Coworker Gift Ideas

Coworker Gift Ideas
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While you spend all day with your co-workers and may see them more than your family, you probably don’t want to break the bank on their holiday gifts. You also may not know exactly what they want. However, you still want to put a smile on their faces and give them something they’ll enjoy. This can make holiday shopping for co-workers a tough task.

Whether you’re participating in a gift exchange or just want to spread some holiday cheer here are some great gifts for co-workers, all priced at $25 or less.

Succulents ($13.99)

Shop Succulents
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Being stuck inside on a beautiful day is sad and frustrating. Give the gifts of a little fresh air and outdoors with some real succulents. In addition to being nice to look at, indoor plants can improve concentration and boost your mood.

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French press coffee maker ($25.95)

Divlor French Press Coffee Maker
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Help your co-worker's day get started with this French press coffee maker. These coffee makers create a clean, strong cup of coffee, perfect for taking on the work week. Also, since the coffee maker is dishwasher safe, clean up is a breeze.

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Electronic key finder ($19.99)

Sharper Image portable electronic key finder
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Early mornings are stressful and misplaced keys can put a damper on a morning routine. Help your co-worker keep track of their keys with this Sharper Image key finder. It can help locate keys in hard to find places with two distinct alarms. The finder transmits a signal with a 45-foot range and has two key fobs.

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Mini Tapenade Box ($18)

Bon Appetit Mini Tapenade Box
Credit: Bon Appetit Box
Give a gift straight from France. Bon Appetit Box offers authentic food made in the South of France. Perfect for wine tasting, this box includes Tapenade made from green olive and almonds along with Bruschetta made with Eggplant and Red-Pepper.

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Funny Novelty Mug ($9.49)

Twerp Novelty Mug
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Mornings are hard, so give your co-worker the gift of motivation and empowerment every morning. If you want to give something practical, but still fun, gift this funny mug. Any coffee or tea drinker will appreciate this dishwasher and microwave safe mug.

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Ninja throwing star magnets ($25)

Ninja throwing star magnets ($25)
Bring a little excitement into your office by giving your co-worker some ninja stars. These creative magnets come in a pack of five and are great for holding up memos, reminding co-workers of important events, or staging an office ninja attack.

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Personal library kit ($16)

Personal library kit ($16)
Credit: KnockKnock
For the literature-loving co-worker who's always lending everyone books, this personal library kit from Knock Knock is a great gift option. Complete with a date stamp and ink pad, 20 self-adhesive packets, and matching checkout cards, this is a fun way to keep track of your favorite novels or of resource books loaned out at the office.

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The Daily Mood ($7.95)

The Daily Mood ($7.95)
Credit: Barnes & Noble
This emotion flipchart is a fun way to make sure you know how the boss is feeling before you go and ask for time off or a raise or to present a new project idea. The Daily Mood allows your co-workers or managers to express a wide range of emotions, whether it be apathetic, crazed, managerial, fabulous, listless, hunky-dory or one of many other emotions.

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'Tequila Mockingbird' recipe book ($10.14)

'Tequila Mockingbird' recipe book, secret santa gift
Whether your co-worker loves books or drinks, this quirky recipe book is sure to impress. "Tequila Mockingbird" (Running Press, 2013) includes 65 cocktail recipes with literary pun-filled names like the "Gin Eyre," "Gone with the Wine," and "Moby Drink."

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Truffle tasting set ($17)

Truffle tasting set, secret santa gift
Everyone can appreciate a good piece of chocolate. The six-piece "Ultimate Dessert Truffle Flight" from Godiva features truffles in a variety of themes and flavors, including Chocolate Éclair, Crème Brulee, Red Velvet Cake, Chocolate Lava Cake, Tiramisu and Strawberry Crème Tarte.

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Demotivational calendar ($22)

Demotivational calendar ($22)
This almost depressing but mostly hilarious calendar comes with 12 humorous demotivational posters to help your co-workers keep some perspective in their workday. You can choose a 12- or 16-month calendar. You can also customize a calendar with demotivators of your choice.

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Dinosaur desk organizer ($11)

dinosaur desk organizer, secret santa gifts, co-worker gifts
Help your co-worker never miss a memo again with this playful dinosaur desk organizer. Shaped like a Tyrannosaurus rex, this organizer features a spring-loaded mouth to hold memos as well as a space to hold pens. It also comes with a notepad, which can be easily stowed away in the back of the organizer.

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Build-on brick pen ($19.99)

Build-on brick pen ($19.99)
This creative pen is compatible with Legos and other building blocks, which can be attached to the pen in whatever way the gift recipient wants. This pen actually works, and it comes with some building bricks that you can use to make a pen stand.

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Office emergency kit ($18)

Office emergency kit, gifts
Credit: Pinch Privisions.
Headaches, chipped nails and stains happen in the office all the time, and yet many workers are unprepared for these little emergencies. With this "Minimergency" kit (targeted to women) in her desk, your co-worker will be ready for anything. This convenient pouch includes pain relievers, hairspray, clear nail polish, a sewing kit, lip balm and more. Don't worry — there's a kit for the men in your office, too.

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Apple cider caramels ($13.75)

Apple cider caramels ($13.75)
Credit: Lake Champlain Chocolates
Chocolates have always been a popular holiday gift. If you want to try something different from the standard truffles or molded chocolate, give your co-worker these apple cider-infused caramels from Lake Champlain Chocolates. This seven-piece gift set of milk-chocolate-covered caramels is made with Vermont-brewed Citizen Cider and Happy Valley Orchard apples.

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Additional reporting by Jill Bowers and Adam C. Uzialko.