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GPS Trackit Review

Neil Cumins
Neil Cumins
  • GPS Trackit has month-to-month contracts, a 30-day money-back guarantee and no minimum requirements.
  • GPS Trackit offers comprehensive tracking features and unlimited live training.
  • You can customize and automate reports and alerts with the software.
  • This review is for business owners and fleet managers who want to understand GPS Trackit’s fleet management solution.

GPS Trackit is our choice as the best GPS fleet management system for managers who want granular control over the reports and data they receive about their fleets. It allows firms to create custom fleet management plans that match their requirements at that time and then evolve their reporting as circumstances change. Notable attributes include being able to automate and customize the reports you receive and the events that trigger live alerts. You can receive live traffic and weather updates, which might influence journey planning, and even monitor the temperature of heat-sensitive cargo.

GPS Trackit company logo

GPS Trackit

The Verdict

GPS Trackit is our pick for reporting because it offers a variety of advanced analytics. You can customize and automate reports, set up event-triggered alerts, and access video telematics with dashcams.

We also like the flexibility offered by GPS Trackit, which doesn’t lock customers into long-term contracts or impose minimum fleet-size requirements; firms can even test out the system thanks to a 30-day money-back guarantee. Being able to choose between plug-and-play and hard-wired tracking devices is another positive, while companies seeking dashcams or asset/trailer trackers are also well served.

Editor’s Score: 88/100


Why GPS Trackit Is Best for Granular Reporting

Although some software providers offer only standard reporting, we prefer reports that are customizable and easy to read. GPS Trackit lets you customize reports to show the specific data points you find valuable, from driver safety and performance to vehicle health to route optimization. We also found that it goes one step further and lets you automate reports so that you can receive them at whatever frequency works best for you. Reports can also be exported and printed for your archives.

GPS Trackit’s alert function can be triggered by specific events, allowing you to respond to situations as soon as they occur and limit potential negative consequences. Depending on the issue, this could result in substantial cost savings. The level of alert customization GPS Trackit offers is just as useful as its reporting capabilities. If you need to maintain ELD compliance, bolt on GPS Trackit’s electronic logging device software and hardware to obtain the necessary reporting.


If you get GPS Trackit’s ELD add-on, you can set up custom alerts and predesignated industry-specific alerts and notifications.

GPS Trackit
GPS Trackit lets you customize reports to show the data you need. Source: GPS Trackit


  • Reports can be extensively customized and automated.
  • GPS Trackit offers live traffic and weather reports.
  • There is no minimum fleet size or contract length.
  • There is a wide selection of in-vehicle hardware.


  • The refresh time of up to 60 seconds is among the slowest in today’s market.
  • The mobile app features are limited compared to the web dashboard.
  • Pricing is difficult to obtain, and installation isn’t included.


Once your devices are correctly installed, you can track and view fleet data on your computer, tablet or smartphone. In terms of the latter, we found the mobile app’s features are more beneficial for viewing purposes than for setting changes. This is particularly significant because the level of customization offered by GPS Trackit requires a lengthy initial setup period, and it may take a while to become comfortable with the software’s full capability. If your team struggles with this learning curve, GPS Trackit offers free personalized training, which is unusual in this sector.

The cloud-based software provides near-real-time tracking with updates every 30 to 60 seconds, giving you a breadcrumb trail of where your drivers are. Near-real-time tracking is common in the industry, so GPS Trackit is off the pace compared to rivals, such as the one in our review of Force by Mojio.

GPS Trackit Features

Here are some of the services you can receive with GPS Trackit.

Alerts and reportingYou can customize and automate reports and event-triggered alerts.
Tracking hardwareGPS Trackit offers plug-and-play and hard-wired trackers, dashcams, ELDs, asset trackers, and trailer trackers.
Driver safetyYou can access driver scorecards and safety alerts.
Maintenance and optimizationGPS Trackit has vehicle health features like diagnostic reports, maintenance schedules and integrated fuel cards.

Alerts and Reporting

The real-time alerts from GPS Trackit can be customized to report specific events related to driver safety and performance, such as hard driving (e.g., speeding and abrupt braking), vehicle maintenance and geofencing. You can also set up after-hours alerts and power take-off alerts, including tow and boom alerts, all distributed via text and email.

In addition to alerts, GPS Trackit has detailed reporting options. Instead of limiting your options to standardized reports (as some competitors do), GPS Trackit lets you create custom reports. This gives your team valuable insights about the parts of your fleet that matter most to your business. For example, you can create reports based on landmark interactions, speeding, mileage (including miles driven in each state to track fuel taxes), temperature and driver safety. We were impressed with how simple it is to dissect the data. You can break down reports by individual drivers or entire fleets, and GPS Trackit separates key metrics and data into dashboards for valuable insights on safety, efficiency and performance.

Did You Know?

Proper reporting helps ensure your business’s compliance with the U.S. Department of Transportation’s hours of service (HOS) regulations.

GPS Trackit
GPS Trackit lets you set up automated reports. Source: GPS Trackit

Tracking Hardware

GPS Trackit offers OBD-II port hardware, a self-certified ELD and two hard-wired tracking devices. Although installation is not included in the price, GPS Trackit’s hardware is relatively simple to install on your own, and live data is displayed through Google Maps. The company also offers a wider selection of affordable tracking hardware than many competitors:

  • Multiple dashboard cameras
  • Four-channel video
  • An asset tracker
  • A trailer tracker

In-cab voice coaching is offered to reduce risky driver behavior in response to AI-assessed incidents of harsh driving, a lack of attentiveness and other risk factors.

GPS Trackit


GPS Trackit offers ELDs for businesses that need to maintain ELD compliance. Source: GPS Trackit

Driver Safety

GPS Trackit provides the usual safety features, including color-coded driver scorecards and safety alerts. It tracks abrupt braking and rapid acceleration, speeding, and excessive idle time, as well as whether a driver is yawning and even how frequently they’re blinking. Armed with this information, you can help your drivers improve their habits and cut down on idle time that can ultimately hurt your bottom line. You can also view real-time interactive maps of vehicle locations or set up reports and alerts to stay abreast of vehicle maintenance and safety issues.

You can even monitor in-vehicle temperature when transporting heat-sensitive items. We didn’t find this option in many rival systems, though it is offered by NexTraq as well. If you add a dashboard camera or four-channel video hardware, you can also record firsthand footage of events, which is especially useful following an accident.

Maintenance and Optimization

GPS Trackit provides detailed vehicle diagnostics, including the status of:

  • Brakes
  • Coolant
  • Cruise control
  • Ignition
  • Oil pressure

These and other issues are summarized in reports that help you schedule preventive maintenance and manage vehicles if they break down. The software also offers detailed reports on fuel performance so that you can analyze and optimize routes, coach your staff on fuel-efficient driving behaviors, and manage fuel costs. It’s possible to integrate fuel cards to monitor spending, which isn’t a feature all competitors offer.

GPS Trackit

You can view live interactive maps of where your drivers are. Source: GPS Trackit.

GPS Trackit Cost

GPS Trackit offers custom GPS fleet management plans even for businesses with just one vehicle. You can purchase hardware devices outright or lease them for a monthly fee; either way, they come with a lifetime hardware warranty. This is one of the few companies we reviewed that doesn’t have any long-term contract requirements, enabling companies to partner with GPS Trackit on a month-to-month basis. If you decide to pause or cancel your subscription, GPS Trackit doesn’t charge a cancellation fee (although you may be charged if you don’t return your leased hardware). There’s even a 30-day money-back guarantee, so you can try its services risk-free.

The cost of your monthly subscription will depend on the features and hardware you need, but services typically start around $23.95 per month, including the hardware but not installation. Rates tend to go up once you add on features like ELD compliance and asset tracking. To obtain a quote, you’ll have to either contact GPS Trackit or complete a five-page tick-box online quotation.

Key Takeaway

GPS Trackit offers customized, month-to-month service plans, and you can buy or lease the hardware.


Although GPS Trackit offers device installation and free live training, businesses can often set up and install the devices on their own. The hardware usually arrives within seven days of the order.

GPS Trackit offers both hard-wired and plug-and-play devices, so installation time will depend on which type you have. Device installation involves connecting the device’s power wire and mounting the GPS antenna.

Customer Service

GPS Trackit has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and is accredited by the rating agency. This solid online reputation far exceeds the performance of rivals like the one in our Verizon Connect review. Since GPS Trackit users don’t enter into a long-term contract, the company is incentivized to provide excellent customer support. It’s one of the only companies we analyzed in this sector that offer customers unlimited live training and expert support for free.

Representatives are available by phone and online, but only on weekdays between 8 a.m. and 8 p.m. ET. That’s considerably less than the 24/7 support offered by rivals such as Azuga.

Key Takeaway

GPS Trackit offers unlimited live training and free expert support, but phone and email assistance is only available within certain hours during the week.


We didn’t find any significant drawbacks to partnering with GPS Trackit, but prospective users will need to contact the company to learn their specific costs, as it doesn’t list pricing online anymore. It’s also unclear how much installation costs for the GPS Trackit hardware; this service isn’t covered in the standard fee, so you’ll have to ask GPS Trackit how much extra this will cost. Firms seeking a fleet management solution with transparent online pricing might wish to read our review of ClearPathGPS.

Another potential limitation is the refresh time. GPS Trackit promises updates every minute, which is among the slowest we’ve encountered in our GPS fleet management research. Check out our Samsara review if you need an almost-instantaneous look at your vehicles’ locations.


Choosing a GPS fleet management system can be challenging. That’s why we did some of the heavy lifting for you. We spent countless hours researching and analyzing GPS fleet management systems to identify the top GPS systems on the market. We looked at hardware, features, pricing and contracts, usability, refresh times, and customer support, and we even got hands-on experience with demos and product videos when possible. When searching for the best GPS fleet management system for reporting specifically, we focused on things like what types of reports the software offers, how easy the reports are to navigate and export, and how often the data updates. When it came to GPS Trackit, we were especially impressed by the wealth of available data and how granular its reporting can be.

GPS Trackit FAQs

What integrations are available for GPS Trackit?

GPS Trackit integrates with Amazon Web Services (AWS) Cloud, Google Maps and LTE technology. It can also integrate with Fleetio, ServiceTitan, ProMiles, SmartWitness, WEX Fleet Cards, SpeedGauge, FleetCor, Jonas Software and Trucker Tools. Even more advanced integration capabilities can be obtained by building your own, through GPS Trackit’s open API.

Does GPS Trackit provide training?

Yes. If you or your team requires additional assistance with the system, you can easily connect with an expert support team for free training. GPS Trackit also offers free product demos, and its customer support representatives are available online and by phone.

Does GPS Trackit support specific industries?

The company makes a big deal about its tracking equipment for construction hardware. It also offers engine-use logging, employee arrivals/departures, billable hours calculations and custom-shaped geofencing for precise supervision of construction sites.

Overall Value

We recommend GPS Trackit for …

  • Fleets that need customizable reporting.
  • Businesses that don’t want to be locked into a long-term contract.
  • Companies transporting temperature-sensitive loads, as well as businesses where live traffic and travel updates are vital.

We don’t recommend GPS Trackit for:

  • Managers requiring to-the-second updates.
  • Fleets that need preset tracking plans with transparent online pricing.

Neil Cumins also contributed to this article.

GPS Trackit company logo

GPS Trackit

The Verdict

GPS Trackit is our pick for reporting because it offers a variety of advanced analytics. You can customize and automate reports, set up event-triggered alerts, and access video telematics with dashcams.

Neil Cumins
Neil Cumins
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