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monday sales CRM Review

Jeff Hale
Jeff Hale
  • The perfect customer relationship management tools help you organize your sales and marketing activities with process-driven tasks to better serve your target audience.
  • Small businesses with limited resources should search for a CRM software solution that saves time with easy-to-use automations.
  • com is our choice as the best CRM software for project management because it is a process-based solution that enables businesses to easily customize their workflows, projects, and pipelines to drive efficiency and growth.
  • This review is for business owners shopping who are considering choosing for their CRM needs. is a process management tool that functions very well as a basic customer relationship management (CRM) solution, largely due to its vast library of ready-made templates for nearly any standard CRM workflow. The ability to use a multitude of data-rich templates makes it incredibly easy for new and growing companies to get a better handle managing their day-to-day tasks and critical long-term projects. The library of templates is especially useful for smaller teams with employees who wear multiple hats and may not be experts in every area of their responsibility. While is not a purpose-built CRM platform, their long-standing expertise with process-based workflows and automated tasks translates well to customer lifecycle management.

monday sales CRM

monday sales CRM

The Verdict's ready-made CRM, sales, and project templates make it easy to capture leads, track pipelines, and manage customer data so teams can collaborate and sell more effectively.

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Pricing offers four bundled service plans for businesses, as well as a free option for individuals looking to keep track of their tasks and work. Pricing is structured by the number of monthly seats, or users, with additional savings available for yearly commitments; enterprise discounts are available for companies with more than 100 users. Students and student organizations may qualify for free service, while nonprofits can qualify for discounted rates.

Did you know?Did you know? offers a 14-day free demo without a credit card required for their basic, standard and pro bundles.

Here is a breakdown of each plan:

  • Free
    • Pricing: listed as "free forever for up to two users"
    • Key features: unlimited boards, 200+ templates, 20+ board column types, mobile functionality, and more 
  • Basic
    • Pricing: starts at $8 per seat per month
    • Key features: prioritized 24/7 customer support, embedded documents, whiteboard collaboration, custom notifications, two-factor authentication and more
  • Standard (most popular)
    • Pricing: starts at $10 per seat per month
    • Additional features: timeline view, limited guest access, two-way email sync, sales analytics, Mailchimp integration, sales goals and forecasting, calendar view, 250 monthly automation actions, 250 monthly integration actions, five boards per dashboard, and more
  • Pro
    • Pricing: starts at $16 per seat per month
    • Additional features: custom notifications, marketing activity management, unlimited guest access, advanced permissions, time tracking, workflow and approval automation, advanced reporting for 20 dashboards, private boards, 25,000 monthly automation actions, 250,000 monthly integration actions, and more
  • Enterprise
    • Pricing: contact for custom pricing
    • Additional features: 250,000 monthly automation actions, 250,000 monthly integration actions, 50 boards per dashboard, Salesforce integration, advanced security measures, HIPAA compliance, a dedicated customer success manager, 99% uptime service level agreement, unlimited admin controls and customizations, tailored onboarding, advanced reporting and analysis, and more


To judge's ease of use, we reviewed the software as a retail-focused small business (11-25 employees) and identified ourselves as having little to no experience working with CRM platforms. People who are familiar with Kanban or board-based tools like Asana, Jira, and Trello will feel right at home with's main workspace offers a clean interface that is simple to navigate.

The "main workspace" is a mix of traditional CRM system dashboards and project management boards, making it easy to toggle between projects or roles at a moment's notice. We were immediately impressed by the platform's ability to get us up to speed quickly, thanks to each new template launching with a learning module that teaches you how to utilize it effectively. Many of the templates include multiple layers of automation that would be difficult to conceive of from scratch but that are relatively easy to understand when presented as a finished project that only requires a bit of data entry to make it work for your company or task.

Developing complex and automated processes such as marketing launch plans, annual production road maps, and sales pipelines are as easy as launching the template, following the guided wizard through the key details, and replacing the sample data with your company's relevant information. The incredibly easy-to-use templates set the standard for providers we reviewed, setting apart as the only one to offer such helpful tools for small businesses shifting to one unified platform to manage workflows.


Templates New users can kick-start their workflows and automation with ready-made templates.
Apps marketplace provides integrations to familiar tools to power up your workflow widgets, automations and more.
Workload Manage your resources better with tools by understanding your team's workload.
Automation Eliminate manual data entry and repetitive tasks with easy-to-use automation "recipes."



The right template can practically erase the learning curve with a new software platform, and that's exactly what's templates accomplish. From sales pipelines with layers of automation to industry-specific CRMs dashboards, has a customizable template for everything needed to track leads, manage customer relationships and stay on top of any project.

TipTip: New templates provide easy-to-follow instructions, and a guided wizard walks you through key details and areas you can customize.

The helpful templates also include links to instructional videos that feel like teacher-guided lessons or personalized workshops.'s extensive library of templates makes it easy to get adjusted to the software.

Apps Marketplace's marketplace provides endless workflow options from cutting-edge, ready-made apps. Manage your Facebook marketing campaigns, track new orders on Shopify and do much more, all from this cloud-based CRM platform. With 46 built-in apps and dozens of popular third-party business apps available to download, you can easily integrate the tools and services you like into your custom boards and automated workflows. has a vast array of integration options.


Creating an efficient workflow is more than just a process-oriented exercise. It also involves properly managing the available resources across departments and understanding not every task within a process is perfectly predictable.

Available in the Pro and Enterprise service plans, the workload view and widget lets managers quickly identify which employees are nearing their capacity ‒ or who is over their capacity ‒ so resources or assignments can be adjusted accordingly. The workload view lets you see who's working on which tasks at a glance. If anyone's workload exceeds what they are capable of completing for a specific project, you can easily drag and drop to allocate resources immediately. The workflow widget expands on this functionality to help you manage resources across multiple projects.'s workload feature ensures you have the proper number of resources assigned to each project.


Automation makes automating your repetitive tasks easier than most other CRM platforms we reviewed. They have a wide variety of "recipes" consisting of a trigger and an action. For example, you can set one automated task to be that when a column changes, an email is sent to a specific person in your organization. With integrations for communications tools such as Gmail or Outlook, you can instantly transform emails into action items by selecting a few "if this, then that" automations during setup.

Automation options provide an added layer of valuable benefits to


Implementing is easier than some other CRM software platforms, such as Salesforce, thanks to its templates and help tools, but this is generally a difficult category when it comes to setup. Many medium-sized and larger companies with little expertise in CRM implementation may need outside help to migrate data or optimize their CRM experience.

Enterprise bundle subscribers are provided with a dedicated customer success manager and tailored onboarding support, ensuring that large clients with lots of data have an easy time migrating and optimizing their systems.

Customer Service offers better than average customer service availability for all of their subscription levels. Even their entry-level plan includes customer support 24 hours a day, seven days a week, which is something that's not an option at any price point from some of the other CRM platforms we reviewed. They don't offer chat support, but you can submit your question or concern using an online contact form on their website. Unfortunately, you will most likely be encouraged to work over email to resolve your issues instead of a phone call.

Like most CRM providers, also has a self-help center with video tutorials, a knowledgebase, community forums, and webinars to enrich your understanding of the software and its potential. Finally, enterprise subscribers are provided with a dedicated support specialist to serve as your main point of contact for any account or service-related issues.

Key TakeawayKey takeaway: offers all users 24/7 support; however, most of the help comes via email.


Many of the useful automation and integration features utilized by most CRM software platforms are nonexistent or highly limited with's basic and standard bundles. With some fairly ordinary workflows utilizing nine or more automations, reaching the maximum 250 actions per month with the standard bundle may occur very quickly. However, the higher-tiered Pro plan's cost of $16/user/month provides 25,000 automation and integration actions at a fairly low cost compared with other software platforms, especially considering all of the features includes at this service level.

The lack of easy telephone support may be a significant issue for some users. While's self-help tools and instructional videos are better than average, the ability to hop on the phone during business hours to quickly resolve an issue would be a major improvement to their service offerings. For most troubleshooting, all but Enterprise-level subscribers will rely on email communication for resolution, which may be a difficult avenue to take when facing a tough technical problem that can't be resolved with any of the self-help tools. If phone support is critical, you may want to consider another option, such as Keap.


We recommend for:

  • Startups with employees wearing multiple hats that want the flexibility to jump between various roles and responsibilities quickly in one low-cost dashboard

  • Small to medium-sized businesses that could use help modernizing their marketing planning

  • Client-facing businesses with many new projects to manage

We DON'T recommend for:

  • Businesses that are so unique in their services that they need to develop all processes and procedures from scratch

  • Large businesses looking for help sifting through many new leads (These types of businesses may find more effective AI-powered tools from other CRM software platforms.)

  • Businesses that don' enjoy working with Kanban-style organizational software for process-driven tasks

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monday sales CRM

monday sales CRM

The Verdict's ready-made CRM, sales, and project templates make it easy to capture leads, track pipelines, and manage customer data so teams can collaborate and sell more effectively.

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Jeff Hale
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