those brands. We were unable to find even indicative pricing and reaching out to the company didn’t yield any information. 

While we’ve encountered other fleet tracking services with custom pricing models, many provide a ballpark figure. For example, our review of Azuga contains indicative pricing, even though its charges are also client-specific. 

We appreciate that Teletrac Navman wants to help its customers tailor services to suit their needs and industry requirements. Still, it’s unfortunate that prospective clients must provide a wealth of details to get an idea of how much the platform will cost their business. 

Teletrac Navman Setup

Teletrac Navman is easy to set up with a straightforward desktop interface fueled by familiar components like Google Maps. Google Maps is also deployed across the stand-alone DIRECTOR and TN360 mobile apps for managers and drivers, respectively. 

The platform offers 25 third-party integrations through an open application programming interface. These include Google Cloud, Fleetio, Thermo King temperature management, which resolves one of our complaints about the main platform, and Paragon’s routing and scheduling software.

The Teletrac Navman website hosts a wealth of industry-specific guides covering sectors like alternative energy and equipment management. There are online webinars for both the TN360 platform and DIRECTOR while the former also has a searchable help center covering the platform’s operation. If you need help with a particular setup aspect, a Show Me How feature explains how to handle specific features and modules.

Teletrac Navman Customer Service

With contracts ranging from one to five years (no rolling 30-day contracts are offered), there’s a high chance you’ll need to contact Teletrac Navman at some point. Customer support is available around the clock, with a toll-free number on the Support page of the company’s website alongside an online form. A separate online billing portal is also offered while a professional services team handles queries that are too advanced for the standard help desk to resolve.

Teletrac Navman scores an impressive 4.5 out of 5 on Trustpilot, with customer service receiving consistently high praise from its users. However, the company is not Better Business Bureau-accredited despite having been around for 28 years.

Check out our review of ClearPath GPS if you're interested in a flexible platform with monthly pricing and a money-back guarantee.

Teletrac Navman Drawbacks

  • Confusing website: Many fleet managers want to understand product offerings and determine the hardware, software and support they need. This is difficult to do on the Teletrac Navman website. The site has two separate solutions builder tools but, within three mouse clicks, both ask for company details instead of providing any tangible information.
  • Opaque pricing: Teletrac Navman doesn’t publish pricing online, and we struggled to find indicative pricing on third-party websites. If you’re looking for a solution with clear and transparent pricing, check out our review of Force Fleet Tracking. This vendor charges $20 per vehicle, per month.
  • Limited hardware options: Teletrac Navman’s hardware offering also lacks notable features. Unlike rival FleetUp, it doesn’t market temperature sensors or devices capable of identifying when a container has been opened. (Read our review of FleetUp if these functions are crucial to your business.) 
  • Missing functions: You can’t overlay live maps with hazards, such as power lines, bridges and tunnels, which can benefit truck drivers, and there’s no electric vehicle (EV) coverage. If EV tools are essential for your fleet, read our review of Verizon Connect. This platform can help you monitor charge state and battery levels and receive specific EV alerts.
  • Software glitches: Many users have reported software glitches, ranging from lost GPS connections to inconsistencies in data reporting and complications when trying to view certain data.


Finding the right GPS fleet tracking system can be challenging, so we did some of the hard work for you. We spent hours researching and analyzing the best GPS fleet tracking systems to identify the top solutions on the market. We looked at hardware, features, pricing and contracts, usability, refresh times and customer support. We got hands-on experience with demos and product videos when possible. When searching for the best GPS fleet management platforms for maintenance, we looked at real-time engine diagnostics, refresh rates, driver inspection tools and automatic maintenance schedules.

Teletrac Navman FAQs

Yes. Teletrac Navman provides a full suite of fleet compliance management functions, including ELD, driver's vehicle inspection report (DVIR) and IFTA tools. Fuel spending, mileage and taxes are recorded across the U.S. and Canada.
While there are no stipulations about fleet size or excluded industries, Teletrac Navman provides several industry overviews where it feels its software is especially valuable. These include trucking, construction, retail and passenger transport.

Overall Value

We recommend Teletrac Navman for …

  • Companies that want to augment tracking with concierge services.
  • Businesses that want to monitor and respond to maintenance issues in real time.
  • Organizations that prioritize app-based driver engagement and support. 

We don’t recommend Teletrac Navman for …

  • Fleet managers who want unambiguous pricing.
  • Haulage firms where cargo monitoring is a high priority.
  • Companies that want to integrate fleet tracking into related services like human resources or customer quotations.
author image
Written By: Neil CuminsBusiness Ownership Insider and Senior Analyst
Neil Cumins is an award-winning small business owner who has run a limited company for nearly two decades. Through his personal and professional experiences, he is well-versed in a range of B2B and B2C topics, from invoicing to advertising to the use of artificial intelligence. Prior to starting his own business, Cumins worked as a marketing executive. With deep insights into the ever-changing technology landscape, Cumins is particularly skilled at evaluating business software and guiding fellow entrepreneurs to the tools and strategies that will equip them for entrepreneurial success. Over the years, he has worked with some of the world’s biggest hardware and software manufacturers, as well as countless SaaS brands. Today, he also spends his time consulting on compensation and other business matters.
Teletrac Navman company logo
Editor's Rating8.2/10
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