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Learn the ins and outs of what you need to have ready to secure funding for your business. We've covered the basics.

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Commercial Real Estate Loan Guide
By Dock David Treece | September 11, 2020

Learn how to qualify for a commercial real estate loan.

36 Small Business Deductions, From A to Z
By Julie Ritzer Ross | September 08, 2020

Is your small business taking advantage of every tax deduction it qualifies for? Here are 36 deductions that may help your business save money on taxes.

FIFO vs. LIFO: What Is the Difference?
By Business News Daily | August 28, 2020

What inventory management method should you use for your business? Learn about FIFO and LIFO to help you decide.

What a National Coin Shortage Means for Your Small Business
By Andrew Martins | August 18, 2020

America is dealing with a coin shortage due to COVID-19. Find out why and how you can help local businesses.

By Adam Uzialko | August 13, 2020

CareCloud plugs your practice into a comprehensive platform for electronic health records (EHR), practice management and billing. Learn more about this cloud-based software application.

By Adam Uzialko | August 13, 2020

ChartLogic is a complete medical billing service that takes the entire revenue cycle management (RCM) process off of your practice's plate. It has experience billing for more than 80 specialties and...

By Adam Uzialko | August 13, 2020

Check out, AdvancedMD, a medical practice management software that offers convenient appointment reminders, plus paperless faxing and prescribing.

What Are Intangible Assets?
By Simone Johnson | August 05, 2020

Not all company assets are physical items like property or equipment. Learn what intangible assets are, how to acquire them and how to account for them on your balance sheet.

What Is a Tax Audit? What Do You Do If You Get Audited?
By Simone Johnson | August 04, 2020

Understanding what a tax audit is can make them less scary. Here's what you should know if you receive an audit notice from the IRS.

What Is a Lien?
By Simone Johnson | July 31, 2020

If you take out a small business loan and the lender requires collateral, they may place a lien on your assets. Here's what you should know about liens.

10 Simple Ways to Cut Business Expenses
By Matt D'Angelo | July 28, 2020

Cutting business expenses is a great way to improve the bottom line without bringing in more revenue. Where can your business quickly trim the fat?

How to Define Accounting for Business
By Matt D'Angelo | July 27, 2020

What is accounting? Understanding the definition of accounting and the key concepts behind it can help you manage your small business's financials.

Cash Flow Management: Techniques and Tools
By Matt D'Angelo | July 24, 2020

Cash flow management is an essential skill that all business owners should possess. These techniques and tools make it easier to manage cash flow.

What Is ROI?
By Simone Johnson | July 10, 2020

Here's everything you should know about return on investment and how to use it to ensure your business spending is increasing your earnings.

Should You Consider Asset-Based Lending?
By Adam Uzialko | July 08, 2020

Asset-based lending refers to loans that are backed by collateral instead of based on your credit score. Here's what you need to know to tell whether asset-based lending is right for your business.

The Sole Proprietorship Tax Guide
By Andrew Martins | June 30, 2020

As the July 15 tax deadline gets closer, it's important that you know how to file your taxes as a sole proprietor.

What to Do When Customers Won't Pay Their Bill
By Sammi Caramela | June 23, 2020

Are your customers refusing to pay their outstanding balance? Here's what you can do when a customer won't pay their bill.

How to File for Unemployment: A Step-by-Step Guide
By Simone Johnson | June 12, 2020

Learn how to file a claim for unemployment benefits.

Direct Costs vs. Indirect Costs: What Are They, and How Are They Different?
By Ethan Spielman | June 12, 2020

Understanding direct costs and indirect costs is important for properly tracking business expenses.

By Simone Johnson | June 11, 2020

OnDeck is the best alternative lender for bad-credit loans because of its low credit score minimum, long loan terms and scheduled repayments.

By Simone Johnson | June 11, 2020

Kabbage is the best non-bank provider of credit lines because it offers an automatic online approval process and great customer service.

How a Government Shutdown Hurts Small Businesses
By Business News Daily Editor | May 29, 2020

From not having access to loans to not getting paid for government contracts, the impact of government shutdown on small businesses could be significant.

Section 179 Deduction: Rules and Limits
By Business News Daily Editor | May 27, 2020

Section 179 allows businesses to get the entire depreciation deduction in a single year.

Accounts Payable and Your Business: What You Need to Know
By Business News Daily Editor | May 25, 2020

Accounts payable includes all of your business's expenses except payroll. Here's how to handle this important component of your business finances.

Bull Market: When Stocks Are Rising
By Business News Daily Editor | May 24, 2020

A bull market is a period of optimism and investor confidence.

What's a Balance Sheet, and Why Do I Need One?
By Business News Daily Editor | May 18, 2020

It's a tool for looking inside your business to outline what it's really worth.

3 Private Funding Sources for Small Businesses
By Siri Hedreen | April 30, 2020

These private funding sources can offer much-needed investment capital to any small business's balance sheet. Here's what they are and how to secure funding.

Crazy Tax Deductions Allowed by the IRS
By Matt D'Angelo | April 16, 2020

These off-the-wall tax deductions are legal, believe it or not. Do you qualify for any?

What Is Dividend Investing?
By Kiely Kuligowski | April 06, 2020

Dividend investing can be a great way for small business owners to stabilize their investment portfolios and receive passive income.

Should You Get an Unsecured Business Loan for Your Small Business?
By Andrew Martins | April 03, 2020

Getting funding for your small business without collateral can be challenging unless you seek an unsecured business loan, but are the interest rates and risks worth it?