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8 Super Extravagant Gifts You Won't Believe Exist

image for fizkes / Getty Images
fizkes / Getty Images

Have you ever browsed a new store only to realize the price tags contain way too many zeros for your budget? You're not alone. However, if you think that high-end store in the mall is expensive, you won't believe some of the crazy products on the market. Here are eight extravagant gifts that will wow even the richest CEOs.

Nothing says luxury like owning your own private island. But with merely tens of millions of dollars, you can do just that. Your recipient can pack up their private jet and spend quality time off lounging on their personal beach.

Walt Disney is one of the most iconic Americans from the past century. Now, with this bit of history, you can have his signature. For just under $6,000, the website History for Sale is offering this typed and signed letter addressed to a Mary Poppins fan from four months before Disney passed away. Just don't expect the gift to get you past the long lines at Disney World.

Here's your long-awaited chance to catch up on some Shakespeare. Printed in 1893, this beautiful Kelmscott Press edition of Shakespeare's poems, which is one of 500 copies printed by William Morris, is priced at $8,800.

For a little under $10,000, you can own this vintage Crosley Rocket Jukebox that holds 80 CDs for hours of music. Its 300-watt stereo speaker boasts quality sound to allow listeners the best experience while jamming to their favorite beats – retro style.

If you're going to eat steak, it should be the best cut possible – and that's arguably wagyu. You can purchase 12 pounds of aged Greg Norman wagyu New York strip loin steaks for a little under $3,000, enjoying a five-star meal in the comfort of your own kitchen.

Why buy a bottle when you can buy an entire winery? For more than $2.8 million, this 144-acre property located on Finger Lakes in New York can be yours. Featured on Sotheby's, it's 3,714 square feet, boasting four bedrooms and four full bathrooms. It also operates as a winery, vineyard and boutique inn built in 1833.

Ever wanted to get an inside look at the mind of a president? With this doodle from President John F. Kennedy, here is your chance. Available from the website History for Sale for $3,910, this drawing was released by the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library in 2004. It's estimated to have been drawn in 1961, just as Kennedy wrote a letter to Speaker of the House Sam Rayburn and Vice President Lyndon B. Johnson wondering about the status of the Department of Health, Education and Welfare in changing international conditions, according to History for Sale.

You might think before having your second drink from this bottle of vodka. Made by Scottish manufacturer Blackwood Distilleries, Diva Vodka is not your average drink, as it is triple-distilled, then run through a mix of diamonds and other rare jewels. As if that is not luxurious enough, each bottle of Diva Vodka comes with a wand of 48 gems and jewels, customized to the buyer's personal choice, inserted in the middle. For a literal taste of luxury, one bottle of Diva Vodka can cost up to $1 million.

Additional reporting by David Mielach.