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Textedly Review

Jamie Johnson
Jamie Johnson
  • Textedly is a straightforward text message marketing platform that lets businesses quickly send information to thousands of users.
  • The service provides custom keywords, free incoming texts, built-in CTAs and many other helpful features.
  • Textedly is an affordable option for small businesses.
  • This review is for business owners and marketing professionals who are considering using Textedly for their text message marketing service.

Textedly offers an easy-to-follow platform to help businesses send both individual texts and mass messages. Whether your business needs to reach 10 people or thousands, Textedly can provide the communication services you need. The straightforward service can be very valuable for growing small businesses. One of the things that attract many small businesses to Textedly is the company's competitive pricing. The affordable pricing options make it a good choice for startups and growing businesses that want to utilize mass text messaging but can't afford to pay a lot for the service. It's for these reasons and more that Textedly is our choice as the best text message marketing service for growing businesses.



The Verdict

Textedly is an easy-to-use text message marketing service that is available in a number of affordable service plans, which makes it our best pick for businesses looking for a service that can grow with them.


Textedly has seven price plans and offers month-to-month subscriptions. However, if you choose an annual plan, you can access 20% more text messages each month.

Textedly plans start at $24 a month. You can start with a free 14-day trial to ensure Textedly fits your business's needs. No credit card is required for the trial, so you don't have to worry about being charged when the test period is up. Textedly doesn't charge any setup fees or hidden costs either.

All plans include complimentary incoming messages. Each price we've listed below is for one month.

  • Bronze: $24 for 1,200 messages and one custom keyword

  • Plus: $39 for 2,400 messages and two custom keywords

  • Enterprise: $50 for 4,200 messages and three custom keywords

  • Elite: $70 for 6,000 messages and four custom keywords

  • Business: $140 for 12,000 messages and six custom keywords

  • Silver: $210 for 18,000 messages and seven custom keywords

  • Premium: $350 for 30,000 messages and 10 custom keywords

Textedly's multiple service plans are ideal for growing businesses with frequently changing text message marketing needs.

Custom plans are available if you contact customer service directly. You can also purchase additional keywords and texts at any time. You'll pay $5 for each additional keyword and $20 for an extra 500 texts. As a plus, any unused texts can be rolled over for future use.

Did you know?Did you know? You receive 5,000 free texts if you refer a friend or colleague to the program.


Textedly is fairly intuitive and makes it easy to get started with little hassle; you don't need to be particularly tech savvy to set up the account. The user-friendly dashboard offers complimentary incoming messages, custom keywords, and a detailed reporting suite.  

When you log in to your account, the dashboard provides a snapshot of all your recent messages and activity. Once you are ready to send messages, Textedly allows you to enter a contact's information manually or search your database using a keyword. Each text message you send can contain up to 160 characters. However, there are options for sending messages with up to 300 characters when necessary.

Textedly offers a ton of text messaging options. The service can be used by retailers and restaurants to message customers about discounts and other promotions, by those in the service industry to send appointment reminders, and by enterprise companies to send mass messages to their employees. Schools and nonprofit organizations can also take advantage of the Textedly platform. [Read related article: SMS Survey Basics: How to Send a Text Survey]

Textedly makes sending messages super easy, as it provides dozens of templates to get you started, with example messages for various scenarios. This is especially helpful for businesses that are new to text message marketing.

To get you started, Textedly offers more than 60 ready-made templates for a variety of business types and scenarios.

Another factor that contributes to the platform's ease of use is all of the integration options. You can integrate Textedly with more than 2,000 apps through the service's free Zapier integration. Integration options include Slack, Salesforce, HubSpot, Shopify, Google Workspace, WordPress, Microsoft Teams, QuickBooks, Zoho CRM and Xero. The vast selection of integrations ensures the Textedly platform can fit nicely into your operations and easily connect with the other applications you use.

Did you know?Did you know? In addition to all of the built-in integrations and those available through Zapier, Textedly offers a powerful API that allows you to build your own.

Textedly Features

Two-way conversations Text with customers in real time.
Bulk contact upload Upload thousands of contacts at one time.
Scheduled texts Schedule text alerts and notifications in advance.
Picture messages Create a strong first impression by sending both photos and text.
Keyword customization Customize keywords for mass marketing.


Two-Way Conversations

Unlike some SMS marketing companies, Textedly allows you to text back and forth with your customers. While the number of texts you can send depends on your pricing plan, you can receive unlimited messages from clients and customers.

If you set up notifications, you'll be alerted every time you receive a message from a customer. This feature allows you to engage with customers on a platform they prefer.

Bulk Contact Upload

Textedly provides multiple ways to input your customers' information. You can manually enter your contact list or upload this information from a spreadsheet. If you're switching over from another SMS marketing provider, you can upload all your contacts from your current program. Textedly allows an unlimited number of contacts, so you can continue adding subscribers as your business grows.

Scheduled Texts

As your business grows, it won't be feasible to text all of your customers manually. Thanks to Textedly's scheduling feature, you don't have to worry about this. You can access your calendar to schedule texts in advance easily.

Scheduled texts can be sent individually or en masse, making it easy to customize them to your exact needs, whether you are sending an appointment confirmation or a mass text detailing a promotion.

Picture Messages

While some text messaging services only allow you to send text, Textedly allows you to include pictures in your messages. Sending photos or images is a great way to capture the recipient's attention. All photos, videos and PDF files must be under 5MB.


Your customers can quickly sign up for notifications and marketing messages from you by texting your custom keyword to the number you provide. While each price plan includes a certain number of keywords, you can buy additional keywords. You can also customize all of your keywords to make them easy for customers to remember.

TipTip: Take advantage of Textedly's personalization options to make your customers feel like you are reaching out to them specifically and that they aren't just another number in your contact list.


The setup for Textedly is not complicated, and as long as you have access to a smartphone, you can get started right away. Once you open your account and download the app, you get all the necessary tools for SMS marketing. In case you do struggle with the setup process, though, the company provides help via webinars, videos, in-person training and thorough documentation.

The program allows you to add an unlimited number of authorized users at no extra charge, making it easy for more than one person in your company to run the account. 

Getting started with Textedly is a simple process; you just download the app to receive all the tools you need.


Customer Service

Textedly provides free customer service, no matter which plan you choose. You can contact customer support by phone, live chat and email.

Despite the various contact options, some Textedly users have said online that they found it challenging to get a hold of customer service. When they did speak to a customer service representative, many customers felt that they didn't receive solutions to their problems. But given Textedly's low price point, the trade-off may be worth it to you. If you're looking for a solution that offers better support, see our review of TextMarks, our top choice for customer service.


Textedly doesn't come with all the bells and whistles that other SMS marketing providers offer. For instance, there's no way to edit a contact's information manually. Instead, you have to delete that contact and reenter it with the correct info.

Other potential negatives are the limited number of included keywords – you may need to purchase additional keywords to send out more messages – and the cancellation process. While you can cancel the service at any time without paying extra fees, the process can be difficult because you can't do so online. Instead, you have to email the company and wait for customer support to contact you. Additionally, once you cancel, your account is closed immediately; you don't have the option to finish your subscription period.


While Textedly is a relatively new company, it's a solid option for small businesses looking for affordable SMS marketing. Current customers appreciate the company's low pricing and how easy the service is to use.

We recommend Textedly for:

  • Retail businesses or restaurants looking to send marketing or promotional texts
  • School administrators who want to send out notifications and announcements to their students and parents
  • Small businesses and startups looking for an affordable text message marketing service

We don't recommend Textedly for:

  • Large companies with more extensive needs
  • Companies that want to send out longer messages in one text as opposed to a string of texts

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The Verdict

Textedly is an easy-to-use text message marketing service that is available in a number of affordable service plans, which makes it our best pick for businesses looking for a service that can grow with them.

Jamie Johnson
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