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Best HR Software for 2022

Jeff Hale
Business News Daily Contributing Writer
| Updated
May 13, 2022

Compare prices and features to find the best HR software platform for your business.
Best for Payroll
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Effortless payroll features
Entry pricing of $45 a month
3,500+ health insurance options
Best for Easy Implementation
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Automation-focused features
Entry pricing of $8 a user/month
New-hire onboarding in 90 seconds
Best for Performance Management
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Great employee satisfaction tools
Custom pricing
Marketplace for app integration
Best for Custom Workflows
Flexible integration features
Entry pricing of $5 a user/month
Dedicated customer support
Best for Remote Teams
Paychex Flex HR Software
Mobile-friendly software
Entry pricing of $63 a month
Recruitment and hiring services
Compare prices and features to find the best HR software platform for your business.

  • Businesses can use an all-in-one HR software solution to handle any and all of their human resources management.
  • All sizes of businesses can use HR software to tailor effective workflows and automation to cut down on repetitive HR tasks.
  • You can use our reviews to compare the pricing and features of the most popular HR software providers.
  • This article is for business owners and HR administrators who are searching for a new HR software solution.

New and growing businesses that overlook their HR requirements could face heavy penalties and blows to their reputation, making it more difficult to retain the best employees. The best HR software helps small businesses without dedicated HR personnel to stay compliant and efficient in managing their human capital. For larger businesses, upgrading to a new HR provider can take the repetitive operational tasks out of your managers' hands, freeing them up to focus on more valuable activities. Most of the providers we reviewed offer all-in-one solutions to handle employee onboarding, offboarding and everything in between. Many companies can even tailor their software and services to address your business's exact needs.

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Our Reviews

Gusto HR Software: Best Human Resources Software for Payroll

It takes only a few minutes to run payroll with Gusto, even with thorough accuracy checks.
Gusto doesn't charge you extra to make any adjustments you need to a recent payroll run or to run irregular payroll.
Full-time employees outside of the U.S. cannot be compensated through Gusto.
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Gusto is a modern, all-in-one HR software platform that stands out with a clean dashboard and extensive payroll features. For many companies, running payroll is a tedious and time-consuming process ripe for costly mistakes and penalties. With Gusto, business owners and HR administrators can free themselves from the laborious process of calculating hours, rates, deductions, taxes, garnishments, and other aspects of supporting their staff financially. For employees with direct deposit who reside in the United States, you can initiate a regular payroll run in just a quick few clicks from the easy-to-use dashboard. If your team is on salary with regular pay periods, you can automate the entire process and trust that Gusto will handle everything with accuracy.

Unlike other payroll providers, Gusto does not charge any additional fees for running irregular payroll, adding special bonuses, or making adjustments to a recent payroll run. Better yet, the software will automatically file all of your local, state, and federal tax forms on your company's behalf. You and your employees can electronically file, sign, fax, and store all of your documents within your dashboard. Gusto also makes it easy for your employees to make the most of their earnings with paperless pay through Gusto Wallet and debit cards, as well as free financial tools to help your team members reach their goals.

Gusto recently expanded its payroll offering by allowing external platforms to access pieces of its service via an API. With this service, known as Gusto Embedded Payroll, external companies can offer payroll support to their own customers. Gusto's expansion adds to its overall usability and dedication to payroll convenience.

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Rippling HR Software: Best HR Software for Easy Implementation

It only takes 2.5 weeks to fully integrate Rippling with your business, and new hires can be onboarded in the software in 90 seconds.
Your company gets a dedicated support representative who can help you through every step of implementation and beyond.
Small businesses that don't perform many repetitive HR tasks may not benefit greatly from Rippling's impressive automation.
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Rippling is standout HR software with tons of automation features that make it a great choice for small and midsize businesses that want to manage their employee operations successfully with a lot less time and effort. All it takes is 90 seconds for you to send an offer letter and new-hire paperwork, run background checks, e-verify documents, add employees to payroll, enroll them in health insurance, order and ship computer equipment, and set up Google Workspace, Slack, and Office 365 accounts — an entire afternoon of tasks if you're still doing them all the old-fashioned way.

Rippling accomplishes this lightspeed productivity through highly automated workflows that are easy to set up and run successfully from the dashboard, which is loaded with homegrown and third-party apps. While the average company will need to spend a little over two weeks to implement the system, once it's up and running, the time savings for onboarding alone will pay dividends the rest of the year. In addition to Rippling's open API to function alongside your existing business software and partners, it integrates with over 500 third-party cloud-based applications to provide any HR tool or service your team may want to incorporate.

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BambooHR Software: Best HR Software for Performance Management

This platform is great for small and midsize businesses that want to improve their company culture and productivity.
It's ideal for any business looking for an HR platform with plenty of customization and third-party software integrations.
The lack of transparent pricing may make BambooHR a nonstarter for some business owners.
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Small and midsize businesses that place a strong emphasis on their people will truly benefit from BambooHR's features. This HR software focuses on five areas: people data and analytics, hiring, onboarding, compensation, and culture. While the software executes on each of these areas well, it shines the brightest in helping companies understand and improve the performance of each employee.

BambooHR takes a three-pronged approach to evaluating an employee's performance – through manager assessments and self-assessments, peer feedback, and goals – to provide a complete picture of how the employee is doing. The software asks brief, largely objective questions designed to improve productivity, not just to determine if someone is ready for a promotion or raise.

The platform encourages managers and HR admins to conduct regular internal surveys with anonymous submissions to improve company culture. However, BambooHR also ensures that digesting the data is not an intensive, time-consuming task. It accomplishes this seemingly difficult job by assigning your company an Employee Net Promoter Score (eNPS). The software automatically scans employees' survey responses for keywords and groups the results into positive, neutral, and negative feedback categories for efficient analysis. Managers can check the results over time to identify trends in employee satisfaction that your company can use to increase productivity, reduce turnover, and improve your reputation as an employer among job seekers.

Another way BambooHR helps you manage employee performance is through its Employee Wellbeing tools. This application uses consistent employee surveys to gain feedback on how employees feel about their happiness, relationships, personal motivators, and company motivators. Through the academically created and tested survey questions, employers can gain insights and trends that can lead to growth for their employees, teams and company.

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GoCo: Best HR Software for Custom Workflows

GoCo is flexible HR software that enables you to keep your team on task through easy-to-use, timesaving workflows tailored to your business.
It can automate just about any HR process, including workflows for travel, promotion and equipment requests.
Very small businesses may not benefit as much from many of the automation features.

For smaller companies with limited HR resources or larger enterprises experiencing strong growth, the ability to automate recurring tasks with efficient workflows can feel like true freedom. GoCo's highly customizable tools can streamline everything on your HR administrator's or your daily, weekly, monthly, and quarterly to-do lists. The simple dashboard offers quick access to easy-to-use workflow templates for your onboarding, performance reviews, involuntary termination checklist, new-hire orientation, talent acquisition and much more. GoCo also supports custom fields, with more than 100 useful reporting variables to build actionable reports based on any data being tracked in your system.

With its MagicDocs feature, GoCo users can digitize documents. GoCo recently enhanced this tool to include a drag-and-drop template builder and the ability to add multiple document signatories and signature completion orders. These custom workflows help to ensure your approval processes are streamlined for documents like performance reviews and offer letters.

Additionally, GoCo recently released a new workflow that lets employers automatically track their employees' COVID-19 status. The new tracker is meant to help businesses stay compliant with new federal and state laws. When you set up the COVID-19 status tracking workflow, employees can upload their proof of vaccination or negative COVID-19 tests. It also sends out weekly reminders to unvaccinated employees to ensure they are continuing to maintain compliance.

GoCo's flexible mindset in reporting spills over into other areas as well. The company encourages you to define all of your processes, policies, and partnerships to help it design and implement an HR solution that fits perfectly with how you want to operate your business. For example, if you have a great retirement plan for your employees, GoCo will add it and make it easy for your employees to access through the software. If you're looking for an all-in-one solution, you can get help identifying everything your company needs from your dedicated customer success manager, whose sole responsibility is to make sure your team is set up for success.

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Paychex Flex HR Software: Best HR Software for Remote Teams

As all-in-one HR software with easy desktop and mobile access to payroll, benefits, and HR compliance self-service, Paychex is highly convenient for remote teams.
You can keep close tabs on your remote workforce with niche, real-time analytics.
The lack of transparent pricing may be a deterrent to some business owners trying to compare services.

As the largest HR company for small and midsize businesses, Paychex knows how to support remote teams with integrated solutions for payroll, health benefits, financial benefits, and all other human resources requirements. Its cloud-based HR software platform is used by more than 680,000 customers, giving Paychex one of the most impressive footprints in the industry – and the proven experience to handle anything your business may need.

Unlike many of its competitors in this space, Paychex gives you the option to run payroll from any computer or mobile device. Its mobile-friendly approach to HR administration also means it does a great job supporting freelance teams, which we can't say for every service we've reviewed. With COVID-19 leaving a lasting impression on the way business is run, having forced many companies to rely on fully or partially remote teams, the ability to access information and accomplish tasks from anywhere makes Paychex an attractive service for 2022 and beyond.

You and your HR admins can say goodbye to the tall stacks of new-hire paperwork and instead give your new employees an easy online user experience to make a fantastic impression for their first day on the job. Paychex's software includes guided digital forms, new-hire checklists, automated document collection, and more with a totally paperless experience with the confidence of E-Verify solutions – all of the tools you need to support your staff from anywhere they want to work. With its centralized document management capabilities, you can seamlessly upload, secure and access important employee documents from any location. Users can upload multiple files at once, sign documents from their Paychex app, and pull real-time reports on uploaded documentation.

After you hire and onboard remote staff, Paychex can help you retain top talent through its new talent management tools. You can view comprehensive talent dashboards, analyze pay benchmarking to compare employee compensation with national standards, and access retention insights to see which employees are likely to leave.

Additionally, Paychex recently aligned with Globalization Partners, so remote teams around the globe have access to international payroll and HR services.

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BerniePortal: Best HR Software for Employee Onboarding

BerniePortal has clear, affordable pricing and full HRIS capabilities for every subscription package it offers.
You have the option to purchase it through a health insurance broker, with the potential to bundle it with other software or services.
The interface design could be too rudimentary for some users.

BerniePortal is an all-in-one human resources information system (HRIS) designed to support the entire employee lifecycle. The company tailors its offerings to small and midsize businesses, with a focus on helping organizations optimize HR, improve employee experiences, and free everyone to focus their valuable time and energy on what matters in their role. Keeping its core audience in mind, the user interface is simple and straightforward – possibly too much so for some. But for companies looking for a general HR platform that's easy to use and maintain, this is a strong option.

BerniePortal offers three paid subscription bundles, starting at $9 per employee per month if you pay annually. The entry-level Standard bundle includes 50 features across the categories of applicant tracking, onboarding, benefits, paid time off, time and attendance, employee performance, and compliance. The Plus plan, starting at $14 per employee per month, adds benefits support for short- and long-term disability, voluntary life, critical illness, accident, HSAs, and FSAs through four plan options. It also adds more featured administrator roles, PTO subgroups flexibility, and access to BerniePortal's open API. The top-tier Enterprise plan, starting at $19 per employee per month, adds unlimited benefit types, plan options, subgroups, approvers, and the option for deferred contributions. Alternatively, BerniePortal is distributed by health insurance brokers across the country that provide special pricing and ongoing support to their clients.

It also offers free tools to help you recruit, track and hire the best talent available. This option gives you access to many of the paid applicant-tracking features and some other helpful considerations to let you test the dashboard and services in a meaningful way.


Cezanne HR: Best HR Software for International Businesses

Built specifically for U.K. and international businesses, Cezanne supports 10 key languages as well as non-Western characters.
Tailored content and branded dashboards give your employees the best user experience possible.
Getting in touch with the London office for support on a regular basis may prove troublesome for international customers.

Cezanne is a modular HR software system built to work the way your company does business. It's also designed to be fast and easy to implement and modify, working alongside the processes you already use to manage and support your employees anywhere in the world. Cezanne was built specifically for U.K. and international businesses, with language support for U.K. and U.S. English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Dutch, Turkish, and Romanian at no additional cost. It also has localization for date and currency formatting that won't affect anyone's reporting abilities. This global-focus configuration also means that the software supports non-Western characters such as Chinese, Japanese and Greek. It also features customizable security permissions that can be conveniently cloned to streamline security protocols and keep your international business compliant.

Cezanne's core focus is people management. Its online form-builder lets you drag and drop field types to create custom documents that represent your requirements and approval process for everything from travel expenses to requests to work from home. The personnel files include comprehensive information on your employees' career histories, training records, and much more at a  glance with flexible reporting and analytics. You can stay in close contact with your team by uploading or creating the appropriate template, then selecting which group to send it to and how the communication should be tracked. Other features, such as integrated SMS texting to employees in over 120 countries, can help you keep your workforce aware of urgent updates no matter where they happen to work. Additionally, Cezanne HR now lists employee goals and check-in events in the Upcoming Events widget. This allows team members to easily keep track of important upcoming events, regardless of location. This feature is valuable for managing performance and keeping employees on track.

Cezanne gives you the easy ability to create tailored employee and live manager dashboards with drag-and-drop widgets, which we're surprised we don't see more often from "flexible" HR software providers. This modular layout makes it easy to present the most important information to your team members – something that could be unique across roles and certainly different between businesses. The customization features also let you change the platform's background and color scheme to match your company branding and provide the look and feel of white-label software. Another customizable feature we liked was Cezanne HR's Insights module. Users can customize their best-practice dashboards and reports with drag-and-drop reporting building, access predictive capabilities to view important trends, and create automated report packs. This level of analytics flexibility can be a game changer for large international teams. While it doesn't list its pricing online, customers say it starts around $200 per month.


Namely: Best HR Software for Midsized Businesses

The ability to use this software as your company's core system of record will save your managers and administrators a lot of time.
Seventy-five percent of Namely's clients say the platform has increased employee engagement.
The lack of transparent pricing will take Namely out of the running for some shoppers.

Namely is a people operations platform for midsize companies designed to make life easier for everyone in the organization. The company states that its average client saves 11 hours per week with Namely keeping their payroll, benefits, compliance requirements, and other HR tasks in sync. It also touts its ability to get your employees using the platform regularly, meaning your HR team won't have to field so many questions throughout the week. You and your HR staff can use your newfound time to dive into the platform's analytics and reports to better understand all the data about your employees and confidently make strategic decisions.

This people-focused platform has powerful tools for new-hire onboarding, custom review cycles, performance tracking and more. The enrollment wizard makes it easy for your employees to find the right benefits when they join your team or enroll in a new plan after a major life event, such as a wedding – with new deductions automatically synced to payroll.

Namely offers three bundled packages, all built around its HR Fundamentals. The Basics plan provides extensive features, including reports, analytics, onboarding, performance and goals tracking, E-Verify, and time-off management. Most companies will likely want to upgrade to the HR Complete plan, which adds important features such as payroll, benefits administration, time and attendance, recruiting, and compliance advice. It also offers the Enhanced Services plan with managed payroll and benefits to remove the administrative burden on your team. Unfortunately, Namely does not provide transparent pricing for any of its services; you will need to reach out directly for this information.

Implementation typically takes six to eight weeks to complete; Namely recommends making the switch to their platform on the first day of a new quarter. While that may sound like a long time for implementation, the open API will allow you to connect the HR software with every system you use, turning Namely into your core system of record.


Paycor: Best HR Software for Service Customization

The hands-on implementation process will help ensure your HR software is finely tuned to suit your company's needs.
The mobile app offers complete payroll functionality and other useful features for administrators and employees on the go.
Smaller companies with the most basic requirements may find the service expensive compared to other HR software providers.

Paycor's human capital management software keeps your team out of the weeds when it comes to payroll, talent acquisition, workforce management, benefits administration and, perhaps most importantly, your employees' overall experiences. For over 30 years, the platform has helped business owners and managers across industries recruit, develop, compensate, and retain their employees. Today, more than 40,000 organizations use Paycor to support their staff.

Paycor offers two main service bundles based on the size of your company, with a base fee starting at $99 per month. The Small Business plans (Basic, Essential and Complete) are designed for companies with up to 39 employees. Its Basic plan features include payroll, tax filing, reporting, mobile access, garnishments, and child support self-service starting at $99 per month. The Essential plan adds custom reporting, new-hire onboarding, compliance checklists and templates, and PTO requests and approvals for an additional $50 per month. The Complete package, which starts at $199 per month, adds one-on-one support, financial benefits integrations, and advanced analytics with benchmarking. You may also add services to any Small Business bundle, including benefits administration, talent development, and recruitment, with custom pricing available.

One feature we like that Paycor now offers is an immunization tracker. This tracker is designed to help businesses comply with new government mandates that require certain employees to get the COVID-19 vaccine or undergo weekly COVID-19 testing. With this, HR leaders can run simple reports to verify immunization status across their organizations and maintain legal compliance.

The Mid Market plan offers all the features available in Paycor's smaller bundles, but it's designed for companies with 40 to 1,000-plus employees. This plan is fully customizable, but you'll need to talk to the Paycor sales team about pricing for your business.

The Paycor implementation team will ensure a seamless transition by working with you to establish timelines, share training resources, collect and review employee and customer data, and configure your database. Essentially, they'll do the heavy lifting while your team is learning how to use the new technology. Once your system is live, you'll be introduced to your ongoing support team, who will prepare you for long-term success.


Sage Business Cloud: Best HR Software for Growing Businesses

Seamless integration with Sage Business Cloud accounting and payroll software makes this a natural fit for existing Sage users.
Its support for English, Spanish, Russian, Latvian, Estonian, Czech, Polish and Thai is unique among HR software.
To get the most out of this software, you'll need to bundle it with other Sage Business Cloud products.

Sage HR (formerly CakeHR) is a complete solution to handle employee onboarding, with automated processes and reports that offer meaningful insights. It also offers a great deal of mobile functionality to let your company's admins and managers remotely track, manage, and engage with everyone on their team with ease. The software provides intuitive "recipes" for custom workflows to manage all of your critical HR tasks.

The standard features in the Core HR + Leave Management module include onboarding and offboarding, analytics, custom and scheduled reports, mobile apps, time and attendance, and Active Directory integration. From there, you can add feature-rich modules for performance, timesheets, shift schedules and expenses. Via its partnership with PlanSource, Sage created Sage People U.S. Benefits. With this, you can conveniently control benefits costs, automate administration, increase accuracy and provide personalized employee experiences.

The dashboard provides full visibility of your remote workforce through an online database. You can manage your team from anywhere with tools for communication, reporting, asset management and more.

Sage HR's dynamic pricing tool makes it easy to shop for a plan. You simply adjust your modules or feature sets and the number of employees you have to find your exact monthly fee in four currencies. The most basic plan for 10 employees comes out to $55 per month. The fully loaded option for 10 employees would be $160 per month, with the option to add recruitment services starting at $200 per month. The basic plan for 100 employees starts at $500 per month; the full-featured option goes up to $1,600 per month for a company of this size. Sage offers a 14-day trial with all possible modules included and plenty of sample employee data to give you a true feel for the product.



SAP SuccessFactors: Best HR Software for Employee Experience

You get continued updates and improvements from one of the largest enterprise software companies in the world.
Service-level agreements ensure the level of performance and support you expect.
Small and midsize businesses could find better fits than this enterprise-level service.

SAP's human experience management (HXC) suite builds on its leading cloud-based solutions with the expressed goal of "elevating people experiences." It focuses on four key areas for its HR services: employee experience management, core HR and payroll, talent management, and HR analytics and workforce planning.

The core HR and payroll features help enterprise-level businesses manage their global workforce through easy-to-use, cloud-based technology to optimize HR operations, maintain accurate payroll with standardized processing, and benefit from a service-level agreement for compliance. The system is designed to be flexible, keeping up with internal and external challenges facing your organization. Everything is managed through a centralized hub with simplified access to employee content.

The Employee Central dashboard lets you provide your team with the experience they expect. The mobile-friendly tool helps employees navigate your organization's reporting structure to understand various roles and connect with others throughout the company. The self-service tools will empower your employees to understand and manage their HR data and to access essential tasks and information. This includes the ability for them to submit time-off requests or initiate a benefits reimbursement where applicable. Managers can approve requests from their computers or mobile devices, making it easy to handle tasks from anywhere at any time.

To take your employee experience management to the next level, you can now access a wealth of employee data due to SAP's recent acquisition of SwoopTalent. With advanced insights, machine learning and analytics, you can more effectively match employees with the right opportunities (e.g., jobs, projects, education).  Additionally, SAP's Concur Experience Optimizer helps employers improve their employees' experience with managing business travel and expenses. The platform can gain employee sentiment through feedback templates, which can later be used to modify and streamline employee travel programs. These features are ideal for those who prioritize employee experience.

For larger companies, HR case management can become a job unto itself. SAP SuccessFactors can streamline the process with intelligent workflows that route issues to the right person or group, let admins collaborate with other agents to resolve complex or sensitive issues, and find solutions through a shared knowledgebase. The dashboard offers quick visualizations to analyze employee interactions or issues, measure and improve the quality of your team's HR service, and run compliance reports for service-level agreements. As with most enterprise-level HR software, you will need to reach out to SAP to build a tailored solution with a custom price quote for your company.


Ultimate Software: Best HR Software for Customer Support

Succession plans with career development and unbiased predictive analytics help companies promote from within and grow strongly.
With the managed services option, you can place your HR administration duties into the hands of industry experts.
Small and midsize businesses may not find the best pricing with Ultimate.

Ultimate provides companies of all sizes with human capital management (HCM) solutions for HR, payroll, talent acquisition, time and attendance, performance, and more. Its "people-first" software is developed around the idea that how you treat people affects everything within your organization. Features such as "employee voice," "learning," "people assist," and "people analytics" combine with artificial intelligence and machine learning to give you the insight-driven tools and data you need to reduce turnover and increase your employees' success.

The full HCM package unites every aspect of your company, with features for recruiting, onboarding, payroll and taxes, health and financial benefits administration, performance management, career development, reporting and analytics, succession, and more. The all-inclusive, cloud-based solution delivers the full suite of benefits to support teams of any size. The payroll system makes it easy to process hundreds of payroll computations for your employees in the U.S. and Canada, with smart tax tools that automatically recommend the correct taxes based on your employees' locations. You may also be able to utilize Ultimate's banking relationships to process employee payments on your behalf, saving time, money, and resources so you can get back to what matters in your business.

For companies with an eye toward the future, Ultimate's succession management tools help the leadership create flexible, comprehensive, and executable plans through career development to ensure the right skills and competencies are being nurtured. The system uses unbiased predictive analytics to identify the high-performers and flight risks in your company so you can help employees accordingly. Finally, the option for managed services means industry experts can handle all of your administrative duties on your behalf.

While Ultimate provides a dynamic cost savings calculator to show what you may be able to save by switching to its services, it does not have any public-facing pricing options for its products.


Workday: Best HR Software for Compensation Management

Workday provides a single agile system to support your company's HR, planning and IT.
It offers ample resources to help your employees develop new skills and career opportunities.
Getting the most out of the platform means using it alongside Workday's other services and products.

Workday's human capital management software offers enterprise-level service to help you manage your workforce seamlessly. The cloud-based platform handles compensation, benefits, time tracking, and all the other HR details a large company needs to support its biggest asset – its people.

Workday keeps an eye on the future in a fast-changing business world. For its client businesses, that means getting the insight necessary to make critical decisions, the agility to act quickly, and the experiences to help teams grow and thrive. For example, Workday recently released Workday Everywhere. These packaged connectors enable businesses and employees to access Workday from within other applications, collaboration tools and intranets. Instead of toggling back and forth between platforms, you can seamlessly access Workday when and where you need it.

The software's analytics provide detailed information on diversity and inclusion metrics, operational performance across different markets or divisions, and the ability to monitor talent trends around the world. You can use the information to make better decisions for your entire organization. When it comes time to pivot and make organizational changes, Workday lets you reorganize and redeploy on the fly by easily rearranging cost structures and quickly adjusting any reporting relationships between groups.

Employee development is another standout feature set of Workday. The Workday Opportunity Marketplace app provides your team members with suggested mentors and connections, skill development through gigs and stretch assignments, and recommended learning modules to help them grow their professional networks and excel in their careers. The mobile-friendly software has advanced chatbot support and easy-to-use self-service, letting employees find what they need quickly and take action from anywhere they want to work.

Workday is the HR software of choice for many major enterprises, including Adobe, Charles Schwab, GE, Netflix, Target, Toyota, Salesforce and Visa. As with the other enterprise-level solutions we've covered, interested parties will have to reach out to Workforce's sales department to build a tailored HR solution with a custom price quote.


HR Software Features

Learn about the most important features you'll want to examine deeply when shopping for your HR software platform.


The onboarding process is more than just documentation for a new employee; it's a powerful way to communicate your company culture and show your true colors with the benefits, support, and compensation you offer your employees. On the administrator's side, this complex process means getting your newest team members ready with the right equipment – setting up software access, permissions, payments, benefits, garnishments and other critical operations. HR software tools streamline this process with automated workflows, taking as little as 90 seconds to give your new employees everything they need to succeed and feel comfortable in their new role – the moment they arrive for work on their first day, no matter where that happens to be. 

Payroll and Taxes

Another daunting task that demands the highest degree of accuracy is paying your team. Today's best HR software platforms make it easy to run accurate payroll for salaried and hourly employees, but more importantly, they automatically calculate and file all of your local, state, and federal payroll taxes on your behalf. Payroll compliance is not only an essential part of operating a business, but also a way to help you keep your reputation at its highest level and attract the best talent available. 


Financial and health benefits administration can be a giant headache for new and established HR teams alike. Whether you're shopping for providers, enrolling new employees, or helping a team member navigate a life-changing event such as the birth of a child, this is another area where you have to satisfy everyone. Most all-in-one HR software platforms have native integrations with thousands of benefits providers, or open APIs that allow you to keep your existing benefits packages but manage the data through your HR dashboard. Whatever case suits your company best, keeping all of your benefits data in one place that's easy for employees to check and understand will save you time and greatly reduce your stress.


Open APIs and marketplace integrations are the easiest way for small and midsize businesses to tailor HR solutions for their teams. Finding an HR software platform that integrates with various other programs is important to keep your company agile and adaptable. For small companies, the software services you need will likely evolve as you grow, so it's important to know you can mix and match your benefits, accounting systems, payroll solutions, and other critical apps to meet the challenges you're sure to face in the years to come. Most of the HR solutions designed for small and midsize businesses offer extensive opportunities for integrations, ensuring you always have access to the tailored solution you need.

Choosing HR Software for Your Business

Find a few easy ways to narrow your search when sifting through the long list of potential HR software providers for your company. 

1. Feature Sets

The most important step in shopping for a new HR software platform is identifying the set of features your company needs. That means taking a close look at every aspect of your current HR process – onboarding, offboarding and everything in between – to determine what's working well and what's not. While most HR software platforms offer all-in-one packages to handle every task that falls to your human resources department, many platforms are highly customizable, so you can keep using your existing health insurance and 401(k) benefits if that's your preferred option. Before you can effectively compare service providers and pricing, you have to understand the features you want to see.

2. Budget

Once you've nailed down your list of features, you can narrow down your search by cost. If you're looking for an all-in-one provider with standard pricing options, you can easily narrow the field by eliminating the handful of companies without transparent pricing. On the other hand, if you're searching for a tailored solution that will allow you to use some of your existing software partners while adding new tools, you can quickly eliminate many of the providers that only offer specific packages with set pricing.

3. Customer Service and Reviews

With the features identified and the potential costs relatively even between your remaining options, it all comes down to the level of support you can expect. We've combined customer service and reviews as a factor because we think they tell the same story. While you always have to take customer reviews with a grain of salt – knowing that you're most likely seeing the very best and very worst experiences far more than the average customer's opinion – it's still valuable to be able to judge a software provider based on its highest and lowest performance.

During the sales process, you're likely to encounter incredibly friendly and helpful service, but will that remain the case a few months down the line? If not, customer reviews are where you'll find that important piece of information. However, if you have an experienced HR team on staff, you may not run into the same issues other customers are having. If you don't have access to a full-time HR staff, you may want to prioritize the dedicated customer support that some human resources software providers offer, which means they assign a representative solely to your company.

Advantages of HR Software

If you're still managing your HR tasks through an Excel spreadsheet or on paper, then you're spending too much time in the weeds and opening yourself up for costly mistakes. Today's HR software platforms all utilize intelligent workflows and easy-to-use automation to take many of the tedious and potentially troublesome tasks – such as filing your local, state and federal payroll taxes – completely out of your hands. In simpler terms, these are the main advantages of using HR software: 

  • It improves productivity. Moving to an all-in-one HR software solution can boost your employees' productivity by providing them a single, centralized platform to complete their tasks.

  • It ensures compliance. Keeping all of your data in one place makes it much easier to adhere to evolving HR compliance requirements, with alerts that keep your team on top of critical regulatory tasks.

  • It supports your staff. From administrating financial and health benefits to enabling requests for well-deserved vacations, an intuitive HR software system can support your employees in ways that bring satisfaction to their careers.

  • It helps you make informed decisions. Many HR software providers offer performance management with reporting and analytics that provide actionable insights to improve employee satisfaction and performance while reducing turnover – all positively impacting your company's bottom line and reputation as an employer.

  • It saves you money. If you currently handle all of your important HR tasks with a piecemeal solution from various service providers, chances are you can find a much better price for everything you need by tailoring a service through one or just a few providers. Even if you still use more than one service provider, you can often find integrations to bring all of your HR data into one useful dashboard.
Jeff Hale
Jeff Hale
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