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9 Fun (and Affordable) Gifts for Your Business Clients

image for shironosov / Getty Images
shironosov / Getty Images

You wouldn't be in business if it wasn't for your customers, so it's important to say thank you with a small token of appreciation from time to time. After all, business is all about building and preserving relationships, and what better way to demonstrate how much you value your relationship with your clients than by offering them a gift.

These fun (and affordable) gifts for your business clients range from just a few dollars to $100 and can give you some ideas about what to buy for the people your business serves.

Remember, though, what's really important is knowing your client; give them a gift they won't forget and show them their business and relationship is important to you.


Every desk needs some decoration, and adding a plant or two literally freshens the atmosphere. Bliss Gardens plant terrariums come in small, round pedestal stands and contain a variety of flora.

Different arrangements are available to suit any taste; just be sure you know which one your client is most likely to prefer.

We all know how annoying it is when nuts and bolts scatter across the floor and disappear under furniture or into the floorboards while we're working on a project. This handy tool-holding wristband is magnetic, so they'll never drop a screw or nail again. Your clients will think of your generosity for years to come with this helpful gift.

Do your clients travel a lot? Up the entertainment factor with a Kindle E-reader, which holds thousands of books in one compact, easy-to-carry device. The touchscreen reads like a paper book, with a battery life expected to last weeks at a time.

While you may only have to purchase one or two Kindles based on the size of your business and your clientele, for larger businesses needing to buy in larger quantities, Amazon offers a corporate bulk option as well.

When the munchies strike, make sure your clients have a sweet treat nearby with a beautiful box of assorted sweets.

This classic Harry & David stack set includes gourmet popcorn, lemon cookies, yogurt-covered pretzels and milk chocolate truffles. If this package won't tantalize your clients' tastebuds, other boxes are available with different snack selections.

Everyone takes notes at work or needs to jot down important ideas. Give the gift of Curio Press' personalized notepad with your client's name and initial at the top. The 5 x 7 handcrafted pad features 50 tear-away sheets. The notepad has a chipboard backing, and you can add an optional magnetic strip to the back.

Made by Topspeeder, these elegant, solid walnut wood cases offer a tastefully aesthetic way to hold your client's business cards. They are perfect to display on one's desk or to take to a trade show. Each case holds up to 50 standard business cards (depending on the thickness of the card).

Show your appreciation to clients by satisfying their sweet tooth. Sugarwish allows the recipient to choose their favorite types of candy to fill the gift box you give them. Candies come in quarter-pound bags. Sweets come in a variety of themes, including birthdays and holidays. There is also a corporate option to send to multiple clients as well.

Buy at Sugarwish.com

Thank clients for their loyalty with a delicious bouquet of color, chocolate and sweet delights from Edible Arrangements.

These fruit-based concoctions feature fruit in the shape of flowers, dipped in chocolate and will please any client you work with. Depending on the size of the client's office, you can choose from several small arrangements to large ones that come with a personalized note.

Buy at EdibleArrangements.com

Giving your client a personalized gift demonstrates that you care about your client as a person, not just as a professional acquaintance.

These gorgeous decanters will not only impress clients but will add an elegant touch to their home or office. Things Remembered offers tiered discounts for larger business gift orders.

Buy at ThingsRemembered.com