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Kaylyn McKenna is a freelance writer specializing in business, tech, and leadership. She received her MA in Industrial-Organizational Psychology from Touro University, and enjoys using her industrial psychology background to share management, HR, and organizational effectiveness tips with small business owners. She has covered topics related to business law, compliance, employee retention, company culture, and management strategies.

Commerce Writer at Paramount
May 2022 - Present
Freelance Beauty Deals Writer at Dotdash
February 2023 - Present
SEO Writer- Behavioral Health at Growth Machine
February 2022 - Present
Contributing Writer (Freelance) at Business News Daily
January 2022 - Present
Contributing Writer at Business Management Daily
April 2021 - Present
Contributor at TechnologyAdvice
March 2022 - November 2022
Contributing Writer at
September 2021 - May 2022
Staff Writer at MUO
January 2021 - February 2022
Contributor - Forbes Shopping at Forbes
November 2021 - December 2021
Content Writer - Employment/Management at JobGet
August 2020 - February 2021
Touro University Worldwide
Master of Arts (MA)
Industrial and Organizational Psychology
San Francisco State University
Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)
Business Administration and Management, General
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FCRA Compliance for Employers  - thumbnail
FCRA Compliance for Employers 
Do you run background checks on prospective employees? See if you could be violating the FCRA.
Updated February 21, 2023
Rippling HR Software Review - thumbnail
Rippling HR Software Review Review
Rippling is a modern automation-focused HR software and service solution suited for small to midsize businesses that want to provide an effortless employee onboarding experience.
Updated September 25, 2023
Justworks Review - thumbnail
Justworks Review Review
Justworks PEO combines an intuitive tech platform with robust customer support to act as a co-employer to startups and small businesses.
Updated September 26, 2023
Zenefits Review - thumbnail
Zenefits Review Review
Updated September 26, 2023
Bambee HR Software Review 2023 - thumbnail
Bambee HR Software Review 2023 Review
Bambee provides comprehensive HR tools to help small businesses mitigate risks and manage complex HR processes.
Updated September 19, 2023
BambooHR Software Review 2023 - thumbnail
BambooHR Software Review 2023 Review
BambooHR is an award-winning HR software platform with a strong focus on data and analytics, hiring, onboarding, compensation, and culture.
Updated September 26, 2023
Paychex Flex HR Software Review 2023 - thumbnail
Paychex Flex HR Software Review 2023 Review
Paychex Flex is an all-in-one HR solution that can successfully meet the needs of remote teams, thanks to features such as paperless onboarding.
Updated September 22, 2023
Gusto HR Software Review - thumbnail
Gusto HR Software Review Review
Gusto's strong focus on easy-to-use payroll services and benefits for small businesses and their employees makes it stand out in a crowd of all-in-one HR software platforms, earning our best pick for payroll.
Updated September 19, 2023
Salesforce vs. NetSuite: Which CRM Is Right for Your Business? - thumbnail
Salesforce vs. NetSuite: Which CRM Is Right for Your Business?
Salesforce and NetSuite are among the best CRMs in 2023. We compared their pricing, features and more to help you determine which is best for your company.
Updated September 20, 2023
ADP TotalSource Review - thumbnail
ADP TotalSource Review Review
ADP TotalSource is our top PEO recommendation for customer service because of its comprehensive features, tailored solutions and excellent support.
Updated September 22, 2023
Insperity Review: PEO and HRO Service Pricing - thumbnail
Insperity Review: PEO and HRO Service Pricing Review
Insperity is a PEO provider with exceptional risk management features. Find out if Insperity is right for your business with our Insperity PEO review.
Updated September 13, 2023 Review 2023 - thumbnail
review Review 2023 Review is a work operating system that allows businesses to create custom workflows to automate key HR processes, like recruiting and onboarding.
Updated September 11, 2023
Paychex HR Outsourcing Review - thumbnail
Paychex HR Outsourcing Review Review
Paychex offers HR outsourcing services online or even in person. Read more about it here.
Updated September 12, 2023
Paychex PEO Review - thumbnail
Paychex PEO Review Review
Paychex, our choice as the best PEO for startups, offers a flexible plan that allows startups to mix and match services to get exactly what they need.
Updated September 21, 2023
AlphaStaff Review - thumbnail
AlphaStaff Review Review
AlphaStaff is a PEO vendor with a strong tech platform and expert HR support. Find out why AlphaStaff is our best pick for recruiting.
Updated September 11, 2023
10 Jobs You Didn’t Know Need Licenses - thumbnail
10 Jobs You Didn’t Know Need Licenses
Find out if your desired career requires licensure – and what licenses can net you the highest salaries.
Updated February 21, 2023
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The Best Live Chat Apps
Learn how to leverage these top live chat apps to improve your customer support and boost sales.
Updated July 19, 2023
What Is a Co-Employment Model? - thumbnail
What Is a Co-Employment Model?
Learn how a co-employment model can save time on payroll, HR and administration so you can focus on running your business.
Updated September 22, 2023
Rippling PEO Review - thumbnail
Rippling PEO Review Review
Rippling provides small businesses with unique features like remote laptop management and local tax registration, making it our best pick for a scalable PEO.
Updated September 26, 2023
Screwed Up at Work? How to Keep Your Job and Move Forward - thumbnail
Screwed Up at Work? How to Keep Your Job and Move Forward
Made a mistake at work? Find out how to make amends and move forward without harming your career or reputation.
Updated February 21, 2023