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What Are CRM Models?

Updated Oct 23, 2023

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To manage the many challenges that come with sales work, companies of all stripes have increasingly adopted customer relationship management (CRM) software, often with great results. One report found that 65% of companies with mobile CRM are meeting their sales quotas, and this success may be partially due to these companies using a CRM model alongside their software. Below, learn how CRM models and software make sales work more approachable.

What is a CRM model?

A CRM model is a workflow that guides all of your team’s interactions with leads, prospects and customers. It provides a loose framework that your company can follow to acquire and retain customers. It is not the same thing as CRM software – rather, CRM software enables you to move efficiently through your CRM model while coordinating with your team.

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CRM software is not necessary to run a CRM model. However, CRM software can substantially improve your ability to execute your chosen CRM model.

How a CRM tool can help your business

To execute any of these CRM models properly, you’ll need CRM software that centralizes your customer data and coordinates all your teams’ efforts. You’ll also want your CRM to enrich customer data and update in real time. It should facilitate all sales, marketing and customer service tasks. In short, a CRM tracks your customer data and interactions so that you don’t miss out on meaningful leads and prospects.

If you’re interested in learning more about how CRM software can help your business and which brands might suit your needs, visit our CRM software reviews page. There, we’ve named what we think are the best easy-to-use, low-cost, and free CRMs as well as the best ones for small and growing businesses. Once you have the right tool for your company, implementing a powerful CRM model and making more sales should be much easier.

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