The "1 percent" have had a rough year. They're under attack from politicians and protesters and, let's face it, they're not winning any popularity contests with the rest of the 99 percent, either. So, for the 1 percent who probably already have everything else anyway, here's a list of must-have holiday gifts. For the rest of us, here's a list we can aspire to. There's always next year, right? 

Italian village of Valle Piola

Credit: Wikipedia

For under $1 million this lovely medieval Italian village can be yours. The village of Valle Piola, located in Italy's Abruzzo region, comes complete with 11 buildings and a 13th-century church for a reasonable $780,000, according to Curbed. Buyer beware, though. The village of Valle Piola needs a bit of work to become livable since several centuries have taken their toll on the small village. Also make sure visitors have a GPS and a donkey to get there as there is a single dirt road that leads to and from the village. 

$2-million-dollar-monopoly game


Better start checking the community chest to afford this game. This version of the iconic Parker Brothers game, made of 18-karat gold with 42 full-cut diamonds used for the number dots in the die, is valued at $2 million. Created by San Francisco artist Sidney Mobell, the game is now on display at the Museum of American Finance on Wall Street. According to the Wall Street Journal, when Mobell started work on the luxurious board game, gold cost $360-to-$460 an ounce, but with the price of gold now around $1,700 an ounce, this board game looks to be a solid investment. However, it will be unavailable for purchase until at least 2012, when its stay in a museum is over. 

New England Patriots Super Bowl ring


While there is a good chance you will never be a part of a Super Bowl winning team, you can still celebrate like you were with this ring from the 2001 New England Patriots Super Bowl winning team.  The ring, which commemorates the 20-17 Patriots victory over the St. Louis Rams in Super Bowl XXXVI, can be yours from a retailer on Ebay for only $63,000. For that price, the new owner will get the 14-karat white-gold ring with 2.61 carats in diamonds. The ring, which weighs 70 grams, comes from a staff member on the 2001 Patriots team and has been appraised by an expert. It also comes with a seven-day return policy, just in case the massive 11 ¾ size doesn't fit your finger.

50,000 T-shirt


Better make sure not to spill anything on this shirt. Costing an astonishing $50,000, this is definitely not your average T-shirt. These shirts, created by fashion designer Daniel J., the founder and owner of 50K shirts, are made of 100-percent cotton. There are only 20 of the ultra-pricey black T-shirts available though, so be sure to get yours before they sell out. Each shirt comes with a certificate of authenticity and will be numbered to distinguish them from the others. Ten percent of the sale will go to a charity of the buyer's choice. No word on exactly why someone would pay $50,000 for this – or any – T-shirt.  

Walt Disney collectible


Walt Disney is one of the most iconic Americans from the past century, having brought Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck to life. Now, with this bit of history, you can have his signature. For just under $6,000, the website History for Sale is offering this framed signature with an image of Disney and one of his most famous creations, Mickey Mouse. Just don't expect the gift to get you past the long lines at Disney World.  

JFK doodle


Ever wanted to get an inside look at the mind of a president? With this doodle from President John F. Kennedy, here is your chance. Available from the website History for Sale for $10,000, this drawing was released by the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library in 2004. The doodle is estimated to have been drawn in 1961 just as Kennedy wrote a letter to Speaker of the House Sam Rayburn and Vice President Lyndon Johnson wondering about the status of the Department of Health, Education and Welfare in changing international conditions, according to History for Sale.  

Winery in Napa Valley


Why buy a bottle when you can buy a winery? For $3.5 million this 12-acre property located in California's famed Napa Valley can be yours.  With 5 acres of mature Bordeaux varietal vines planted and several fenced pastures, this property also offers any wine connoisseur's dream home. The home that is featured on Vinesmart features a 5,400-square-foot house that boasts five bedrooms and five bathrooms as well as a 20,000-square-foot winery and a 10,000-square-foot cave for storing wines.

First-edition William Shakespeare book


Here is your chance to catch up on some Shakespeare. Printed in 1685, this extremely rare book includes 36 Shakespeare comedies, tragedies and histories. The book, which is available from Bauman Rare Books, includes 17 works believed never-before published. For almost a quarter of a million dollars, this book is the last edition of Shakespeare’s plays to be published in the 17th century before other publishing methods began to rapidly increase the popularity and availability of Shakespeare's works . 

Bugatti royal 41


It may not be the fastest or the newest car a person can get, but what this car lacks in amenities and speed, it makes up for in uniqueness. While production of the Bugatti Royal 41 was initially slated for 25 cars, the onset of the Great Depression limited actual production to only six cars. If you could somehow get your hands on one of these ultra-rare cars, it would not be cheap. The asking price of the last Royal 41 was $10 million at a 2006 auction, according to Forbes Magazine. For those who can't get over that sticker shock, they can simply think of the car as a really, really expensive investment.  

Diva vodka


You might think before having your second drink from this bottle of vodka. Made by Scottish manufacturer Blackwood Distilleries, Diva Vodka is not your average drink, as it is triple-distilled, then run through a mix of diamonds and other rare jewels. As if that is not luxurious enough, each bottle of Diva Vodka comes with a wand of 48 gems and jewels personalized to a buyer's personal choice inserted in the middle. For a literal taste of luxury, one bottle of Diva Vodka can cost up to $1 million.