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Do You Have to Pay Employees for Jury Duty?
By Patrick Proctor | January 16, 2024

Employers must manage employee jury duty leave. Familiarize yourself with the laws surrounding jury duty pay to ensure you meet your legal obligations.

What Is a Decision Tree?
By Chad Brooks | January 16, 2024

Decision trees are flowchart graphs or diagrams that explore all potential decisions and their possible outcomes. Learn how to make and use one.

Coworkers at a meeting table
Who Says Creativity Can’t Be Learned?
By Sean Peek | January 16, 2024

Creativity tends to be viewed as an unattainable trait only artistic people have, but with these tips, you can quickly increase your creativity.

What Is a Decision Matrix? Definition and Examples
By Sean Peek | January 13, 2024

This guide explains decision matrices, how they work and how you can apply them to running your business.

Rebuilding Your Business After a Natural Disaster
By Adam Uzialko | January 12, 2024

Here’s what you should do before and after disaster strikes to ensure minimal impact on your business.

Why Low Prices Can Scare Off Customers
By Tom Anziano | January 12, 2024

Cutting prices can keep customers away. Find out how pricing affects consumer behavior and tips on how to price your brand best.

The Best Dog-Friendly Companies of 2024
By Casey Conway | January 12, 2024

Businesses with dog-friendly work policies offer an appealing job perk. Learn the pros and cons of pets at work and how to make your company dog-friendly.

What Is The Most Productive Day Of The Week?
By Chad Brooks | January 12, 2024

Determining the most productive day of the week can be tricky, but there is a common theme among the studies and surveys on the topic.

The Benefits of Performance Management Software
By Andrew Martins | January 12, 2024

Performance management software helps determine which employees are performing better than others so you can make informed staffing decisions.

18 Creative Ways to Show Employee Appreciation
By Bennett Conlin | January 11, 2024

This guide offers tips for showing employees that you appreciate their work to boost morale, retention rates and productivity.

Working Overtime? Longer Hours Won’t Make You More Productive
By Max Freedman | January 10, 2024

While overtime may seem like a productivity booster, studies say otherwise. Learn how overtime affects productivity and how the U.S. compares globally.

8 Ways Employees Steal Time
By Adam Uzialko | January 10, 2024

Employees may steal time from your business, sometimes without realizing it. Learn how time theft occurs and how to enforce time and attendance policies.

Businesswoman using a smartphone
How Most Millionaires Got Rich
By Stella Morrison | January 09, 2024

Millionaires don’t always receive their wealth from family. Some are self-made and earn their fortune through hard work and ingenuity.

businesswoman holding a packed box full of office things
How Should You Communicate Layoffs? The Answer Isn’t So Clear
By Shayna Waltower | January 09, 2024

Communicating layoffs to your team is challenging. Learn tips for delivering the news with empathy and professionalism and supporting laid-off employees.

Truck driver wearing a mask
How to Monitor Hard Braking and Acceleration
By Max Freedman | January 04, 2024

Tools available in GPS fleet management software make it easier to identify and reduce hard driving in your fleet.

3 Elements of Delegation All Managers Should Know
By Marisa Sanfilippo | January 03, 2024

Good leaders understand how to delegate without micromanaging. This information can make your team more effective at their jobs.

Midsection close up of unknown caucasian man holding a box with personal items stuff leaving the office after being fired from work due recession economic crisis downturn losing job company shutdown
What to Do When Your Best Employee Quits
By Tejas Vemparala | January 03, 2024

When an outstanding worker quits, it can impact the entire organization. Here are the steps your business should take to keep productivity high.

How to Manage and Improve Employee Retention
By Donna Fuscaldo | January 03, 2024

Employer turnover is costly, so retention is crucial for businesses. Learn strategies to improve your employee retention rate and make your team happier.

What is a SWOT Analysis? (And When To Use It)
By Skye Schooley | January 03, 2024

Learn how to use a SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats) analysis to make smarter business decisions.

busy office
Working on Memorial Day: How to Make It Better for Your Team
By Max Freedman | January 03, 2024

Few employees want to work on Memorial Day and other holidays, but sometimes it's unavoidable. Learn how to make it a better workday for your team.

16 Cool Job Perks That Keep Employees Happy
By Katharine Paljug | January 03, 2024

Looking to institute some cool job perks to keep your employees happy and productive? Consider these 16 benefits to offer your employees.

What Is Holiday Pay?
By Kiely Kuligowski | January 03, 2024

Holiday pay is the compensation workers receive for working (or not working) on a holiday. Learn how to create a holiday pay policy and the benefits of having one.

How to Create a Stress-Free Work Environment
By Jennifer Post | January 03, 2024

Work causes stress for many people, impacting productivity and turnover. Learn how to reduce stress in the workplace and make healthier choices.

What Is a Timesheet?
By Max Freedman | January 02, 2024

Time sheets track how many hours your employees spend working on-site or remotely. Learn how time sheets work and how they benefit businesses.

12 Cool Careers for History Buffs
By Stella Morrison | December 20, 2023

Here are unique, history-inspired career paths you can take instead of going into teaching or academia. Many intersect with the business world.

What Is Statistical Analysis?
By Jeremy Bender | December 20, 2023

Find out how you can use statistical analysis to organize your data and make better decisions for your business.

What Is Agile Scrum Methodology?
By Sean Peek | December 20, 2023

Agile scrum methodology is a project management system whose goal is to deliver the highest value to stakeholders. Learn how to implement it.

Productivity Rising Among Employees Who Work From Home
By Sammi Caramela | December 20, 2023

Work-from-home productivity is often higher than in-office rates. Here is how to make your team effective no matter where they work.

The Benefits of Empowering Your Customer Service Team
By Marisa Sanfilippo | December 20, 2023

This guide explains how managers can empower their customer service teams to drive customer satisfaction and lead to repeat business.

How to Prepare for an ICE Raid on Your Workplace
By Max Freedman | December 20, 2023

ICE raids can be stressful, but you and your employees have certain rights while ICE is on your premises. Learn how to prepare for an ICE raid.