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SimpleTexting Review

Rachelle Gordon
Rachelle Gordon
  • SimpleTexting is a highly flexible text messaging service that is suitable for businesses of all sizes in many industries.
  • SimpleTexting offers an intuitive dashboard with access to many tools, including segmentation and analytics.
  • SimpleTexting's plans can start small and grow alongside a business, making this provider our pick for the best scalable text message marketing service.
  • This review is for small business owners who are looking for a text message marketing service that can grow alongside their business.

Text message marketing services are helpful to businesses of all sizes, so it can be frustrating if your longtime service provider can't grow along with your business. You won't run into that problem with SimpleTexting, because it is scalable. The company offers a wide range of services, including two-way business texting and bulk text message marketing.



The Verdict

SimpleTexting is the most flexible text message marketing service . It is very easy to use, has great features and offers comprehensive, affordable packages for businesses of all sizes.


SimpleTexting is a relatively cost-effective option that allows customers to purchase credits. Businesses can increase the credits they buy as their business grows. SimpleTexting also offers custom plans for larger enterprises. Here is a breakdown of the pricing:

  • 500 credits = $25 per month
  • 1,000 credits = $45 per month
  • 2,000 credits = $75 per month
  • 3,000 credits = $95 per month
  • 7,500 credits = $145 per month
  • 25,000 credits = $375 per month
  • 50,000 credits = $625 per month
With SimpleTexting, the price of your plan depends on how many credits you need each month.


We found SimpleTexting to be a relatively user-friendly platform.

Setting up SimpleTexting is as easy as installing the software, launching it and following the step-by-step prompt that appears on the screen. You can also register for the service with your Facebook or Google account rather than setting up a new account from scratch.

If you have existing subscribers or contacts, you can import them into the system with a few clicks. The platform relies on an integration with Zapier to sync existing data across multiple systems. Customer support is available to assist with the setup, but the hours of support are limited.

The software includes a setup guide to help you get acquainted with the essential tools of the system. The main dashboard is intuitive and connects users to other parts of the software, including a library of resources that help break down the tools available throughout the program. From the dashboard, you can see your messages sent, messages received and an address book of your contacts. The dashboard also includes tools for managing audience segmentation, which helps you separate your audience by many characteristics and is key to optimizing your text message marketing campaigns.

Most of the tools are customizable. For example, you can customize lead-capture forms to collect the information you need. Audience segmentation is also flexible, allowing you to define and categorize your audience as you see fit.

Finally, the dashboard includes an Analytics tab, where you can view data in interactive reports. You can filter these reports to view the results of your text message marketing campaigns. You can also use the reporting tool to monitor your subscriptions and review new sign-ups, unsubscribes, open rates, click-through rates and many other text message marketing metrics.

SimpleTexting offers a range of features and integrations that are appropriate for businesses of all sizes.


Auto-response Custom auto-responses allow you to automate everyday interactions.
Scheduled messaging Set messages to send at a future date and time.
Lead-capture forms Ensure you collect the contact info of your audience members.
Keywords Target the right audience members with select keywords.
Teammates Offer your customers direct access to the right people at your company.
Mobile application Use the mobile app to access your campaigns and data on the go.



Auto-response is a vital automation tool that allows you to run campaigns without manually attending to messages. Auto-response is suitable for confirming appointments, for example, or conducting polls and surveys.

Scheduled Messaging

Scheduled messaging is a fundamental feature that all text message marketing services should offer. The ability to plan and schedule messages weekly, monthly or quarterly is vital to a business's ability to manage campaigns.

TipTip: Use SimpleTexting's auto-response tool so you don't have to follow up on individual messages manually.

Lead-Capture Forms

Lead-capture forms help your business stay in touch with subscribers. For example, you can require people to enter their email address to enter a contest giveaway. This is a good opportunity to store your audience members' contact information and inform your other marketing efforts.


Keywords are how you find users who are interested in your business's products and services. If you operate a landscaping business, for example, you may want to target keywords such as "lawn care" or "tree removal." Before selecting keywords, it is crucial to conduct keyword research to know what your target audience is already looking for. The more precise your keyword selection is, the better chance you will have of building a robust text message marketing list.


A unique feature of SimpleTexting allows customers to get in direct contact with the right person at your organization. This feature helps to resolve issues and answer questions efficiently and humanizes your brand by giving your customers access to your support team.

Short Codes

Think of a short code as a miniaturized URL. Short codes can be shared among multiple companies or be unique to a specific brand. Once a user interacts with your brand's short code, it will remain in their inbox, and future communications will appear under that short code. In essence, it's a quick way to establish yourself as a regular contact in your customers' contact lists.

MMS Picture Messaging

The ability to send multimedia messaging service (MMS) messages, including engaging images, is becoming standard for many text message marketing services. SimpleTexting allows you to incorporate images into your marketing texts, which can help to improve audience engagement and boost conversion rates.

Mobile Application

Businesses need to be able to access their text message marketing campaigns on any device at any time, and SimpleTexting's mobile app is reliable and easy to navigate.

SimpleTexting offers many of the marketing tools businesses need at any stage of their growth.

Customer Service

SimpleTexting is easy to use, so most users will be able to navigate the platform with little training or assistance. If you do need it, though, you can access customer support right within the software to directly troubleshoot any issues you might encounter. SimpleTexting also includes a library of resources within the software, although the information isn't quite as comprehensive as the self-help resources available from some competitors.


One limitation of SimpleTexting is that it offers far less educational and tutorial materials for new text marketers compared with many of its competitors, like EZ Texting and TextMarks . This means users who have little or no text message marketing experience will have to go it alone. If that applies to you, read our text message marketing tips to launch a successful text message marketing campaign.


We recommend SimpleTexting for:

  • Small and midsize businesses that want a flexible text message marketing service
  • Very small businesses that need limited text message marketing services
  • Growing companies that need more advanced text message marketing features

We DON'T recommend SimpleTexting for:

  • Enterprise businesses with very-high-volume needs
  • Users who require text message marketing support


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The Verdict

SimpleTexting is the most flexible text message marketing service . It is very easy to use, has great features and offers comprehensive, affordable packages for businesses of all sizes.

Rachelle Gordon
Rachelle Gordon
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