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High or Low? Managing a Team with Different Motivation Levels
By Nicole Fallon | October 29, 2021

You can't manage a go-getter the same way you manage a person who needs some prodding. Here's how to adjust your leadership approach accordingly.

How to Monitor Hard Braking and Acceleration
By Max Freedman | October 25, 2021

This guide explains how business owners with company vehicles can monitor their drivers' braking and acceleration across their entire fleet.

What the Part-Time Economy Means for Employers
By Nicole Fallon | October 25, 2021
What Is the ELD Mandate?
By Matt D’Angelo | October 04, 2021

The ELD mandate is a federal law that requires electronic logging devices be installed in commercial vehicles. Learn if it applies to your business.

What You Need to Know About the Federal Overtime Rules
By Max Freedman | July 02, 2021

Small business owners should understand the laws on who is eligible for overtime pay and when it is owed. Here is what you need to know.

What Is a Timesheet?
By Max Freedman | June 11, 2021

Timesheets allow you to more easily run payroll, bill clients, and manage projects while saving time and cutting costs.

How Time and Attendance Software Improves Shift Planning
By Max Freedman | May 12, 2021

Time and attendance software reduces shift planning errors and lowers your labor costs – and it's often easy to use.

How to Manage Employee Attendance (Free Attendance Template)
By Max Freedman | May 11, 2021

Your employees' attendance affects their pay, your customers' experience and your overall finances. Learn how and why you need to manage attendance.

Spying on Your Employees? Better Understand the Law First
By Max Freedman | December 23, 2020

Many employers track their employees' use of technology at work, but how much is too much? Here's how to balance surveillance with privacy concerns.

Generation X: Who Are They?
By Kiely Kuligowski | December 21, 2020

Learn how to better engage your Generation X employees.

20 Gifts Your Employees Will Love
By Kiely Kuligowski | December 04, 2020

Employees deserve recognition for their hard work. Here's a list of inexpensive gifts that are sure to please.

Can Employers Reimburse Employees for Health Insurance?
By Patrick Proctor | November 27, 2020

Employers have several options to reimburse employees for their healthcare expenses. Here are a few.

Small Business Guide to Paying Holiday Bonuses
By Kiely Kuligowski | November 27, 2020

Holiday bonuses can be a great way to show employees you care and boost productivity. Learn more about how to give holiday bonuses.

Distracted Workers Are Costing You Money
By Kiely Kuligowski | November 23, 2020

Many workers are distracted by social media, open office plans and short attention spans, and it's killing productivity. Here's what to do.

Termination of Benefits Letter Writing Guide (With Examples)
By Adam Uzialko | November 18, 2020

A termination of benefits letter is an important part of an employee termination process. Here's how to write one.

Do You Have to Pay Employees for Jury Duty?
By Patrick Proctor | November 13, 2020

Your employee was summoned for jury duty – do you have to pay them for the time they serve? Here's what you need to know about jury duty leave.

How to Handle Accrued Time Off
By Julie Ritzer Ross | November 10, 2020

If you plan to offer accrued time off for your staff, make sure you understand the proper calculations, steps and state requirements.

Mileage Reimbursement: What You Need to Know
By Adam Uzialko | October 30, 2020

This guide includes information about the laws and regulations governing mileage reimbursement for employees.

Setting Clear Expectations for Employees
By Skye Schooley | June 25, 2020

It's important for employees to understand their responsibilities clearly. This guide explains how to set clear, simple expectations for your employees.

4 Ways to Improve Your Office’s Work Environment
By Max Freedman | June 18, 2020

Improving your work environment results in a better mood, improved focus and increased productivity. Here are some tips to improve your workplace.

Why Employees Value Appreciation Over Bonuses
By Adam Uzialko | May 27, 2020

Feeling appreciated at work is more important to most workers than getting a raise. Here are some ways to show appreciation to your team.

How to Reduce Busy Work for Your Team
By Adam Uzialko | May 22, 2020

Busy work is no fun. Here's how to identify non-essential busy work and to eliminate it from your business.

Happy, Loyal Employees Need to Feel Trusted at Work
By Adam Uzialko | May 11, 2020

The more employees are trusted, the happier they are and the less likely they are to have a wandering eye.

Honest Employee Feedback Starts at the Top
By Adam Uzialko | May 08, 2020

Honest feedback from employees is critical to improving your business's culture and internal operations.

The Small Business Guide to Unemployment Insurance
By Sammi Caramela | March 30, 2020

Amid the coronavirus pandemic, there are many questions and changes with unemployment insurance. Learn more about this program and how the process works.

5 Traits Employees Want In a Boss
By Adam Uzialko | March 13, 2020

Many of the traits employees deem most important in a boss are those that managers exhibit least often.

Bridge the Gap: Communicating With a Multigenerational Workforce
By Adam Uzialko | March 11, 2020

Communication style is the biggest difference among employees from different generations. Here's how to bridge a communication gap in your organization.

If You Listen Up, Your Employees Will Step Up
By Adam Uzialko | February 28, 2020

If you want your workers to take a more active role in your business, you need to listen to what they say, a new study shows. The number one reason employees don't take more initiative at work, the...

4 Tips for Managers Working With a New Team
By Adam Uzialko | January 22, 2020

Have you just been put in charge of a new team? Learn how best to manage your workers.

Why Attitude Beats Aptitude When Hiring
By Adam Uzialko | January 31, 2019

More than half of all new employees will fail within the first 18 months on the job. The problem is not a lack of skills; rather, it's a lack of the proper attitude. Mark Murphy, CEO of Leadership...