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Bambee Review

Kaylyn McKenna
Kaylyn McKenna
Business News Daily Contributing Writer
Updated Aug 17, 2022
  • We reviewed the top HR software tools on the market and selected Bambee HR as the best HR software for startups.
  • Bambee HR offers affordable plans geared toward startups and small businesses.
  • Many startups struggle with setting up clear and compliant company policies, but Bambee HR provides tools and support to guide business owners through this process.
  • This review is for small business owners who are considering implementing Bambee HR.

Bambee HR is an HR software tool that is uniquely designed to meet the needs of startups that do not have an HR department or employee handbook in place. The software service can help startups build their company policies and HR processes from scratch with support from a dedicated HR manager. The company offers a variety of subscription plans tailored toward small and very small companies. Unlike some competitors, it does not have a minimum number of employees required for enrollment. Startups will benefit from the hands-on, personalized support offered by Bambee HR.

Bambee Review


The Verdict

Bambee HR is an ideal service for small businesses and startups that aren't quite ready to hire an HR manager. It provides dedicated care and support at a reasonable price with features uniquely suited for new businesses.

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Bambee HR Editor’s Score: 92/100

User interface85
Customer service100

Why Bambee HR Is Best for Startups

Bambee HR includes support from a dedicated HR Manager in each of its plans. This makes the service a great option for startups that don’t yet have an internal HR employee. Its lowest tier is dedicated to organizations with only one or two employees, a business size many other services don’t focus on. Bambee HR also offers a guided payroll feature to help startup founders or employees that are new to processing payroll.

Many startup founders have to manage HR and payroll functions on their own for a while until the organization grows enough to justify hiring a full-time HR employee or outsourcing HR. This can lead to mistakes, as founders do not always have the proper knowledge or experience required to navigate complex compliance requirements and HR best practices. We felt that Bambee HR was a very useful and fairly affordable alternative to the DIY approach to HR that many startups take.


  • Subscribers have a dedicated HR Manager assigned to them for more personal support.
  • Bambee HR is one of the only HR software services that provide assistance in creating and writing company policies.
  • Bambee HR offers plans and features that are designed specifically for startups and small businesses.


  • Bambee HR does not have a mobile app.
  • The company doesn’t service businesses with more than 500 employees.
  • There is a setup fee when enrolling in Bambee HR’s service.


The Bambee HR platform has a very user-friendly interface that is fairly simple and does not require a lot of technical skills or experience to navigate, making it well suited for startup founders or employees who have not used an HR platform before.

Bambee HR’s Autopilot tools make it easy for startups to automate their compliance and policy functions. Bambee HR automatically verifies that all core HR policies are current, signed by your employees and reaffirmed semiannually within the platform. Your dedicated HR Manager can craft any HR policies that your company needs.

Did you know?Did you know?: Over 10,000 businesses use Bambee HR’s Autopilot features to manage compliance.

A major component of Bambee HR’s service is ongoing communication with a dedicated HR Manager. Business owners can utilize chat, email or phone to communicate with their designated HR Manager. Competing HR software vendors typically only assign dedicated support representatives for onboarding or at higher subscription levels. We liked that all Bambee HR subscribers are given access to dedicated support.

Bambee chat

Chatting with your dedicated HR Manager is a great way to get answers to questions as they arise. Credit: Bambee HR

Bambee HR Features

Custom HR policiesBambee HR offers support in the development of HR policies, making it a great fit for startups devising SOPs from the ground up.
Training and certification managementTrack required training and certifications to ensure your business complies with federal and state laws.
Performance managementTrack employee goals and view report cards of their progress.
Payroll processingProcess payroll with the support of a dedicated Bambee HR Manager.
Employee feedback collectionSolicit feedback from employees through Bambee HR’s Employee Voice feature.

Custom HR Policies

Bambee HR offers automated tools and hands-on support for startups or small businesses that need to craft HR policies. We found this feature to be unique to Bambee HR. Several other vendors, including the one in our GoCo review, offer tools for building automated HR processes or meeting compliance policies, but none had such robust features dedicated to developing company policies. Since startups often struggle with creating these policies from scratch, we found this feature very useful.

Bambee templates

Bambee HR offers a variety of HR policy templates that can be easily customized to fit your organization. Credit: Bambee HR

Training and Certification Management

Keeping track of compliance and training can be challenging for startups. Many states require employers to provide sexual harassment training to managers or all employees. Bambee HR takes care of these important mandatory trainings, like sexual harassment, workplace safety and business ethics. Business owners can view everyone’s progress in Bambee HR to easily follow up on outstanding certifications.

Bambee certificates

Employees can earn certificates within the platform, including sexual harassment training certificates. Credit: Bambee HR

Performance Management

Bambee HR’s performance management tools are designed to facilitate goal tracking and frequent dialogue around performance. Managers can rate employees on their performance and view report cards detailing employee progress against their set goals.

Bambee performance managment

Bambee HR’s performance management tools help managers provide frequent feedback to employees. Credit: Bambee HR

Payroll Processing

If you choose to partner with Bambee HR for your payroll processing, you get features on par with competitors in the industry. For example, you can access two-day direct deposit for your employees, and Bambee HR can automatically handle federal, state and local payroll taxes for you. Bambee HR can provide guidance on wage and hour regulations as well.

Bambee subscribers

Bambee subscribers can access guided payroll tools within the platform and reach out to their dedicated HR Manager with any questions.

Employee Feedback Collection

Bambee HR’s Employee Voice tool allows employees to share concerns or feedback. This feedback may be shared anonymously or with their name depending on their comfort level and your organization’s settings. Bambee HR recommends that this be used for collecting employee feedback on job satisfaction, workplace issues or praise for others within the organization.

Bambee Employee Voice

Employee Voice can be used to share a variety of feedback, including concerns about workplace issues or job responsibilities. Credit: Bambee HR

Bambee HR Pricing

Bambee HR offers the following monthly subscription plans:

PlanHR Manager (no phone support)HR ManagerSenior HR ManagerHR Director
Employee count1 to 2 employees3 to 19 employees20 to 49 employees50 to 500 employees
Monthly fee$99$199$299Custom
Setup fee$500$500$1,000Custom

All plans except the HR Manager plan include unlimited phone, email and chat support with a dedicated HR Manager. The HR Manager plan excludes phone support. The highest plan has a cap of 500 employees. Bambee HR does not service businesses larger than that.


When businesses sign up for Bambee HR, they are asked to provide information about their business and existing HR policies. Bambee HR then assigns a dedicated HR Manager who will help identify any gaps in their existing policies or processes and answer any questions. Bambee HR’s Autopilot service can distribute any necessary documents, onboarding materials, or policies to employees. Meanwhile, the HR Manager will work on any more complex setup support tasks.

DId you know? There is a one-time setup fee for this audit and setup process for Bambee HR. Depending on your chosen subscription plan, the fee can range from $500 to $1,000 or more.

Customer Service

One of the biggest advantages of Bambee HR as an HR software service for startups is that each business is assigned a dedicated HR Manager who can answer questions on Bambee HR or HR topics. Business owners can contact their HR manager by phone, email or live chat. Startup founders tend to run into a lot of HR questions as they build their company, so this dedicated support is highly beneficial.

Bambee HR representatives and customer support agents can be reached between 8 a.m. and 6 p.m. PT, Monday through Friday.


One major drawback of Bambee HR is that there is not a mobile app available for employees or administrators. Most of the competing HR software services, including Paycor, Paychex and Gusto, offer mobile applications that support common functions such as payroll reporting and timekeeping.

Another drawback to consider is that Bambee HR’s cap on organization size can be a double-edged sword. The company’s focus on small businesses is advantageous for early-stage startups due to the tailored solutions and packages. However, rapidly growing startups may find that choosing Bambee HR is not practical due to the risk of outgrowing the service. A startup with strong funding can grow very quickly, and it may not be worth the time and the setup fee required to enroll in Bambee HR if it’s on the verge of being too large for the service.


We conducted comprehensive research and analyzed dozens of HR systems to identify the top HR software solutions on the market. We watched product videos provided by Bambee HR. When looking for the best HR software for startups specifically, we prioritized features such as onboarding and implementation, payroll processing, benefits administration, usability, integrations, reporting, and customer service.

Bambee HR FAQ

Does Bambee HR do payroll?

Bambee HR offers a guided payroll add-on that includes two-day direct deposit, payroll support from a dedicated HR Manager, and automatic handling of federal, state and local taxes.

Can Bambee HR help with employee terminations?

Yes. Bambee HR can help business owners navigate employee termination situations and provide coaching throughout the entire process. It can also help with the preparation of any necessary documents.

Does Bambee HR have a mobile app?

Bambee HR does not have a mobile app, but some of the platform’s features and communication tools can be used on mobile browsers.

TipTip: Bambee HR not only supports training compliance, but the dedicated HR Managers can also guide business owners through other compliance issues, such as government claims related to unemployment, wage issues and EEOC claims.

Overall Value

We recommend Bambee HR for …

  • Startups and small businesses that do not currently have an HR Manager or internal HR team.
  • Businesses that need support navigating compliance issues.
  • Companies that do not yet have clear written company policies or an employee handbook.

We do not recommend Bambee HR for …

  • Large and enterprise businesses.
  • Rapidly growing midsize businesses. (Note that Bambee HR does not service businesses with over 500 employees, so if you expect to exceed that number within the next year or two, it is probably more practical to pick another HR solution.)
Bambee Review


The Verdict

Bambee HR is an ideal service for small businesses and startups that aren't quite ready to hire an HR manager. It provides dedicated care and support at a reasonable price with features uniquely suited for new businesses.

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Kaylyn McKenna
Kaylyn McKenna
Business News Daily Contributing Writer
Kaylyn McKenna is a freelance writer specializing in business, tech, and leadership. She received her MA in Industrial-Organizational Psychology from Touro University, and enjoys using her industrial psychology background to share management, HR, and organizational effectiveness tips with small business owners. She has covered topics related to business law, compliance, employee retention, company culture, and management strategies.