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TriNet PEO Review

Kaylyn McKenna
Kaylyn McKenna
  • TriNet provides transparent pricing and customizable PEO plans with industry-specific tools and support.
  • TriNet charges per employee, making it easy to predict costs as your company grows.
  • TriNet is accredited by the ESAC and the IRS, two of the major PEO accrediting agencies.
  • This review is for small business owners who are interested in learning about TriNet’s PEO services, features, strengths, limitations and pricing.

TriNet has a proprietary PEO platform, extensive customization options and industry-specific expert support teams, making it our choice for the best PEO for industry-specific support. TriNet is one of two PEOs we reviewed that provide industry-specific support teams. Most PEO companies offer a dedicated team of experts who coordinate your services, but with TriNet, you have access to experts who are not only knowledgeable in their field (like payroll, HR or benefits administration) but also have experience in your type of business. This is a valuable feature for small businesses that need targeted assistance.

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TriNet PEO

The Verdict

TriNet is our choice as the best PEO for tailored industries due to its proprietary PEO platform, vertical customization and industry-first expert support teams.

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TriNet Editor’s Score: 94/100

Customer service95
User interface100
Benefits offerings100
Payroll functionality95

Why TriNet Is Best for Industry-Specific Support

Of all the PEOs we reviewed, TriNet was one of only two to offer industry-specific tools and guidance. TriNet has customer support teams with expertise in your industry and provides the most comprehensive industry-specific support features. This is a valuable resource for business owners who need help navigating the issues and regulations that are unique to their industry. TriNet even offers tools for highly regulated industries, such as financial services.

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Trinet dashboard and widgets

TriNet shows key information at a glance, with simple, organized dashboards and widgets. Credit: TriNet


  • TriNet works with specialists from a wide variety of industries to provide customized, industry-specific support.
  • The company offers a diverse range of benefits options, including premium benefits.


  • There are some industry restrictions; businesses in some high-risk industries, like heavy construction, are not eligible for PEO service.
  • TriNet’s plans and pricing options are not as flexible or as transparent as some competitors’.
Key Takeaway

TriNet offers specialized support to meet the HR and risk management needs of different industries. You can view a list of the industries for which TriNet provides specialized support on the company’s website, or you can inquire about support for other industries.


We found TriNet’s platform intuitive and easy to navigate. The platform presents information such as payroll, performance and expense reports in a clear, easy-to-read manner. TriNet also includes an integration center where users can easily install pre-built integrations and application programming interfaces (APIs) for enhanced data visualization and reporting tools.

Trinet Integration Center displayed on a laptop

TriNet subscribers can use the Integration Center to access pre-built integrations and APIs. Credit: TriNet

Part of what makes TriNet such a simple, easy-to-use service is its customization. TriNet can provide industry-specific services and features, giving it one of the most tailored service offerings of any PEO we reviewed. It also provides access to HR experts, so you can not only get set up quickly and easily on TriNet’s platform but also access a wealth of information on how to run your business from an HR perspective.

TriNet provides great self-service features through Connect 360, which allows small business owners to access the HR, payroll and benefits information they need on their own time. Business owners can also access payroll reports and other data through the mobile app. Similarly, employees can access their benefits information, such as their 401(k) plans or health insurance, as well as educational materials about their plans.

TriNet Features

HR administration TriNet offers a full-fledged HR administration offering, with services ranging from handbook development to termination assistance.
Employee benefits Because of the co-employment model, TriNet offers competitive benefits to all of its small business partners.
Payroll and taxes TriNet’s online platform makes payroll processing and tax administration simple and easy.
Risk and compliance TriNet offers OSHA and ACA compliance.
Training and development Partnering with TriNet means you and your workers will have access to an extensive learning management system.

HR Administration

TriNet can facilitate various HR tasks, including employee onboarding, handbook and policy development, workforce reporting and analytics, performance management, employment tracking, recruitment tools, and termination and dispute assistance.

Like many PEOs, TriNet provides businesses with access to HR experts for help with common employment and payroll questions or concerns. These experts can help with recruiting, compliance, payroll processing or the creation of employment policies. Where TriNet goes above and beyond the competition is in its industry-specific consulting support. Business owners can work with specialized consultants with years of industry expertise to navigate industry-specific compliance and HR issues.

Employee Benefits

TriNet gives users access to their employee benefits plans, including health insurance, vision insurance, dental insurance, retirement plans, health and wellness programs, commuter benefits, auto and home policies, and marketplace discounts. Some PEOs we reviewed partner only with a few health insurance vendors, but we were impressed by TriNet’s extensive benefits offerings. The company offers health plans through a variety of major carriers, including Kaiser Permanente, Blue Shield, Aetna and United Healthcare.

Trinet benefit enrollment

TriNet provides an intuitive benefits enrollment process, with helpful tools such as plan comparisons and a cost calculator. Credit: TriNet

The benefits enrollment process is also incredibly user-friendly. We like how easy it is for employees to compare coverage and costs across the available plans. This makes the selection process much simpler, especially for employees who don’t have a comprehensive understanding of different health insurance plan types and options.

Payroll Processing

TriNet has software to process payroll and pay taxes, as well as tools for time and attendance tracking, expense management, W-2 preparation and tax administration. TriNet also has payroll experts to provide support with payroll questions and compliance.

The payroll self-service tools make it easy for employees to electronically access their pay stubs and tax forms and update their direct deposit information. This information is also accessible from the mobile app.

Trinet pay stubs displayed on a mobile device

Employees can easily view their pay stubs and other payroll information through the TriNet mobile app. Credit: TriNet

Risk and Compliance

TriNet can help your business stay compliant with federal, state and industry-specific laws and regulations through workplace safety training, claims management, workers’ compensation insurance, Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and Affordable Care Act (ACA) guidance, and employment practices liability insurance.

TriNet’s industry-specific experts also act as a compliance resource for businesses that need to abide by industry regulations. Businesses in industries with a high risk of workplace injuries, like manufacturing and distribution, can benefit from on-site safety assessments from one of TriNet’s experienced PEO risk management consultants.

Employee Training and Development

TriNet comes with access to its proprietary technology platform, which includes a learning management system. The learning management tools allow administrators to assign learning activities to employees and track their completion. Employees can track resources and build on their education over time. You also can use this platform to administer virtual training seminars and encourage employee professional development.

The performance management tools allow managers to set goals for employees and provide ongoing feedback. The platform also provides intuitive dashboards for tracking performance progress. One feature we really liked was the ability to add notes throughout the year and easily use them to complete annual performance reviews or provide feedback on projects between reviews.

Trinet home dashboard

The TriNet home dashboard clearly displays key information in a user-friendly format. Credit: TriNet

TriNet Cost

TriNet charges per employee, with the option to create a customized PEO agreement. Specific pricing depends on the services you choose, so you’ll need to contact a TriNet representative for a custom quote.

TriNet doesn’t require a long-term contract. Instead, the company creates contract terms based on your needs. You can pay for the tools on an ongoing basis and cancel at any time with 30 days’ written notice. Cancellation fees may apply in certain situations.

While TriNet provides a lot of flexibility in its pricing and agreement structure, the features are bundled into one solution. Although TriNet provides unique solutions based on your vertical, every plan includes access to payroll, risk mitigation, employee benefits, HR and the technology platform. This isn’t necessarily a downside; it just means that when you partner with TriNet, you’ll pay for the full service offering. You need to have at least five employees to sign up, which is standard for PEOs. The PEO plans are easily scalable to grow with your business.


TriNet’s per-employee pricing model allows you to predict how your costs will change as you add employees.

TriNet Setup

Once you sign up, you’ll work closely with a TriNet tech and services specialist to get started with your new PEO offering. This transition can be seamless, so long as you have your employee and business information ready. Implementing TriNet takes approximately two weeks, though larger businesses or those with more complex needs may have longer setup times.

TriNet’s platform integrates all of your HR needs into one easy-to-access online portal, which allows everyone to make changes to their plans and view plan information as needed. This usability is important in ensuring your team gets the most out of your PEO service.

TriNet is ideal for businesses that have industry-specific needs for a PEO. Although every TriNet PEO plan comes with the bundled HR services (including payroll, risk mitigation, employee benefits and a technology platform), the company can customize its services for you. You’ll receive HR support from experts in your industry as often as you need it.

TriNet Customer Service

TriNet, like many of the PEOs we reviewed, provides a team of consultants and experts to work with you on various HR issues. However, TriNet is one of the few companies we reviewed that offer industry-specific HR management and consulting teams. The company can provide teams that specialize in one of many industries, like automotive, financial services or healthcare. This means you’ll have access to experts who know not only about PEO services but also how to apply them to your specific industry.

You have multiple avenues to get in touch with TriNet. Support is available via webchat, email, phone and FAQ pages, and you can also reach out to your designated HR consulting team. TriNet offers wider support hours than several other PEOs we reviewed: There is 24/7 live chat support, as well as phone support from 6 a.m. to 12 a.m. ET.

We interacted with TriNet representatives over live chat, email and phone, and all of the representatives were helpful, informative and knowledgeable about TriNet’s features and tools.

TriNet Drawbacks

If you are looking to choose only the specific PEO features you need in an effort to keep costs low, TriNet may not be your best option. Every plan comes with bundled features – like payroll, risk mitigation, benefits, HR and the online portal – so you’ll be paying for features you may not need if you are in the very beginning stage of your business’s growth. Keep in mind that the bundled features are essential HR services that you will likely need anyway, but some small businesses need very few and specific PEO features.

Another minor disadvantage is that TriNet requires a minimum of five employees. This is an industry standard for PEOs and a requirement we’ve seen in most of the PEOs we reviewed. However, it could take TriNet out of the running if you have a very small business. If you don’t meet the five-employee minimum, check out our Justworks PEO review to learn about a service with a two-employee minimum.


We analyzed the PEO offerings of the top PEO services on the market to identify our top picks. While conducting our research, we reviewed product videos and attended a demo with TriNet staff. When selecting the best PEO for industry-specific support, we looked for a PEO with expertise across a wide range of industries, including highly regulated industries such as finance. We also looked for a PEO with industry-specific offerings built into its platform, workers’ compensation options, and client support tools.

TriNet FAQs

What payroll features does TriNet offer?

TriNet’s PEO service includes online payroll processing with direct deposit and debiting. TriNet also handles physical and electronic pay stubs and tax forms.

Is TriNet IRS accredited?

Yes, TriNet is a certified PEO with both IRS and ESAC accreditation.

What HR services does TriNet provide?

TriNet’s HR solutions include benefits enrollment, payroll processing, risk mitigation and industry-specific HR consulting.

What industries does TriNet provide specialized support for?

TriNet supports most industries. Some of the primary-focus industries are education, financial services, technology, consulting and e-commerce.

Overall Value

We recommend TriNet for …

  • New and small businesses that require flexible pricing plans.
  • Businesses that need industry-specific guidance.

We don’t recommend TriNet for …

  • Businesses that are looking for low-cost or a la carte solutions.
  • Businesses with fewer than five employees.
Trinet logo

TriNet PEO

The Verdict

TriNet is our choice as the best PEO for tailored industries due to its proprietary PEO platform, vertical customization and industry-first expert support teams.

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Kaylyn McKenna
Kaylyn McKenna
Contributing Writer
Kaylyn McKenna is a freelance writer specializing in business, tech, and leadership. She received her MA in Industrial-Organizational Psychology from Touro University, and enjoys using her industrial psychology background to share management, HR, and organizational effectiveness tips with small business owners. She has covered topics related to business law, compliance, employee retention, company culture, and management strategies.