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EZ Texting Review

Rachelle Gordon
Rachelle Gordon
  • EZ Texting offers three preset plans, as well as custom plans, to fit a variety of needs.
  • EZ Texting integrates with many popular marketing programs and CRM software.
  • This service offers robust self-help resources, as well as email and chat support, but there is no phone number for customer service listed on the company's website.
  • This review is for small business owners or marketing managers who are looking for a suite of tools to help them with text message marketing campaigns.

Text message marketing, which you may also see called SMS marketing, is a potent tool for brands, agencies and service companies alike. In a world where customers expect fast response and ease of use, text messaging is one of the most convenient ways to reach customers right in their pockets. 

EZ Texting

EZ Texting

The Verdict

EZ Texting is our choice for best text message marketing service overall because it has flexible packages, an easy-to-use dashboard and a full selection of advanced tools.

To use text message marketing effectively, you can use many text message marketing tools to help manage messages and respond to customers. We've reviewed some of the best text message marketing tools, including EZ Texting, one of the oldest and most experienced text message marketing platforms available. Here's what you need to know about EZ Texting's features, pricing, benefits and drawbacks.

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EZ Texting offers four plans starting at $24 per month. A 20% discount is available for any plan paid annually instead of monthly, including custom plans. New customers can sign up for a free 14-day trial of the Essentials plan, which the company advertises as its most popular tier. The trial includes 100 plan credits and 20 "anytime" credits, for a total of 120 credits. A credit card is not required to sign up for an EZ Texting trial.

It is important to note that pricing for Canadian customers is different from the U.S. pricing listed in this review. Visit EZ Texting's Canadian plan page to learn more about pricing and availability in Canada.

EZ Texting offers three preset pricing tiers, plus a custom plan tailored to businesses' unique needs.

Preset Plans

EZ Texting offers three preset plans:

  • Value: This plan costs $24 per month, or $19 per month when paid annually. EZ Texting recommends this plan for text notifications and alerts. It includes 200 message credits per month; after that, each credit costs 4 cents. Each message can contain up to 160 characters. This plan includes unlimited contacts and groups, unlimited one-on-one texting, integrations with popular workflow apps and custom short codes. The Value plan includes one textable phone number and one keyword for account sign-up. Each additional phone number or keyword is $25 per month.

  • Essentials: The Essentials plan, which EZ Texting says is its most popular plan, costs $36 per month, or $24 per month when paid annually. EZ Texting recommends this plan for customer care and marketing. This plan also supports multimedia messaging service (MMS) messages, so you can include images in your text message marketing. Access to a royalty-free Shutterstock photo library and image customization tools are included. The Essentials plan also offers list-growth tools, such as sign-up sheets and reporting tools that track the delivery and link clicks. Like the Value plan, the Essentials plan includes 200 message credits per month (each credit after that costs 4 cents), unlimited contacts and groups, one-on-one texting, integrations with workflow apps and custom short codes. The Essentials plan includes two textable numbers and up to three keywords for account sign-up, and each additional phone number or keyword costs $25.

  • Premium: This plan costs $61 per month, or $49 per month when paid annually. EZ Texting recommends this plan for advanced customer care and marketing campaigns. The Premium plan builds upon the features in the Essentials plan, with some critical additions for advanced marketing operations. This plan offers extra tools, such as drip campaigns and recurring texts, for keeping in touch with your customers. The Premium plan also includes API access. EZ Texting can integrate with your company's website, email marketing tools and customer relationship management (CRM) software. The Premium plan includes three textable numbers and up to six keywords. As with the other plans, you get 200 message credits per month and can purchase additional credits for 4 cents each. Like the Value and Essentials plans, the Premium plan offers unlimited one-on-one texting, unlimited contacts and groups.

Custom Plans

Custom plans begin at $374 per month, or $299 per month when billed annually. These plans allow for greater flexibility and more advanced features, and are ideal for the following types of businesses:

  • Agencies that manage multiple brands
  • Franchises
  • Businesses that require high volumes of text message marketing

Custom plans allow for unlimited keywords and multiple textable numbers. The plans start with 200 credits per month, and you can purchase additional credits for 1 cent per credit. Like the three preset plans, custom plans allow for unlimited one-on-one texting and unlimited contacts and groups.

EZ Texting offers all of the core features we looked for in an SMS marketing solution. Customers get access to more features at higher pricing tiers.


Signing up for EZ Texting is a simple, no-fuss process. To register, you provide a name, email address and phone number, and create a password. (The phone number will not necessarily be the sending number for text message marketing.)

After your phone number is verified, you arrive at the dashboard, which lays out your account activity, messaging tools and contacts. A menu on the left side offers shortcuts to campaign development, inbox, outbox, account tools and reporting.

Each account starts with a certain number of credits to use toward sending messages. The free trial starts with 100 plan credits and 20 "anytime" credits. Plan credits must be used within 30 days of the purchase date, while anytime credits are a la carte. Users can add these in any quantity at any time. Plan credits do not roll over from month to month, but anytime credits do not expire.

When you log in to the EZ Texting dashboard, the software provides a clear snapshot of your account and easily accessible tools for composing messages. You can import your contacts with just a few clicks by uploading an Excel spreadsheet in the Contacts area of the dashboard. Alternatively, you can integrate EZ Texting with other marketing tools so that you're working off of the same customer list across all mediums.

To start texting, you select the New Message button on the left side of the dashboard, which takes you to a screen where you can choose which audience receives your message, compose your message and preview it. The simpler, the better: Keep messages under 160 characters. Craft a new message, or utilize the templates feature to fill in a text message automatically.

The dashboard makes it simple to set up various campaigns. The Campaign menu drops down to reveal multiple campaign options, including drip campaigns, reminder campaigns and recurring texts.

Did you know?Did you know? Text messages to customers have an impressive 98% open rate. They create a sense of urgency that other advertising avenues can't quite meet.


Intuitive dashboard Manage all aspects of your account from a single dashboard in your browser.
Dedicated app Manage communications and view reports from the EZ Texting messaging app, available for Apple devices.
Multitier and customizable plans EZ Texting offers three easy-to-understand plans and a customizable option.
Integrations Advanced plans allow you to integrate popular apps, like Mailchimp or Salesforce, for easy integration with other marketing and lead management tools.
Use with a landline If your business does not have a mobile number, you can use EZ Texting's Text To Landline feature.
Analytics The dashboard lets you evaluate how previous campaigns performed so you can make informed decisions for future campaigns.
10-digit number and short-code support EZ Texting supports the use of a 10-digit number and a six-digit short code.
Privacy tools EZ Texting works with Transcend to help your business comply with privacy regulations.



Intuitive Dashboard

Once you log in to your EZ Texting account, you should see an intuitive dashboard that lists your account status, metrics and remaining credits. All of the text message marketing tools needed to create a campaign appear in the left-side menu.

EZ Texting's dashboard is easy to understand and navigate.

Dedicated Mobile App

The EZ Texting messaging app allows you to manage your account from anywhere. From the app, you can reply to customers' messages, view metrics and initiate one-on-one conversations with customers. The app automatically syncs with the browser dashboard, which we found very useful for staying in touch with customers. One limitation, however, is that the EZ Texting app is available only on Apple devices.

Multitier and Customizable Plans

After a free 14-day trial through which you can test out basic features, you can upgrade to one of three preset plans or a custom plan. If you run out of credits in a given billing period, you can easily tack on additional credits that don't expire from month to month.


Direct integrations with many of the leading marketing and CRM software make EZ Texting a top pick for us. An API connection is available only on select plans, so be sure to check for this feature before making a purchase.

Landline Compatibility

If your business does not have a mobile number, you can still use your landline with EZ Texting. The Text-to-Landline feature allows you to use your business's phone number with the dashboard or app to communicate with customers. This tool is excellent for small businesses that have had their business phone number for years and do not want to confuse or lose customers by changing their phone number.


Just like CRM analytics or social media analytics, the data provided by EZ Texting provides an excellent snapshot of how each text message campaign performs. Using EZ Texting's Reporting tool, you can see which campaigns converted the most customers and which campaigns triggered the most opt-outs, as well as use UTM parameters to see how individual links perform.

TipTip: UTM parameters to determine which campaigns perform the best and which ones may need some revising.

10-Digit Number and Short-Code Support

Through EZ Texting, you can choose whether your messages appear from a 10-digit phone number or a six-digit short code. While carriers are beginning to phase out support for short codes, EZ Texting says it is working with phone carriers to transition to 10-digit phone numbers.

Privacy Tools

EZ Texting integrates with Transcend. This software automates privacy requests, such as opting out of subscription lists, across a business's entire ecosystem, thus ensuring that your marketing is compliant with data privacy rules no matter where in the world you're located.

Customer Service

EZ Texting offers chat and email support. You can contact support through a form on the company's website; there are two options (one for sales and one for customer support), so be sure to fill out the right one. The chat feature can be accessed at any time through the icon on the lower right of the screen, but it is staffed only Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. ET; there is a chatbot outside of business hours.

There is a phone number on the EZ Texting website, but it is only for sales support. You can direct sales-related questions to a representative via phone Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. ET.

The EZ Texting website also offers a frequently asked questions (FAQs) section with essential information about text message marketing and the EZ Texting service. A video library provides tutorials on navigating the dashboard and introductory information on the differences among various text message marketing campaigns. More assistance can be found in the EZ Texting Help Center, which offers detailed information on how to use the company's products and services.


Here are some of the limitations we found with EZ Texting:

  • You may lose credits before you use them. Each plan comes with credits that expire at the end of your 30-day billing cycle. Each credit allows you to send one SMS message. If you do not send 200 text messages by the end of the billing cycle, the unused credits will go to waste. However, additional credits you purchase, called anytime credits, can be used after the billing cycle is up.

  • API integrations don't come with all plans. API access is available only with the Premium and custom plans. Without integration with your other business sales and marketing tools, it may be difficult to manage a unified marketing list and create room for error.

  • Customer service may be difficult. If you prefer to ask questions on the phone, EZ Texting's customer support may not be a good fit for you. While we found the help center easy to navigate, it does not cover every possible question and it may take some time to get the assistance you need.

If these drawbacks are dealbreakers for you, consider one of our other top picks:

  • Textedly
  • Simple Texting
  • TextMarks
  • Podium


We recommend EZ Texting for:

  • Small businesses that are looking to start a text message marketing program and scale up
  • Teams that want an easy-to-use dashboard with all tools at their fingertips

We DON'T recommend EZ Texting for:

  • Enterprises that expect to send tens of thousands of text messages per month

Businesses that manage smaller text message marketing programs and need to integrate their SMS marketing application with their other programs (API integrations are limited with EZ Texting's plans.)


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EZ Texting

EZ Texting

The Verdict

EZ Texting is our choice for best text message marketing service overall because it has flexible packages, an easy-to-use dashboard and a full selection of advanced tools.

Rachelle Gordon
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