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How to Create and Implement a Sales Cycle
By Hannah Tayson | January 09, 2024

Sales cycles are crucial to bring in new customers and keep current customers loyal to your business. Here are the steps to implement a sales cycle.

How to Set Up Workflows With a CRM
By Max Freedman | January 08, 2024

CRM workflows can help automate key sales, marketing and customer services tasks. Here is how to create them.

How CRM Benefits Marketing Campaigns
By David Gargaro | January 08, 2024

CRM software is an excellent tool to streamline marketing campaigns. Learn about six CRM features that improve marketing efforts and how to choose a CRM.

Organic Food Sales Growth Outpaces Rest of Grocery Industry
By Shayna Waltower | January 05, 2024

Consumers are spending more on organic food than ever.

The Future of Retail: Trends for 2024
By Andrew Martins | January 03, 2024

Learn about the major retail trends that are expected to affect the retail industry this year.

What Is Evergreen Content?
By Yara Simón | January 03, 2024

Unlock the potential of evergreen content for long-term engagement and SEO benefits. Learn how to create, refresh and leverage evergreen content.

10 Ways to Handle Difficult Customers
By Skye Schooley | January 03, 2024

Follow these best practices for responding to difficult customers and improving customer satisfaction.

DIY PR: 11 Public Relations Solutions for Small Businesses
By Max Freedman | December 20, 2023

Good public relations can complement your business's marketing and advertising efforts. Learn how to do your own PR.

Sales Persistence Pays Off
By Adam Uzialko | December 20, 2023

Many salespeople give up too quickly, but long-term sales persistence pays huge dividends. Get tips on sales persistence and resources for improving sales.

How California’s Consumer Privacy Act Affects Your Business
By Max Freedman | December 20, 2023

Your business may need to comply with California’s data protection laws even if you’re not based in California. Here’s what to know.

How (and Why) to Become Fair Trade Certified
By Ross Mudrick | December 20, 2023

By passing third-party auditors' evaluations, your business can access the marketing and sustainability benefits of the Fair Trade label.

Tips and Tricks to Using CRM for Customer Service
By Adam Uzialko | December 20, 2023

CRM software helps you connect with customers. Learn how automated emails, reports, personalization and other CRM tools can boost customer service levels.

How to Develop a Content Strategy
By Max Freedman | December 20, 2023

Content can help you generate leads, build trust with your audience and establish expertise. Learn how to create a content strategy to grow your business.

What Are CRM Models?
By Max Freedman | December 18, 2023

CRM models can help you contextualize all your customer data for more powerful lead nurturing, helping you close more deals.

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6 Benefits of Email Marketing for Small Businesses
By Jamie Johnson | December 13, 2023

Email marketing is an affordable, effective marketing strategy for small businesses. Learn how email marketing can improve sales and build relationships.

A Guide to Managing Customer Relationships
By David Gargaro | December 13, 2023

Improving the customer experience is crucial to business success. Learn how to build positive customer relationships and keep your customers long-term.

How CRMs Streamline Email Marketing
By Kiely Kuligowski | December 13, 2023

CRM software can improve your email marketing efforts. Here’s how to combine the two to achieve new levels of marketing success.

8 Best Podcasts for Salesforce Fanatics
By Max Freedman | December 13, 2023

Learn more about Salesforce via podcasts. The podcasts we list range from technical dev talk to general news and best-practice sales and marketing content.

9 Reasons to Try Text Message Marketing for Your Small Business
By Max Freedman | December 13, 2023

Text message marketing can be an effective way to increase communication with customers. It’s important to choose the right service when you get started.

Small Business Guide to Email Retargeting
By Jennifer Post | December 05, 2023

Retargeting emails are designed to re-engage members of your target audience that once showed interest but haven’t interacted with your content in a while. Here’s how to create retargeting emails.

The 3 C’s of Driving Sales: Connect, Convince, Collaborate
By Adam Uzialko | December 01, 2023

Discover how you can use essential strategies to boost your brand’s sales, profits and customer engagement.

13 Ways to Prepare Your Small Business for Holiday Sales
By Kiely Kuligowski | November 30, 2023

The holiday season can be hectic and profitable for small businesses. Learn how to get your business ready for a successful and busy holiday season.

Responding to Online Reviews Can Help Your Business
By Tom Anziano | November 20, 2023

Responding to both positive and negative reviews can help your business. Find out why and read tips on the best ways to reply to online comments.

What Is Sales Force Automation?
By Marisa Sanfilippo | November 20, 2023

Find out how sales force automation can benefit your business, as well as the tools and software you should be using.

Email Marketing List Management Best Practices
By Jamie Johnson | November 20, 2023

Email marketing is most effective when based on an up-to-date and accurate email list. These tips will ensure your address list is up to the task.

How to Connect With Customers
By Sammi Caramela | November 20, 2023

Follow these tips to connect better with your customers. Learn what they want from your brand by gathering feedback and using customized interactions.

Why Analyzing Sales Data Is Important for Small Businesses
By Donna Fuscaldo | November 13, 2023

Sales analytics contextualize sales data and help businesses make more informed decisions about how to grow, reach more customers, and innovate.

The CRM Metrics You Should Know
By Matt D’Angelo | November 10, 2023

Analyzing key metrics can help drive success within your business and make you more competitive. Here is how your CRM can help in those efforts.

How to Calculate Your Customer Retention Rate
By Max Freedman | November 08, 2023

Knowing your customer retention rate and some strategies to improve it can help boost your bottom line. See the calculation and get tips here.

Remote worker
What Is Opt-in Email Marketing?
By Jamie Johnson | November 03, 2023

With opt-in email marketing, customers choose to receive – or not receive – email marketing messages. Learn how opt-in email marketing works for business