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How Does 401(k) Matching Work for Employers?
Offering a 401(k) matching program as part of your employee retirement plan can be a helpful incentive for attracting top employees to your business.
Max Freedman
Max Freedman
Should You Hire At-Will Employees?
At-will employment is a common arrangement that has pros and cons for employers and employees.
Julie Ross
Julie Ross
Guide to Developing a Training Program for New Employees
Training is necessary for new employees to start off on the right foot. Here's what should go into your new-hire training plan.
Adam Uzialko
Adam Uzialko
Outsourcing the HR Function: How and When to Outsource Human Resources to a Third Party
This guide explains how to outsource HR and explains the pros and cons of outsourcing your business’s HR function or keeping it in-house.
Max Freedman
Max Freedman
New-Hire Surveys: 32 Questions to Ask
New-hire surveys help to ensure that employees get off on the right foot and that future new hires have similarly positive experiences.
Julie Ross
Julie Ross
Differences Between a Furlough and a Layoff
Learn what furloughs and layoffs are to determine which staff-reduction option is best for your business.
Skye Schooley
Skye Schooley

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10 Ways Human Resources Will Change in 2022
By Cailin Potami | December 06, 2022

The pandemic and other factors are influencing human resources trends for [year]. Learn what's ahead for HR in diversity, employee well-being and more.

6 Ways to Improve Your Office’s Work Environment
By Max Freedman | December 06, 2022

Improving your work environment can boost productivity and retention while minimizing absenteeism and stress. Learn six ways to improve your workplace.

12 Secrets to Keeping Employees Happy Without a Raise
By Simone Johnson | December 05, 2022

Keeping your employees happy is important for retention, and it does not always require a raise. Here are 12 ways you can keep your employees happy.

Top Companies Embracing Clean Energy in 2022
By Max Freedman | December 05, 2022

Major companies are embracing clean energy. Learn who's on the 2022 Clean200 list and how you can follow their lead and financial patterns.

20 Easy Ways to Boost Your Productivity
By Matt D’Angelo | December 05, 2022

Want a few simple, low-tech ways to boost your productivity in the office? Here are 20 actions you can take to boost your focus and get more done.

video interview
How Forcing A “Cameras-On” Video Culture Can Backfire
By Business News Daily | November 30, 2022

The latest takeaways on videoconferencing. What every manager or employer should know.

Money Isn’t Enough: 4 Incentives to Motivate Your Employees
By Sammi Caramela | November 30, 2022

You'll need to offer more than PTO and a hefty paycheck to motivate your workers. Here's what you should really be focusing on.

Moving Your Business Without Losing Your Mind
By Editorial Staff | November 29, 2022

Moving a business is a complex decision and process, but it doesn't have to be painful. Learn about deciding to relocate and moving with minimal stress.

Mileage Reimbursement: What You Need to Know
By Adam Uzialko | November 29, 2022

Here's what you need to know about mileage reimbursement to ensure you fulfill your legal obligations as an employer.

Businesswoman using a smartphone
How Most Millionaires Got Rich
By Stella Morrison | November 28, 2022

Millionaires aren't always born wealthy. These self-made millionaires earned their fortune the old-fashioned way – hard work and ingenuity.

What Is a Vision Statement?
By Sean Peek | November 22, 2022

Vision statements can be challenging. Learn what a vision statement is, how it differs from a mission statement, and how to write a successful one.

office meeting
When Founders Die, Businesses Suffer
By Adam Uzialko | November 17, 2022

A founding entrepreneur's death can devastate a business. Learn why founders matter and how to ensure your family is cared for if the unthinkable happens.

Key Performance Indicators: Setting and Measuring KPIs
By Alex Halperin | November 17, 2022

Small businesses can effectively track their performance with key performance indicators. Find out how to use KPIs.

Success Is Holding Tight to Your Passions Throughout Your Career
By Bassam Kaado | November 17, 2022

When you find something you're passionate about or skilled in, you shouldn't take it for granted. Learn how to fit your passion into your career.

Honest Employee Feedback Starts at the Top
By Shayna Waltower | November 16, 2022

Getting honest feedback from employees is critical if you want to improve your business's culture and internal operations.

coworkers at their desks in an office
Are You Ready for a Four-Day Workweek?
By Ross Mudrick | November 16, 2022

Switching to a four-day workweek might be a smart approach for some small businesses. Research shows if it makes sense for you and how to get it right.

Online customer
Want to Keep Your Customers? Be Proactive
By Leslie Pankowski | November 16, 2022

Customer relationship maintenance isn't just a to-do-list item. Learn to keep tabs on customer satisfaction by collecting and analyzing feedback regularly.

How to Reduce Busy Work for Your Team
By Leslie Pankowski | November 16, 2022

Busy work is no fun. Here's how to eliminate nonessential work from your business.

How to Recession-Proof Your Business
By Matt D’Angelo | November 16, 2022

Recessions can be trying for small businesses, but by following these tips, you can set your company up for success.

20 Gifts Your Employees Will Love
By Kiely Kuligowski | November 16, 2022

Gifts can show employees your appreciation, but choosing one can be challenging. Here are 20 appropriate gift ideas that won't break the bank.

10 Brilliant Hiring Philosophies From Famous Leaders
By Nicole Fallon | November 16, 2022

These philosophies from well-known business leaders can help you build out a successful staff.

After the Midterm Elections: What Small Business Owners Need to Know
By Adam Uzialko | November 16, 2022

Find out what the midterm elections might mean for small business owners – and how you can prepare your business for the changes ahead.

Here’s Why Your Business Needs a Termination Policy
By Donna Fuscaldo | November 16, 2022

Here's everything you need to know about developing a termination policy.

The Benefits of Empowering Your Customer Service Team
By Marisa Sanfilippo | November 16, 2022

Employee and customer satisfaction increase when you empower your customer service team. Here is how to go about it.

Want to Be a Good Leader? Step 1: Know Thyself
By Sean Peek | November 16, 2022

The ability to monitor yourself is one of the most important traits you can have as a leader. Here are 10 ways to improve your self-awareness.

What Team Building Is, and How to Achieve It
By Sammi Caramela | November 16, 2022

Learn how to improve your team-building process to benefit your business.

Commercial delivery vans
What Is the ELD Mandate?
By Matt D’Angelo | November 16, 2022

The ELD mandate is a federal law that requires electronic logging devices be installed in commercial vehicles. Learn if it applies to your business.

How Benefits Administration Can Help Your SMB
By Andrew Martins | November 16, 2022

What is benefits administration, and how does it work? Check out our guide for more details.

10 Business Skills Every IT Manager Needs
By Neil Cumins | November 16, 2022

Find out the business skills every IT manager needs to balance the often-conflicting demands of staff, directors, clients and suppliers.

How Porter’s Five Forces Can Help Small Businesses Analyze the Competition
By Marci Martin | November 16, 2022

Analyzing your competition with Porter's Five Forces can help you better position your business for success in the marketplace.