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Updated Jan 12, 2024

Best Professional Looking and Business Casual Apple Watch Bands

Turn your high-tech wearable device into a stylish, professional business accessory.

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Jackie Dove, Business Operations Insider and Senior Writer
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The Apple Watch is arguably the most popular smartwatch for business, serving as a productivity-boosting digital assistant. One of the biggest Apple Watch advantages is the ability to change band styles to meet your needs and preferences. 

Whether you’re heading out for a long hike or attending a black-tie event, various Apple Watch bands can help you turn your wearable device into a casual accessory, fitness tool, professional accessory or bold statement. 

We’ll highlight the best Apple Watch bands for business so professionals can swap styles to meet their needs. 

Did You Know?Did you know
Most Apple Watch bands will fit any Apple Watch model as long as the sizes are compatible. However, some smaller bands won't work with the Apple Watch Ultra. It's best to check a band's compatibility before you buy it.

The best Apple Watch bands for business

When you purchase an Apple Watch directly from Apple, you’ll find an array of customization options, including various band styles. Apple also offers bands you can buy separately, including link styles, sports bands and more. Third-party manufacturers have expanded Apple Watch band options even further, allowing users to customize their look according to their activities and needs. 

Here are some Apple Watch bands that stand out for professionals. 

1. Best boho band: Nyloon Bellamy Apple Watch nylon band

Bellamy Apple Watch band

A beautiful nylon watchband with vibrant colors, the Nyloon Bellamy has a comfy fabric feel against your wrist. The $40 band fits most wrists and case sizes, including the Apple Watch Ultra and special-edition Apple Watch models. 

Eight holes provide sizing flexibility. While the band can start off a little stiff, it softens up considerably after you wear it a few times.

2. Best sport band look-alike: Epic Classic Silicone Apple Watch band

Epic Silicon Apple Watch Band

Epic’s Classic Silicone Apple Watch bands are nearly dead ringers for the Apple Sport Bands but are much less pricey, at $19.95. There are 25 vibrant colors to choose from, as well as sizing options that match various Apple Watch sizes, including the Apple Watch Ultra. The soft and comfortable bands are sold with three pieces to fit perfectly, no matter your wrist size. 

3. Best retro band: Speidel Twist-O-Flex

Speidel Twist O Flex watch band

Are you a Twist-O-Flex fan? If so, get ready to enjoy your favorite band on the Apple Watch. While always popular as a style, the Twist-O-Flex metal watch bracelet, reminiscent of the 1960s, has proved to be a great fit for Apple’s timepiece. It can even twist itself into a pretzel. 

The Apple Watch Twist-O-Flex has that familiar design, made with brushed stainless steel and a black-and-silver aluminum expansion band. It’s strong, resists sweat, and expands 5 inches from its original size. It comes in small, medium and large, and in black, silver and brushed. As always, the band is super easy to slide on or off.

Key TakeawayKey takeaway
Not everyone wants an Apple Watch. You may prefer the look of Samsung's Galaxy watches or LG's smartwatches. These devices also offer connectivity and work with iPhones and Android devices.

4. Best artistic watchband: Casetify floral collection

Casetify floral Apple Watch band

Sure, you want an Apple Watch, but you also may wish to express your artistic side, especially if you have a creative profession. Casetify gets the picture with its floral design bands. 

These floral and striped collections, made from crosshatch Saffiano vegan leather, are gorgeous, soft and scratch-resistant. The collection, which costs $54 per band, features a wide selection of designs, including roses, daisies, peonies and even cacti. All florals and stripes fit various Apple Watch sizes.

5. Best durable-yet-light sports band: JUUK Vitero nylon band

Juuk Apple Watch band

The JUUK Vitero nylon band has a sleek, rugged look. The band looks both athletic and classic, calling to mind old field watches used by soldiers in the 20th century. This woven band has a ruby-and-gray color combination and is made with durability and comfort in mind. While this band may not have the same flash factor as a Milanese band or a refined leather band, it does have the durability. 

7. Best strappy band: Arrow & Board Triple Tour Apple Watch band

Arrow & Board Triple Tour Apple Watch band

You may be familiar with the Hermes Double Tour Strap, made for a bit of fancy wrist wrapping for an equally fancy price. Arrow & Board takes that line of thinking in a slightly different direction with the much less expensive Triple Tour, a band that is literally split down the middle to offer you a third wearing option for $79. 

The Triple Tour watchband can be worn with both straps surrounding the watch face or on the left or right side, and it is made to order. It’s available for all Apple Watch sizes in olive and medium brown.

8. Best budget leather band: Mkeke Genuine Leather iWatch Band

Mkeke Genuine Leather iWatch Band

At just $12.99, it may be inexpensive, but you can’t go wrong with this Mkeke vintage leather watch strap that exudes old-time charm. Made for wrist circumferences of 6.7 to 8.3 inches, it features high-quality leather craftsmanship and, while designed to be comfortable, looks dressy and elegant for the office or business meetings. The stainless-steel buckle lets you easily strap on or remove the watch, while the band is easily adjustable to fit your wrist. The Mkeke comes in classic black, saddle brown and various other color options.

9. Best NATO band: Southern Straps NATO 

Southern Straps Apple Watch band

The Southern Straps band is rugged but handsome, with stitching running down each section, giving your wrist an original flair. At $59, it proudly completes your outfit for the office or any outdoor event. 

All Southern Straps bands, including leather and nylon ones, are individually made. The sturdy look owes to a single piece of nylon that doubles over, sealed and stitched. There are 84 Apple Watch band combinations to choose from, and the NATO band fits all sizes of available Apple watches.

Did You Know?Did you know
The best workday-planning iOS apps — like Things, Pocket, and Just Press Record — are also available for the Apple Watch.

Why Apple Watch is great for business owners

With the right band, you can elevate your Apple Watch to match wherever your career path takes you. But whatever band you choose, the Apple Watch is exciting and advanced wearable technology for business owners, and its features make it more convenient to run your business. 

These are some of the top Apple Watch benefits for business owners: 

  • Apple Watch is a secure financial tool. The Apple Watch allows contactless payments, like NFC mobile payments and Apple Pay, while you’re on the go. More importantly, the Apple Watch allows for fast and easy transactions at credit card terminals, all under a highly secure payment platform. You can also view sensitive banking information and access other vital financial services apps from your Apple Watch while tracking business expenses.
  • Apple Watch offers easy information access. For business owners constantly on the move, Apple Watch provides a simple, elegant way to access information quickly. With emailing, texting and calling capabilities, Apple Watch helps you stay in touch with the right people to stay on top of your business and its various transactions.  
  • Apple Watch is a navigation hub. One often-overlooked Apple Watch feature is its ability to assist business owners with navigation. You can access crucial navigation apps and understand routes and arrive at your destinations with maximum efficiency. Extending the information you typically get on the phone can also help take the stress out of business travel by ensuring you get all your travel details. 
  • Apple Watch lets you collaborate on the go. Business owners are constantly thinking of new and innovative ideas to share with their teams. Many of the best apps for remote business collaboration are compatible with the Apple Watch, allowing you to sync and share notes with your team.
  • Apple Watch extends app functionality. You can access your iPhone business apps for organization and productivity with your Apple Watch, further boosting productivity.
  • Apple Watch can help with health. Staying healthy is crucial for busy business owners. The Apple Watch boasts numerous health and wellness features, including sleep tracking, step tracking and heart rate monitoring. 
Accessing the best business travel apps on your Apple Watch can help you save time and be more productive as you try to stay on track while on the go.

Outfit your Apple Watch for success

Running a successful business means equipping yourself with the right tools. An Apple Watch adds another dimension to your business communications, and the right bands will bring style flexibility. Go formal, casual or athletic, depending on your current situation. By investing in an Apple Watch and a host of bands, you’ll embrace the latest in modern business communications.

Matt D’Angelo contributed to this article.

author image
Jackie Dove, Business Operations Insider and Senior Writer
Jackie Dove is an obsessive, insomniac freelance tech writer and editor in northern California. A wildlife advocate, cat fan, photo app fanatic, and VR/AR/3D aficionado, her specialties include cross-platform hardware and software, art, design, photography, video, and a wide range of creative and productivity apps and systems.
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