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Updated Oct 24, 2023

12 LinkedIn Alternatives for Job Seekers

LinkedIn isn't the only job-search tool around. Check out other resources that can help you land your dream position.

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Written By: Bassam KaadoBusiness Ownership Insider and Senior Writer
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As you map out your career path, you may decide it’s time to seek new job opportunities or switch careers entirely. LinkedIn is a well-known tool among professionals seeking new positions or wanting to grow their professional networks. But while LinkedIn is a valuable resource, it’s not the only online professional networking platform around. 

We’ll explore 12 LinkedIn alternatives for job seekers that offer additional resources, opportunities and ways to get your resume in front of hiring managers. 

Did You Know?Did you know
LinkedIn isn't just for job seekers. Entrepreneurs can use LinkedIn for business to find and recruit top talent and showcase their products and brands.

Job seeking online

There’s a reason LinkedIn is the top destination for job seekers and networkers. With over 900 million members using the platform, LinkedIn has become integral to the job market. LinkedIn job-hunting tactics are varied, and its networking and group support features are unparalleled. 

According to LinkedIn statistics, 49 million people search for jobs using LinkedIn every week, eight people are hired every minute via the platform, and 90 job applications are submitted every second. 

However, other professional job search platforms are also making their mark, some of which cater to specific niches. Expanding your job search beyond LinkedIn could pay off with additional and more diverse interview opportunities, creating more options for your career growth. 

While professionals shouldn’t discard LinkedIn, researching other platforms can open new doors. 

Alternatives to LinkedIn for job seekers

Here are 12 online platforms and apps professionals should consider to expand their job searches and seek new opportunities. 

1. Indeed

Indeed statistics reveal the platform has more than 300 million unique visitors monthly who post their resumes and research potential employers. To search for gigs, type in your target job title, company or keywords; add the location of your choice; and scroll through the results.

Sort by relevance or date, and adjust the distance, salary estimate, job type (e.g., full time or part time, internship, contract), experience level and more, narrowing the search to your liking.

Visit to learn more.

To make your resume stand out, keep it short and direct, create an original layout, and target the specific job for which you're applying.

2. Glassdoor

Indeed’s sister company, Glassdoor, has built a reputation as a trusted community for job seekers in 20 countries to find valuable information about potential companies, including employee reviews. 

Since 2007, Glassdoor has championed driving job transparency in the workplace. Glassdoor statistics reveal the company has achieved the following:  

  • Over 55 million unique monthly reviews
  • More than 150 million reviews, reported salaries and insights
  • 2.4 million employer clients

Glassdoor’s functionality is similar to that of other websites, allowing visitors to search by job name, keywords and location. Additionally, the site has developed an in-depth company search feature where you can search for companies over a specific star rating and sort by keywords like “work-life balance” and “diversity and inclusion.” Glassdoor’s career resources include a feature that helps you look for your dream career and find resources to help you land the job, including sample interview questions and informative podcasts.

Visit Glassdoor to start your job search.

3. ZipRecruiter

ZipRecruiter statistics say over 2.8 million businesses use the job-searching site, making it a popular option for candidates to find their next jobs, as over 110 million people have already done. 

On ZipRecruiter, you can create a profile and upload your resume (which you can keep private from your current employer if desired), browse relevant postings across various industries, and one-click apply to many. Depending on the application process for the given company, you may have to upload a cover letter, answer questions, submit sample projects or outline relevant experience. 

ZipRecruiter also allows job seekers to search for jobs by average salary based on the desired location.

Visit the ZipRecruiter website to start your job hunt. 

4. Mediabistro

Mediabistro is a quality resource for the media industry, listing various creative gigs and client services. Refine your search by:

  • Function, including writing and editing, production, marketing/communications, and creative/design
  • Specialty, including business development, client services and news/journalism
  • Level, including executive, manager and associate
  • Location
  • Duration
  • Salary range
  • Employer type (e.g., direct, unlimited)

A resource section offers career advice and tips on how to pitch specific magazines. Mediabistro also offers online courses to help job seekers sharpen their skills and boost their odds of being hired. Courses cover copywriting, advertising, marketing/communication and editorial/journalism. With the resources to improve your chances, Mediabistro is a must-use job-search platform for creatives.

Visit Mediabistro to start your creative job search.

5. Monster

Monster has been an active job website for 25 years and has evolved to stay competitive. The site offers standard features like job-search engines with keywords and companies and the ability to directly upload your resume. 

To differentiate itself, Monster has heavily invested in its mobile app for iOS and Android. The highly rated app focuses on creating a custom experience for the user with an intuitive interface and options for one-click applying and swipe to apply. 

The site offers additional resources for job seekers, particularly college graduates who need job-hunting tips. Its free resume assessment is a great way to gain feedback; salary and career advice resources are also helpful.

Visit Monster’s online platform to start your job search.

Key TakeawayKey takeaway
If you're a recent college graduate, consider using your alumni network to find available jobs and connect with professionals and partners who can help you succeed.

6. Nexxt

In 2017, job-search site Brand changed its name to Nexxt. This site has helped connect millions of job seekers with companies seeking candidates with specific expertise and in-demand job skills

According to Nexxt, the site boasts over 100 million members, 29 million resumes and a network of hundreds of industry-organized talent communities across the country. In addition to listing career opportunities, Nexxt provides members with original curated career content so that users can find the advice and resources most relevant to them. Nexxt also offers business solutions to companies with job openings to help them find the right candidate. 

A unique Nexxt feature is its 12 million-plus text message subscribers, pairing candidates with hiring companies and recruiters via text message marketing to maximize reach and engagement in real time. 

Visit Nexxt to find the right employer.

7. Jobcase

Jobcase lets job seekers create a comprehensive profile to show off their most important and relevant information for recruiters. In addition to work experience and education, you can list a personal summary, your work preferences (e.g., willingness to relocate, preferred job location, salary range), personal traits, volunteer work and other career-appropriate information. This has made the website an attractive destination for its over 120 million registered members and over 20 million unique monthly visitors.

While LinkedIn allows some of these more nuanced information categories, Jobcase powers more than 100 existing job-listing websites. This means users have access to a broader range of employers and opportunities associated with those sites. 

CEO Frederick Goff explained that Jobcase’s goal is to put the company’s data analytics experience to work and create a community-oriented, all-in-one platform for all things job-related.

Visit Jobcase to start building your profile. 

8. LetsLunch

With an endless list of personal and professional responsibilities, you don’t always have time to attend networking events. Instead, you can use LetsLunch to find interesting professionals to meet with over coffee, lunch or drinks on your schedule.

According to the site, the LetsLunch app is your personal assistant, lining up your lunch and coffee slots with people you should know. For example, you may want to meet someone from a company you want to work for or a contact within a particular industry. The site says it has set up nearly 100,000 lunches.

Additionally, you can find all your meetings on one dashboard, so there’s no more going back and forth between calendar apps, LinkedIn, Facebook, SMS and email to confirm your appointment.

Visit LetsLunch to start expanding your business network. 

9. Opportunity

In need of a deeper connection pool? Opportunity matches you with sales leads, like-minded professionals, employment opportunities and possible partnerships. Anyone can use the free application, including job seekers and hiring managers. 

To differentiate itself from other sites, Opportunity boasts an advanced lead-matching algorithm to allow candidates to find a job based on specific variables. Results are reported in real time so members can take immediate action. 

Opportunity finds millions of new leads monthly, sharing them with individuals who match specific skills, interests and experience levels. The Opportunity mobile app sends alerts when an opportunity arises nearby. According to Opportunity, the company has discovered 1 billion opportunities and referred and connected 85 billion professionals in more than 190 countries.

Visit Opportunity to start making connections.

10. SimplyHired

When it comes to job searching websites, SimplyHired is the most stripped-down version we’ve seen, providing you with the essential tools you need to find a job. With a job search, a free online resume builder, and a simplified categorical breakdown of jobs and salaries, this is one of the easiest-to-use websites for job searching.

With highly rated corresponding iOS and Android mobile apps, SimplyHired prioritizes streamlining the application process. 

A note of caution: Job posters report myriad issues with the website, complaining about cost issues and challenging customer service. However, the site is still a great entryway into the job market.

Visit SimplyHired to begin your straightforward job search.

11. Shapr

You’ve likely heard of Tinder, the popular dating app that pairs you with individuals in your area for romantic connections. Shapr is essentially the same concept, only for networking purposes. Shapr has highly rated iOS and Android apps, making it convenient to grow your professional network on the go.

The mobile apps let you create a profile listing your bio, work history, industry and education to personalize your interactions. Then, based on your interests and experience, the app will provide you with similar people to connect with nearby. You can swipe, much like on Tinder, to either “pass” or “meet” and strike up meaningful conversations with other users. 

Shapr offers a unique way to form professional relationships with added features that allow users to dictate how they want to meet. Are you someone who prefers meeting for coffee on the weekends? Do you want to do video calls? Is a voice call entirely out of the question? The Shapr app lets you customize your networking experience.

Visit Shapr to start forming new professional relationships. 

Did You Know?Did you know
Building your professional network can gain traction as the people you meet facilitate more connections or even become mentors who help you enrich your career.

12. Wellfound

Wellfound helps job seekers look for employment in the startup space. Formed in 2013 as AngelList Talent, Wellfound has made over 6 million matches, connecting job seekers and startups. 

Wellfound’s interface showcases unique jobs at startups and tech companies not generally found on typical job-search sites. The company has moved away from cover letters and other job-searching formalities and functions. Instead, it focuses on applicant profiles. 

Wellfound puts job information and employee benefits upfront, including salary and stock options, to ensure a job seeker’s time isn’t wasted. Additionally, the platform connects job seekers to startup founders so they don’t have to deal with third-party recruiters.

This site is a game changer for people who love working in the startup space but don’t know how to connect with it. While larger, established companies will outsource recruitment or hire a full-time human resources employee to find candidates, startups often have fewer resources. 

Visit Wellfound’s website to start making connections in the startup space.

author image
Written By: Bassam KaadoBusiness Ownership Insider and Senior Writer
Bassam Kaado is a marketing and PR maven with his own small firm focused on data management, lead tracking, brand management, and traditional and digital marketing strategies. He spends his days helping businesses in a variety of sectors sharpen their brand identity, raise awareness and improve conversion. Over the years, Kaado has mastered internal and external communication strategies across industries, studied the ins and outs of media relations and uncovered the secrets of successful social media and email campaigns. Kaado holds a communication degree from Rutgers and credentials in B2B marketing and using social media for business growth
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