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10 Under $10: The Best Cheap Gifts for National Techies Day

Mona Bushnell
Mona Bushnell

Check out these 10 low-cost gift ideas for those who live and breathe technology.

Most people don't interact with IT until something isn't working, but Oct. 3 is National Techies Day. This is a great opportunity to acknowledge the people in your tech support department for all their effort, or to send a techie friend a thoughtful gift. After all, working in IT can be a thankless job; usually tech pros hear lots of feedback when something doesn't work and no feedback when everything is up and running properly, so a fun gift from boss to tech pro or from friend to friend is always welcome.

These 10 ideas would also make great stocking stuffers for the tech lovers in your life. They're all affordable at $10 and under, so you can also stock up on them for future occasions.

Multiuse charging dock

This sleek little charging dock looks a lot more luxe than its $9.99 price tag would lead you to believe. It's ideal for charging smartwatches and phones, but it can also be used as a tablet stand, making it a great gift for all the techies on your gift list. 

Webcam cover

A webcam cover may not sound exciting, but it's a practical gift that will be put to use straightaway, not thrown away or regifted. This set from The Container Store includes three webcam covers and rings in at just $7.99, so it's the perfect bulk gift for your IT department.

Maple flash drive

Flash drives are a staple of office gift giving, but this 8GB maple flash drive stands out. The chassis is reminiscent of an antique lighter, and each drive comes in a classy gift box. Even better, the design is eco-friendly, it's made in the U.S., and each drive (box included) is just $9.95, so it's a great option for in-house or client gifts. 

30-piece cable organizer set 

A lot of cable organizers are large single-piece units that have specific slots for certain types of cords. Those are OK when you're buying for yourself, but tech professionals tend to have opinions on the best place for each cord, and they also tend to have a lot more wires than the average office worker. This collection is great because it comes with 30 different cable organizers that they can spread out and affix wherever they want – and it's only $10.99. 

Keyboard skins

Keyboard skins are a great addition to the techie's desk-scape, but make sure you purchase the right skin for the keyboard model. If you search Amazon for "keyboard skin" followed by the computer type, you'll find lots of designs for well under $10. From pretty pink marble styles to superhero designs to keyboard shortcuts for specific programs, there's a keyboard skin out there for all the techies on your giving list. 

Reusable cable ties

Not sure what you should get a tech geek for Christmas? These brightly colored reusable cable ties are the perfect stocking stuffers, office Secret Santa present or bulk employee gift. Each pack costs just $7.49 and comes with six cushioned cable ties – perfect for holding unruly wires of all kinds. 

Phone cleaning kit

Great as part of a gift basket or bag of giveaway goodies, this handy little phone cleaning kit is useful and affordable. Each 17-piece cleaning pack includes enough brushes and cloths to fully detail phones, laptops, tablets, and anything else your tech person has lying around. Plus, at $4.99 each, it's cheap enough to combine with a few other gifts on our list for a custom tech-friendly gift bag. 

Cute screen cloth

Sure, every tech pro already has plenty of screen cloths hanging around, but this cute little lemon cloth ($2.99) is a great add-on gift for anyone in your office. In fact, The Container Store sells lots of well-designed tech accessories. Check them out the next time you need to buy a gift for a techie. 

Gifting your employees with stylish mousepads is a great way to welcome them to the company, but these trendy $7.99 pads are also perfect for National Techies Day. Workers spend so much time at their desks, and little aesthetic touches can make a big difference. 

Waterproof touchscreen pouches

They might not be the most high-tech gift, but these waterproof pouches are sure to get plenty of use, even if the tech pros at your company already have waterproof phone cases. Each $8.49 pack comes with two touchscreen-sensitive bags that are vacation-ready for storing phones, keys, wallets and more. 

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Mona Bushnell
Mona Bushnell
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