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Azuga Review

Skye Schooley
Skye Schooley
Staff writer
  • Azuga is our pick for the best GPS tracking service for asset tracking.
  • Azuga offers plug-and-play fleet tracking devices. There are two types of asset tracking devices (a long-life asset tracker and a rechargeable asset tracker) that support powered and nonpowered assets.
  • Azuga users can access several live alerts and scheduled reports.
  • This article is for small business owners and fleet managers who want to learn about Azuga's GPS tracking offering service.

After conducting extensive research, Azuga is the best GPS tracking service for monitoring a company's assets. Although Azuga offers great fleet tracking services for vehicles, we were especially impressed with its asset-tracking capabilities. Asset tracking is essential for businesses that have costly assets like cranes, forklifts, trailers, storage containers, and rental equipment and need to know where these assets are and that they are safe and accounted for. Azuga offers users a one-stop-shop for businesses by providing them with the necessary hardware and software to track every type of asset, whether the equipment is powered or nonpowered. Businesses can use Azuga to monitor their fleets, locate and service deployed assets, prevent asset theft, and improve vehicle and equipment safety and efficiency.



The Verdict

Azuga provides fleet tracking services for small businesses, with easy-to-install hardware and robust software features. Azuga is our pick for best asset tracking due to its long-life and rechargeable trackers, live tracking, and intuitive software interf

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We chose Azuga from dozens of GPS fleet tracking services. To learn more about how we selected Azuga and to see all of our recommendations for GPS fleet tracking services, visit our best picks page. 


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Azuga Pricing and Contracts

Azuga requires users to sign a 36-month contract, which is standard in the GPS fleet tracking industry. Azuga charges a one-time device fee plus a recurring monthly service fee; the monthly price you pay is influenced by the specific services you need.

Besides the standard GPS tracking features, you can add enhanced tracking features like roadside assistance; scheduled maintenance; electric vehicle data; enhanced vehicle data; FuelSaver, which helps companies reduce fuel costs; and SpeedSafe, which identifies risky driver behavior.

Key takeaway: Azuga pricing is customizable. There is a one-time device fee, plus a recurring monthly service fee depending on the specific features you want. 

Azuga Features

Tracking Hardware

Azuga offers a plug-and-play fleet tracking device that you can easily install via the vehicle's OBD II ports. You can choose from a long-life asset tracker or a rechargeable asset tracker. These trackers have a battery life of up to five years. Azuga's trackers keep you updated where your assets are at all times, and if the worst happens and a valuable piece of equipment is stolen, you'll know exactly where it is so you can quickly recover it. 

Driver Safety

Azuga provides excellent driver safety features, including driver scorecards for its GPS fleet tracking solution. Driver scorecards are a common feature in the fleet tracking industry, but Azuga is one of the few services that shares its scorecard information so both the administrator and driver can see how well – or poorly – they are doing. Additionally, users can view real-time alerts on driver behavior like acceleration, harsh braking, speeding and excessive idle time. Azuga also offers a unique add-on that lets you block driver smartphone use when driving. 

Maintenance and Optimization

Azuga helps businesses maintain safe vehicles and equipment and optimize fuel usage by providing real-time data. For example, users can view details related to past service records, items that need to be fixed immediately and if the equipment is overdue for an inspection or maintenance.

Alerts and Reporting

Small businesses can access a variety of live, scheduled and customized reports through Azuga. These reports include important details regarding driver safety and behavior, vehicle maintenance, fleet safety and fuel efficiency, and more.

Key takeaway: Azuga offers plug-and-play fleet tracking hardware, long-life asset trackers and rechargeable asset trackers. Users receive driver scorecards, reports and alerts, and details about the condition of valuable equipment.


Azuga requires you to sign a 36-month contract. The length of this contract is relatively standard in the fleet tracking industry, but it does involve a substantial commitment.

Another drawback of Azuga is that it isn't accredited with the Better Business Bureau. While this isn't a deal-breaker for us in selecting a best pick, it is something we look for and like to see with a company we select as a best pick. Azuga does have positive reviews on other review sites.

Key takeaway: Users wanting a month-to-month contract may need to seek other asset-tracking solutions. 

Customer Service

Azuga offers several helpful online resources such as blogs, a glossary, whitepapers, e-books, product data sheets, documentation, success stories, open API documentation and an ROI calculator. If you still have questions about Azuga's services, you can contact customer support via phone, email and webchat.

When we posed as small business owners and contacted Azuga to test its customer support, we were pleased with how quickly they responded and the support its representatives provided.

Key takeaway: Azuga offers attentive customer support via phone, email and webchat.

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The Verdict

Azuga provides fleet tracking services for small businesses, with easy-to-install hardware and robust software features. Azuga is our pick for best asset tracking due to its long-life and rechargeable trackers, live tracking, and intuitive software interf

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Skye Schooley
Skye Schooley
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