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  • What Is a Tax Audit? What Do You Do If You Get Audited?

    The odds of being audited by the IRS are slim, but here's what you need to know about minimizing your risk and handling a potential audit.

    Updated: August 04, 2020 | Article
  • What Is a Lien?

    If you take out a small business loan and the lender requires collateral, they may place a lien on your assets. Here's what you should know about liens.

    Updated: July 31, 2020 | Article
  • 10 Simple Ways to Cut Business Expenses

    Cutting business expenses is a great way to improve the bottom line without bringing in more revenue. Where can your business quickly trim the fat?

    Updated: July 28, 2020 | Article
  • How to Define Accounting for Business

    What is accounting? Understanding the definition of accounting and the key concepts behind it can help you manage your small business's financials.

    Updated: July 27, 2020 | Article
  • Cash Flow Management: Techniques and Tools

    Cash flow management is an essential skill that all business owners should possess. These techniques and tools make it easier to manage cash flow.

    Updated: July 24, 2020 | Article
  • What Is EBITDA?

    EBITDA is a way to measure a company's financial health. Here's how you can use this analysis tool.

    Updated: July 17, 2020 | Article
  • What Is ROI?

    Here's everything you should know about return on investment and how to use it to ensure your business spending is increasing your earnings.

    Updated: July 10, 2020 | Article
  • Should You Consider Asset-Based Lending?

    Asset-based lending refers to loans that are backed by collateral instead of based on your credit score. Here's what you need to know to tell whether asset-based lending is right for your business.

    July 08, 2020 | Article
  • How to Set Up a POS System

    Setting up a new tablet POS system is easy. Here's how to do it and some tips to help you get started.

    Updated: July 08, 2020 | Article
  • The Sole Proprietorship Tax Guide

    As the July 15 tax deadline gets closer, it's important that you know how to file your taxes as a sole proprietor.

    June 30, 2020 | Article