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Affiliate Links: What Small Businesses Should Know

Updated Oct 20, 2023

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If you spend a lot of time on social media, especially Instagram, you have more than likely seen, or even shopped through, an affiliate link. When an influencer talks about a product and says “swipe up for link,” they are referring to an affiliate link. When you click on it and purchase a product, the influencer gets a return. It’s usually a mutually beneficial relationship, because the company gets more traffic and customers, and the influencer gets a part of those sales. It’s a great way for bloggers and Instagram influencers to actually make money.

While affiliate links can be a low-cost way for businesses to introduce their products to valuable new audiences, developing an effective affiliate program takes time and effort. So what do small businesses need to know about affiliate programs? Industry experts lent their advice to Business News Daily.

Jennifer Post
Contributing Writer at
Jennifer Post is a professional writer with published works focusing on small business topics including marketing, financing, and how-to guides. She has also published articles on business formation, business software, public relations and human resources. Her work has also appeared in Fundera and The Motley Fool.
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