• How to Write the Financial Section of a Business Plan

    The financial section of your business plan is crucial to recruiting investors and lenders.

    Updated: February 06, 2020 | Article
  • What Is a Virtual Merchant?

    A virtual merchant is a merchant that uses a website as a platform for selling goods and services, complete with payment processing and order management.

    Updated: February 05, 2020 | Article
  • Creativity Is Not Innovation (But You Need Both)

    Creativity and innovation are two related but separate notions, and each is required for workplace success. Here's the difference, and how you can inspire both.

    Updated: February 05, 2020 | Article
  • How to Define Accounting for Business

    Accounting is critical for any business. Here are the basics you need to know.

    February 05, 2020 | Article
  • What is ROI?

    ROI, or return on investment, is a common business term used to identify past and potential financial returns.

    February 05, 2020 | Article
  • The Best Medical Billing Service Providers of 2020

    Outsourcing revenue cycle management reduces the time and cost required to conduct thorough medical billing, from submitting claims to managing denials.

    Updated: February 04, 2020 | Article
  • What Is Monetary Policy?

    Monetary policy determines the amount of money that flows through the economy.

    February 04, 2020 | Article
  • A Culture of Ethical Behavior is Essential to Business Success

    Research from the University of Notre Dame finds that ethical business operations are highly important to success, while unethical behavior can negatively impact a business's future prospects.

    February 04, 2020 | Article
  • Cash Flow Management: Techniques and Tools

    Tracking and understanding your business's cash flow is vital. Here's what cash flow is and how to manage it.

    February 04, 2020 | Article
  • What is B2C?

    B2C, or business-to-consumer, is the type of commerce transaction in which businesses sell products or services to consumers.

    February 04, 2020 | Article