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Grow Your Business Technology

5 Great Android Accounting Apps for Small Businesses

5 Great Android Accounting Apps for Small Businesses
Mobile accounting apps can’t do it all, but they have distinct advantages. / Credit: Shutterstock

Mobile accounting apps don't have the full functionality of traditional accounting software, but for entrepreneurs on the go, they offer convenience and easy accessibility. When you use an accounting app, you can access your information from anywhere, and everything will stay automatically updated across all of your devices.  

Some entrepreneurs who are self-employed (or who operate microbusinesses)use accounting apps exclusively, because they don't need the robust options built into a full-fledged accounting application. Mobile apps are usually much less expensive (and less intimidating to use) than accounting software, so they're good for newbies to business accounting as well as price-conscious business owners.  

If you're ready to start number crunching on your tablet or smartphone, check out our top picks for the best Android accounting apps of 2017.  

The online version of QuickBooks is available for a free 30-day trial, and at just $5 a month for the independent contractor version and $10 a month for the entry-level small business version, it's affordable if you decide to go for it. For an exclusively mobile performance, you can download the QuickBooks Accounting + Invoicing app for no additional charge once you've subscribed or QuickBooks Self-Employed: Mile Tracker, Taxes, which is free to download with in-app purchase options.  

The clean interface and practical functionality makes QuickBooks online and the QuickBooks app the perfect combination for business owners wanting comprehensive accounting on any device.  

While not as broadly used or robust as QuickBooks, Book Keeper's accounting app has a respectable user base of half a million to a million and ranks very high compared to other Android accounting apps. The Book Keeper Accounting + Invoice App is best characterized by its clean design and immediate usability.  

Many users who left positive reviews mentioned trying other accounting apps and being overwhelmed or confused by the number of features and busy design. If you're looking for a basic accounting and invoicing app that's user friendly and free to download (with in-app purchase offers), Book Keeper Accounting + Invoice is a solid solution.  

Harvest Time & Expense Tracker is an accounting app with a free version and a paid version ($12 per month, per person) that's best suited for self-employed entrepreneurs, freelancers or other independent contractors who juggle many projects and clients at a time.  

This app is a combination of basic project management and basic finance management. Harvest Time & Expense Tracker allows users to track their time spent on different projects, manage invoices and view timesheets. You can also use the app to store photos of receipts and log expenses.  

While there is a function that allows Harvest users to view other team members' timers and time sheets, this app is best for those flying solo since it's not super robust and isn't ideal for multiple-person project management. If you want a heavy-duty project management software and a fully functional accounting software, Harvest will leave you wanting more. However, if you're self-employed and looking for an accounting tool to help you stay on task and organized, this is it. 

Mona Bushnell

Mona Bushnell is a New York City-based Staff Writer for Tom’s IT Pro, Business.com and Business News Daily. She has a B.A. in Writing, Literature, and Publishing from Emerson College and has previously worked as an IT Technician, a Copywriter, a Software Administrator, a Scheduling Manager and an Editorial Writer. Mona began freelance writing full-time in 2014 and joined the Purch team in 2017.

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