Inexpensive Gifts

Inexpensive gifts
Credit: Ammily CP/Shutterstock
Because entrepreneurs devote most of their time and spare cash to building and growing their businesses, they often give up little luxuries and nonessentials in favor of business purchases.

As a family member or friend of an ambitious business owner, you can show your support for their endeavor by getting them something they'll really enjoy this holiday season. From practical business gadgets to personal "treat yourself" items, here are 10 great gifts to buy for entrepreneurs, all under $50.

Portable French press ($22.95)

Commuter Javapress
Credit: GSI Outdoors
The Commuter JavaPress is a portable French press coffee (or tea!) maker that eliminates a morning step for busy entrepreneurs. Rather than waiting for their drink of choice to brew and chugging it down or pouring it into a cheap to-go cup before racing out the door, they can make it in and drink it from the same container. They'll savor the taste of hot, fresh coffee or tea to accompany them on their commute.

Buy at GSI Outdoors.

Insulated food and beverage containers (price varies)

Hydro Flask
Credit: Hydro Flask
No one likes cold coffee on a winter day, or warm water after racing to the office in sun. That's why the Hydro Flask is perfect perfect for on-the-go professionals. They can carry water, coffee, tea or even alcohol (hey, we're not judging!) in a convenient container. There are also food flasks for soups, smoothie bowls, oatmeal and more. Hydro Flask offers a variety of container sizes, lids and colors so you can customize your gift. What more does an entrepreneur need?

Buy at Hydro Flask.

Hatch notebook ($25)

Hatch notebook
Credit: Two Tumbleweeds
The Hatch notebook was made specifically for creatives and entrepreneurs. It has designated spaces for outlining ideas, recording possible challenges, features, markets, demands, etc. so you can plan out your business. Additionally, there are questions to prompt thorough thinking and planning.

Buy at Amazon.

Starbucks gift basket ($47.99)

Starbucks gift basket
Credit: From You Flowers
This basket is the ultimate collection of goods for the entrepreneur in your life. With various types of coffee, tea and sweets, and a mug for their favorite warm drinks, your loved one will find comfort during those early mornings and long nights.

Buy at From You Flowers.

Organizer wrap and tablet holder ($29.99)

Organizer wrap and tablet holder
Credit: Bed Bath & Beyond
Entrepreneurs often lug around gadgets and electronics, from tablets and cell phones to notepads and headphones. Make it simpler by gifting them this Grid-It organizer, which secures a tablet and has compartments for nearly everything.

Buy at Bed Bath & Beyond.

Inspiring Michael Scott/Wayne Gretzky quote ($13.50)

Inspiring Michael Scott/Wayne Gretzky quote
Credit: PoptArtDesign/Etsy
What better way to spark inspiration than with a Michael Scott (or, if we want to get technical, a Wayne Gretzky) quote? This humorous wall or desk art is the perfect gift for those "Office"-loving business owners.

Buy at Etsy.

Engraved pen ($18.89)

Engraved pen
Credit: Personalization Mall
Every entrepreneur needs a pen for recording notes and ideas, even in today's high-tech business world. Personalize the pen by engraving their name, initials or an inspiring quote that will leave them motivated and excited to get started.

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Resistance bands ($10.99)

Resistance bands
Entrepreneurs lead busy lifestyles that extend well beyond the typical hours of 9 to 5. It can be difficult for them to find time to exercise, causing them to feel more sluggish or discouraged. Resistance bands, which can be used for various workouts that target each part of the body, can be kept in hand while brainstorming, traveling or taking breaks throughout the day.

Buy at Target.

"All in: 101 Real Life Business Lessons for Emerging Entrepreneurs" ($17.95)

This book by serial entrepreneur Bill Green was published in May of 2017 and has been noted as one of the best business books on the market this year. Green outlines 101 tips and pieces of advice for aspiring entrepreneurs.

Buy at Amazon.

Waterproof notepad ($7.70)

Waterproof notepad
The best ideas seem to come when you're in no position to record them. We often do our best thinking while unwinding in the shower, but forget our notions and designs by the time we're out and able to jot down information. With a waterproof notepad, however, your entrepreneur friends will never have to worry about letting an idea slip down the drain. Buy at Amazon.

Personalized luggage tags ($9.99)

Personalized luggage tags
Credit: Shutterfly
Many entrepreneurs do a lot of traveling to grow their business. Purchase a personalized luggage tag to brighten their trip and make retrieving their luggage simpler. With these Shutterfly tags, you can even customize what background or design you want, choosing from various templates.

Buy at Shutterfly.

Tile Mate ($25)

Tile Mate
Credit: Tile
This gadget attaches to your most valuable possessions so that you can track any missing objects, such as your keys or wallet. It connects via Bluetooth to the Tile app on your smartphone, making it the perfect gift for entrepreneurs who are always scrambling or on the go.

Buy at Tile. All prices listed are accurate as of publish date.