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8x8 Review

Best Small Business Phone System

A Business News Daily Review

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Finding a dependable phone system that serves all of their calling and collaboration needs is important for small businesses today. 8x8 is a reliable, cloud-based unified communications system that is easy to use and packed with valuable calling, collaboration, and mobile features and tools. That's why, after conducting extensive research and analysis, 8x8 is our 2020 pick for the best phone system for small businesses.

Small businesses need to consider several factors when searching for a phone system. The biggest one is reliability. It is imperative that your phone system works every time an employee picks up the phone to make a call. If your phone system is down for even an hour, it could have a significant impact on your bottom line.

8x8 definitely fits the bill. It has one of the highest reported uptimes in the industry, redundant data centers worldwide, and sophisticated architecture to ensure service is always up and running.

Small businesses also want a phone system that has all of the features and tools it can benefit from. Key calling features like automated attendants, ring groups, mobile apps, and voicemail-to-email, along with collaboration tools such as conference calling, video conferencing, and instant messaging, give your business a professional appearance to both customers and employees. 8x8 has dozens of calling features, as well as built-in conference calling and video conferencing services that give all users the tools to communicate with others in any way they choose.

Small businesses should also look for a phone system that has low rates, valuable integrations and strong customer support. 8x8 offers excellent customer support and a mobile app that allows you to tap into your business phone line from anywhere. The service costs $12 to $110 per user per month, depending on how many employees you have and how many features you need.

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Editor's note: Looking for information on business phone systems? Use the questionnaire below and our vendor partners will contact you to provide you with the information you need. 

8x8 offers four different small business service plans – Express, X2, X4 and X6 – which differ in features and price.

  • Express: 8x8's newest plan is designed for businesses with just a handful of employees. It costs $12 per user per month and includes unlimited calling in the U.S., an auto-attendant, voicemail, team messaging, business text messaging, presence, caller ID, call forwarding, call queues, ring groups, HD voice, mobile and desktop apps, HD audio and video meetings, and integrations with G Suite and Office 365.
  • X2: The X2 edition costs $25 per user per month. It includes everything in the Express plan, plus unlimited calling in 14 countries, an advanced auto-attendant, voicemail transcription, single sign-on, call recording, unlimited online faxing and cross-platform messaging.
  • X4: The X4 edition costs $45 per user per month. It includes every feature in the X2 plan, plus an operator switchboard and caller analytics. In addition, the unlimited calling zone is for 47 countries.
  • X6: The X5 edition costs $110 per user per month. It includes every feature in the X4 plan, plus skills-based routing, an IVR, queued and web callback, post-call surveys, and contact center reports and analytics.

Rates for each X Series plan are a few dollars cheaper for businesses with more than 100 users.

8x8 is a cloud-hosted VoIP business phone system, so it doesn't require any complex PBX hardware. All you need is high-speed internet access and IP phones. 

Once your network is configured for the necessary bandwidth (8x8 recommends 100 kbps for each concurrent call) and voice traffic is prioritized over other online uses, the system is ready to use as soon as you plug the phones into an Ethernet port.

If you buy your IP phones directly from 8x8, they come preconfigured and ready to use. If you purchase phones from an outside vendor, you will need to work with an 8x8 representative to configure them. You will have the same functionality with either option; however, you will save time getting everything up and running if you purchase the phones directly from 8x8.

As an added benefit, 8x8 provides a technical installation specialist to walk X Series users through the configuration steps in a free one-hour session. Even though the system is easy to use, this extra instruction can be extremely valuable for small businesses that don't have an IT staff to handle their technical needs. The Express plan is designed for users to install and connect on their own. It doesn't come with the same level of support as the X Series plans.

Once the phones are up and running, the entire system can be set up and managed via the online portal. Here, you can do things such as create and set up employee extensions and ring groups. The portal, which you access through the 8x8 website, also allows you to manage billing, run call-log reports and get help if needed. 

Administrators can manage the automated attendant directly from the portal. They can upload their own greetings or customized pre-recorded messages. 8x8 also offers an audio production store for professionally recorded options.

Employees have access to the online portal through a desktop application or mobile app or by logging in on any computer connected to the internet. Accessing the system allows employees to use a softphone on their computer to make and receive calls, review the company directory, check their voicemail, and message co-workers. They can also use the portal to make video calls, send and receive online faxes, and conduct web conferences.

Some of the other tools users have access to are three-way calling, call forwarding, call waiting and call transferring. You can also view and listen to your voicemails online or have them delivered to your email inbox. Other calling features include automated attendants, ring groups, music on hold, extension dialing, company directories, caller ID and blocking, and a "do not disturb" option.

Additionally, 8x8 offers a variety of tools that facilitate collaboration, including an online chat system and a presence feature that shows which employees are free and who is busy. All service plans include both audio and video conferencing. With 8x8's conference bridge, each employee can host their own conference calls with up to 50 participants. The online meetings allow employees to have "face-to-face" meetings with up to 100 people at a time from their computers.

Part of 8x8's appeal is its reliability. The company takes several steps to ensure the system is always up and running, including built-in redundancies and multiple data centers and call carriers. It has one of the highest documented uptimes (99.9999%) of all the cloud-hosted VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) phone systems we investigated. This means the system is down for only a few minutes each year.

To help ensure the system is always up and running, 8x8 has 15 identical data centers around the world that provide automatic and transparent failover to prevent disruptions in service. Each data center is SSAE 16 audited. If one of the data centers crashes, all the information instantly transfers to one of the other locations to keep the service up.

The company also works with call carriers to guarantee high call quality at all times. Before each call, the system selects the path of least resistance. Should a carrier go down, the traffic is automatically redirected to one of the other carriers to ensure call continuity.

While 8x8 offers customer support around the clock, a representative we spoke to said it is not 100% based in the U.S. The rep said there are times when you may be asked to speak to a support technician overseas.

Overall, 8x8 offered some of the best customer service we received during our analysis of business phone systems. To gauge the level of support it offers, we called the company numerous times, posing as a new business owner interested in phone systems.

All the representatives we spoke with answered our calls promptly and gave clear, detailed answers to our questions. At no point were any of them pushy, and none tried to give us a hard sell of the service.

We also received follow-up emails from the representatives. Anytime we sent them a question, they always responded promptly with an answer and the offer to jump on another call for more details.

8x8 offers customer support 24/7, and it has a host of valuable resources online. Its website includes a knowledgebase with detailed information on how to set up and use the system.

8x8 is an accredited member of the Better Business Bureau with an A+ rating. As of October 2019, there had been 64 complaints against 8x8 closed in the past three years.

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Editor's note: Looking for information on business phone systems? Use the questionnaire below and our vendor partners will contact you to provide you with the information you need. 

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