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Medical Records Retention and HIPAA
By Max Freedman | January 26, 2024

Specific rules and laws govern the storage and maintenance of medical records. Learn best practices for HIPAA compliance when dealing with medical records.

Choosing the Right EMR System: A Buyer’s Guide
By Adam Uzialko | January 23, 2024

Deciding what EHR system is best for your healthcare organization isn’t easy, but there are ways to reduce the choices until you find the right fit.

Is Your Website ADA Compliant?
By Sammi Caramela | January 17, 2024

Maintaining an ADA-compliant website protects your business from lawsuits and fines and provides necessary accommodations for your potential customers.

How to Use Google Business Profile to Improve Your Online Presence
By Mona Bushnell | January 17, 2024

Learn how to use Google's free Business Profile to reach potential customers and establish and maintain your business's online presence and reputation.

Should Small Businesses Require Receipt Signatures?
By Adam Uzialko | January 17, 2024

Should businesses that accept credit cards require signatures from their customers? Here's what you need to know about small business receipt signatures.

What Is Amazon Stores?
By Isaiah Atkins | January 16, 2024

Amazon Stores offers small and midsized businesses a platform for selling products directly through Amazon.

How to Verify Patient Healthcare Insurance
By Max Freedman | January 16, 2024

Insurance verification helps you determine before a patient's appointment whether their insurance will cover their visit, saving you time and money.

Doctor signing a form
By Max Freedman | January 16, 2024

Electronic medical records (EMRs) are digital patient records and charts while electronic health records (EHRs) include records and more information.

Server using a POS system in a restaurant
5 Ways POS Systems Are Changing (and Why It Matters)
By Kayla Harrison | January 16, 2024

POS systems have evolved to include capabilities that allow for analytics and customer interaction that can elevate business practices and operations.

How to Set Up a Presentation Using Your iPhone or iPad
By Neil Cumins | January 16, 2024

There are various methods for connecting your iPad or iPhone to monitors or TVs for presentations. Learn how screen mirroring and casting work.

Human or AI? Realistic Chatbots on the Rise
By Mona Bushnell | January 16, 2024

Chatbots are improving their language processing, thus enabling them to more closely mimic human customer service representatives, and this trend is expected to continue.

Is the Internet of Things Bad for Your Business?
By Mark Fairlie | January 16, 2024

Connected devices are everywhere, but could they pose a threat to your business?

Smartphone Addiction Is Real … and Rampant
By Linda Pophal | January 13, 2024

Smartphone addiction is real – and rampant in the workplace. Find out how it affects productivity and how to curb phone usage at work.

Businessperson using a smartphone
Do You Need an App for Your Small Business?
By Sean Peek | January 13, 2024

With mobile apps gaining traction as retail and marketing tools, should you invest in an app for your business? See if you need an app.

What is Consumerization of IT?
By Adam Uzialko | January 12, 2024

Consumerization of IT refers to the increased use of employee-owned tech devices and consumer-driven online services in the workplace.

Best Professional Looking and Business Casual Apple Watch Bands
By Jackie Dove | January 12, 2024

Your Apple Watch is likely a powerful tool for your small business and career. Discover Apple Watch bands that won't compromise your professional image.

Patient Engagement and How to Improve It
By Carlos Soto | January 12, 2024

Learn about patient engagement for your medical practice and why it is essential to better healthcare outcomes.

Tips for Using Slack at Work
By Adam Uzialko | January 12, 2024

These tips will help you get the most out of Slack for your small business communication.

How to Conference Call on an Android
By Jeff Hale | January 08, 2024

This guide includes a step-by-step breakdown of how to set up and run a conference call using an Android mobile device.

VoIP vs. Landline: Which Is Best for Your Business?
By Kiely Kuligowski | January 08, 2024

See popular features, pros and cons, equipment comparisons and more factors you should consider when deciding on the best phone system for your business.

Is a Four-Line Phone System Right for Your Business?
By Jeff Hale | January 08, 2024

What is a four-line phone system, and how do you know if you need one? Find out how these phone systems work and if one would be right for your business.

Best Pick
The Best HR Software for Nonprofits
By Skye Schooley | January 08, 2024

Nonprofits have unique needs for their human resources systems and tools. See the best HR software for not-for-profit companies.

11 Small Business Tech Trends of 2024
By Neil Cumins | January 04, 2024

Learn how top technology trends may affect your business in 2024.

creative team brainstorming
9 Best Mind-Mapping Apps for Small Business
By Jackie Dove | January 03, 2024

Also known as brainstorming tools, mind-mapping apps can help you generate, execute and share creative ideas.

Apps to Help You Keep Your New Year’s Resolutions
By Mona Bushnell | January 03, 2024

Need help with your New Year’s Resolutions? Try one of these popular apps.

Man at an office desk with a computer
Payment Fraud Impacts 293 Million People – Is Your SMB Safe?
By Alex Halperin | December 21, 2023

This guide describes how payment fraud is becoming more common and how small businesses can protect themselves and their customers.

What Is a Virtual Phone Line?
By Jeff Hale | December 20, 2023

Learn what a virtual phone line is and how small businesses can use them as their business phone system.

9 Cool 3D Printing Jobs
By Eduardo Vasconcellos | December 20, 2023

Knowing your way around a 3D printer could help you find a job. See career opportunities, salary information and the pros and cons.

Happy colleagues laughing
What Is an LMS (Learning Management System)?
By Adam Uzialko | December 20, 2023

Many organizations use a learning management system to give employees opportunities for expanding their professional development.

Coworkers conversing at a desk at work
Cloud Computing: A Small Business Guide
By Nadia Reckmann | December 20, 2023

Cloud computing is becoming a viable web hosting and data storage option for businesses of all sizes. Here's how cloud computing works.