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Updated Jun 11, 2024

Nextiva vs. Grasshopper: Which phone system is right for your business?

We’ve matched up Nextiva and Grasshopper to see which calling solution is best for connecting with your customers no matter where you are located.

Tom Anziano headshot
Tom Anziano, Business Ownership Insider and Senior Writer
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Table of Contents

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Nextiva company logo
Editor's Rating9.5/10
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Editor's Rating8.3/10

When looking for the best business phone system for your business there is a lot to consider. For businesses with a mobile workforce or multisite operations, excellent call routing is key. Nextiva and Grasshopper are our top choices for getting in touch with your customers from anywhere. They offer very different products, so we’ve placed our Nextiva review up against our Grasshopper review to help you compare both and decide which best serves your calling needs.

Nextiva vs. Grasshopper

Nextiva vs. Grasshopper Compared





  • Essential plan starts at $30.95 per user, per month
  • Professional plan starts at $35.95 per user, per month
  • Enterprise plan starts at $45.95 per user, per month
  • Nextiva offers discounts based on the number of users and length of contract
  • Solo plan and 1 business number with 3 extensions for a flat monthly rate of $31
  • Partner plan and 3 business numbers with 6 extensions for a flat monthly rate of $51
  • Small Business plan and 5 business numbers with unlimited extensions for a flat monthly rate of $80
  • Grasshopper offers 10 percent discount for annual billing and additional numbers for $10 per month and a 7-day free trial


  • Make unlimited domestic calls with a free toll-free or local number and excellent voice-over-internet protocol (VoIP) service
  • Automated call attendants and quick and painless call flow setup means your customers can always reach the right person
  • Integrations with Microsoft Office and Google come standard, advanced integrations and features require higher-tier plans
  • Unlimited calls through a virtual number sent right to your personal device
  • Grasshopper also provides VoIP services to make calls over the internet from the desktop portal
  • Easily customizable call trees, call screening, custom greetings and conference calling for up to 10 people are included, but Grasshopper doesn’t offer integrations


  • Personalize voicemail greetings and get notifications by email with audio files of the message
  • Forward voicemails to other users in the system
  • Only the Enterprise plan offers voicemail transcription
  • Keep personal and business voicemails organized separately with the app or listen to messages on the desktop portal
  • Record customized greetings and receive audio recordings of voicemails by email
  • Voicemail transcription comes standard with all plans

Additional Features

  • Communicate with customers and coworkers across phone, video and chat on a highly secure and Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA)-compliant platform
  • You’ll get unlimited fax but SMS/MMS are restricted
  • Threaded conversations bring all your communications together
  • Basic reporting with 90 days of data comes standard; advanced analytics require paying more
  • Grasshopper offers limited features, but you do get unlimited short message service/multimedia message service (SMS/MMS) and internet fax
  • Basic call reports and automatic texting when you miss a call come standard
  • You can beef up your service with add-ons like live receptionists and professional greetings 

Customer Service

  • Access customer support 24/7 by phone, chat or email
  • There’s a Support Center with helpful resources like articles, videos and a blog
  • You can reach Grasshopper representatives 24/7 by phone, email, chat, Twitter and Facebook
  • Its website offers support articles, a blog, a learning academy and more resources

Who Do We Recommend Nextiva For?

Nextiva is a unified communications (UC) system with excellent security measures and HIPAA compliance that is ideal for healthcare organizations and other businesses that need to keep data safe. It stands out for making complex call routing a piece of cake and for providing complete caller details, which is something multisite retail businesses will love. Nextiva goes beyond simple calling by offering video and messaging capabilities, business software integrations and collaboration tools.

Nextiva platform

Nextiva’s easy-to-use platform lets you handle all your communications in one place. Source: Nextiva

We think Nextiva shines because of these features:

  • Simplify call flows even complex organizations so that your customers can always reach the right person.
  • See relevant caller details and history right when you get a call.
  • Cut costs with scalable plans based on company size. 

Who Do We Recommend Grasshopper For?

Grasshopper is a basic virtual phone system that allows small businesses and startups with a small remote workforce to handle business calling professionally. Companies get free local, toll-free or vanity numbers and extensions, but calls are routed seamlessly to employees’ personal phones, so there is no need to dish out on equipment. The platform is easy to use and offers everything a company new to business phone systems needs to present a polished image at an affordable price.

Grasshopper calls and messages on desktop and mobile app

Grasshopper lets you manage business calls and messages from your own phone or computer. Source: Grasshopper

We love Grasshopper because of these features:

  • Make and receive calls from your personal device or from a desktop with VoIP service.
  • Create simple call flows to choose which numbers ring and in what order.
  • Take calling to the next level with unlimited messaging, internet fax and voicemail transcription.
Key TakeawayKey takeaway
Nextiva is a VoIP service offering UC, complex call routing and serious security that’s ideal for healthcare and multisite retail companies. Grasshopper offers basic virtual phone services that are great for small businesses and upstarts working remotely. Read our guide to the different types of business phone systems and how they can serve your company.

Nextiva vs. Grasshopper Comparison



Nextiva’s pricing is complex but offers many ways to save a few bucks each month. Monthly prices are based on plan, numbers of users, monthly or annual billing and contract length. Nextiva charges a $99 activation fee for accounts with two users or less. A free local and toll-free number comes standard. Below, you’ll see the price for each plan with only a monthly agreement and the lowest discounted price available.


1-4 users

5-19 users

20-99 users

100+ users


$30.95 per user, per month

$23.95 per user, per month (36-month contract, prepaid)

$29.95 per user, per month

$21.95 per user, per month (36-month contract, prepaid)

$25.95 per user, per month

$18.95 per user, per month (36-month contract, prepaid)

$24.95 per user, per month

$17.95 per user, per month (36-month contract, prepaid)


$35.95 per user, per month

$27.95 per user, per month (36-month contract, prepaid)

$33.95 per user, per month

$25.95 per user, per month (36-month contract, prepaid)

$30.95 per user, per month

$22.95 per user, per month (36-month contract, prepaid)

$29.95 per user, per month

$21.95 per user, per month (36-month contract, prepaid))


$45.95 per user, per month

$37.95 per user, per month (36-month contract, prepaid)

$43.95 per user, per month

$35.95 per user, per month (36-month contract, prepaid)

$40.95 per user, per month

$32.95 per user, per month (36-month contract, prepaid)

$39.95 per user, per month

$31.95 per user, per month (36-month contract, prepaid)


Grasshopper offers three plans, all with unlimited users, meaning you can route calls to as many numbers as you wish. There are extra features for an added cost, such as additional numbers for $10 per month. We like that Grasshopper now allows you to port your current number for free. We also appreciate that it offers a 10 percent discount for annual subscriptions and a 7-day free trial.





$31 per month ($28 per month billed annually)

1 phone number, 3 extensions


$51 per month ($46 per month billed annually)

3 phone numbers, 6 extensions

Small Business

$89 per month ($80 per month billed annually)

5 phone numbers, unlimited extensions

Winner: Grasshopper

When it comes to affordability, you can’t beat Grasshopper. We like that it offers a flat rate no matter how many users you need to connect. Grasshopper provides all the features your small team needs to make calls without breaking the bank. However, companies needing a comprehensive communications platform will need to look beyond Grasshopper. We love that Nextiva offers pricing flexibility, so you can find a solution that goes beyond simple phone services at the right price.



Nextiva offers excellent VoIP phone services with unlimited domestic calling, free local and toll-free numbers, toll-free minutes, the option to port your old number for free and integrations with Microsoft Outlook and Google. All plans boast high-definition voice and an auto attendant to route calls, so your customers can always reach the right person. 

We love that Nextiva is designed to make building complex call flows painless. With a few clicks, the drag-and-drop menu allows you to direct calls to the right department or location, set custom business hours and activate round-robin routing.

Nextiva Call Pop

Call Pop tells you everything you need to know about a caller before you answer. Source: Nextiva

Employees can make and receive calls via the NextivaONE mobile app or on their desktop. Call Pop shows important information about the caller, including past interactions, so you can best manage the call. For employees on the go, we appreciate that you can swap devices seamlessly while on a call. Nextiva offers additional calling features only available with high-tier plans, such as conference calling, call recording and advanced integrations.


  • Grasshopper offers unlimited calling through a virtual business number.
  • Setting up call flows is a breeze for admins and employees.
  • You can use your own phone or VoIP to make calls from the desktop portal.
  • You can’t record calls and there are no business integrations.

Grasshopper sets you up with toll-free, local or vanity business phone numbers or you can port your own number for free. An automated attendant routes incoming calls to your personal phone. Call screening allows you to answer, pass the call on or send it to voicemail. 

Setting up call flows is a piece of cake. Employees or admins can choose when, where and in which order calls should be routed. Plus, employees can transfer calls to another team member with ease.

You can make unlimited calls from your own phone, but caller ID will show your business number. We love that Grasshopper also provides VoIP services so you can call over Wi-Fi, including from your computer. 

Other features that come standard are hold music, dial-by-name directory, conference calling for up to 10 people and custom greetings. We were disappointed that Grasshopper doesn’t offer call recording or software integrations. 

Best for Calling
For basic calling functions, you can’t go wrong with either Grasshopper or Nextiva. We love that both make routing calls a breeze. Small companies that use phone conferencing would be better served by Grasshopper. Larger businesses looking for advanced functions like business integrations and call recording should go for Nextiva. 
Not sure whether a toll-free or local number would better suit your business? Read our guide to help decide if you should get a toll-free business number.



  • Get email notifications with audio files when you get a voicemail.
  • Forward voicemails to provide team support.
  • Voicemail transcription is only available with the Enterprise plan.

Nextiva’s voicemail services make sure that you can always provide great service, even when you can’t pick up the phone. Record a personalized greeting to let customers know you’ll get back to them.

We like that all plans send email notifications with voicemail audio files, so you never miss out no matter where you are. You have the option to forward voicemails to other employees or extensions. But, we would have liked to see voicemail transcriptions available with all plans.


  • You can manage voicemails from the app or desktop portal.
  • Get voicemail audio files and transcriptions by email.
  • Transcription comes standard.

Grasshopper voicemail transcription

Grasshopper transcribes voicemails and sends the text and an audio file directly to your inbox. Source: Grasshopper

You can manage voicemails directly from the app, keeping your personal and work messages separate. You can also access messages from the online portal when you’re away from your phone. We like that you can record customized greetings to let callers know they’ve reached your business.

Similar to Nextiva, Grasshopper sends voicemail audio files directly to your inbox, but its voicemail transcription standard with all plans makes it shine. Messages are converted to searchable text that you can read on any device. You can see important information easily without having to listen again and provide timely responses via text.

Best for Voicemail
Voicemail allows you to serve all callers better but, if you can’t answer a call, you probably can’t listen to a voicemail either. We’ve chosen Grasshopper over Nextiva for its standard voicemail transcription, which allows you to read, prioritize and promptly deal with incoming messages, even if you are out of the office or on another call. 
Did You Know?Did you know
Some mobile carriers and devices provide free visual voicemail apps, which comes in handy if your business phone service doesn’t include voicemail transcription.

Additional Features


  • Keep track of phone, video and messaging communications with threaded conversations.
  • SMS/MMS are limited based on your plan.
  • Nextiva takes security seriously and is HIPAA-compliant.
  • Basic reporting comes standard, but the premium plans offer advanced analytics.

Nextiva offers a complete communications package with multiple communication features beyond phone calls. We like that the platform fosters employee teamwork with chat and collaboration rooms. All plans offer limited video calling, unlimited video recording and unlimited internet fax. We were disappointed that features like unlimited SMS/MMS don’t come standard.

A standout feature is threaded conversations, which store all communications together so you can search for information, tag messages, add notes and track transactions.

We appreciate that Nextiva’s platform is highly secure, with around-the-clock monitoring, data encryption and security certifications. Companies that need to make sure their communications remain private will be happy to know that Nextiva services are HIPAA-compliant.

Almost half of all security breaches affect small and medium businesses. Read our cybersecurity guide to help you protect your company.

Nextiva also offers basic analytics, but we were disappointed that it’s limited to 90 days of data. For more advanced reporting, you’ll have to purchase an add-on.


  • As a virtual phone service, there are limited features.
  • Unlimited SMS comes with all plans and MMS with most plans.
  • You can send automatic texts when you miss a call.
  • Features like live receptionists and professional greetings cost more.

Grasshopper offers limited features compared to more comprehensive solutions. We like that you get unlimited virtual faxes, unlimited SMS, unlimited MMS for local numbers and basic call reports. One of our favorite features is that you can send a text automatically when you miss a call so clients know they’ve reached you.

We appreciate that Grasshopper offers a bunch of add-ons to enhance your calling capabilities. For a monthly fee, you can employ live, United States-based receptionists through Ruby. Professional voice actors can record your business greeting. Grasshopper also offers call blasting to decrease wait times and international calling rates. 

Best Additional Features
If your company is looking for advanced features to maximize your communications, Nextiva is the way to go. It offers a comprehensive package that allows you to reach customers and coworkers via phone, video or messaging. Its commitment to security and HIPAA compliance makes it an excellent choice for businesses that need serious data protection, such as healthcare providers. But if you only need basic phone services or do a lot of text message marketing, you’re better off with Grasshopper.

Customer Service


  • Customer support is available over phone, chat or email any time of day.
  • You can access useful articles, videos and webinars in the Support Center.

Nextiva provides excellent 24/7 customer support via phone, chat or email. The app has a help button so you can get the answers you need with a simple click. The online Support Center has easy-to-follow visual articles for using or troubleshooting the platform, plus webinars, videos and useful tips. Nextiva also has a blog focused on making the most of your business.


  • You get 24/7 assistance via phone, email, chat, Twitter and Facebook.
  • Grasshopper’s webpage has support articles, a blog and many other resources.

Grasshopper offers around-the-clock support by phone, email, chat, Twitter and Facebook. We found it easy to get in touch with helpful customer service reps. You can find support articles on its website for assistance with setup and use. Grasshopper also offers a blog, a learning academy and a host of resources to help small business owners and entrepreneurs maximize their potential. 

Best Customer Service
We love that Grasshopper and Nextiva offer excellent customer service. From solving issues on your own to talking to an actual person no matter the time of day, both make sure using their platform won’t be a challenge. 

Nextiva vs. Grasshopper Recap

Nextiva complex call flows

Create complex call flows with a few clicks. Source: Nextiva

Nextiva and Grasshopper offer outstanding phone systems at a great value, but in very different packages.

Choose Nextiva if:

  • You want to easily build complex call flows and quickly get incoming call insights. 
  • You need superb security and HIPAA compliance.
  • You’re looking for a comprehensive communications platform that includes video, messaging, collaboration tools and software integrations.

Choose Grasshopper if:

  • You want to project a professional image with a business number.
  • You need to route calls to your mobile workforce and deal promptly with missed calls.
  • You’re looking for an affordable solution without paying for unnecessary advanced features. 


What is the purpose of Nextiva?

Nextiva is a business phone system that provides a comprehensive communications solution allowing you to connect with your customers and manage conversations from anywhere.

Can I use Nextiva with my cell phone?

Yes, through the NextivaONE app, you can access all the platform’s functions right from your cell phone.

Why use VoIP instead of a cell phone?

VoIP allows you to communicate reliably over the internet. It’s especially useful when you’re in an area with poor cell coverage or if you want to call directly from your desktop. 

How does Grasshopper work with phones?

When a customer dials your business number, Grasshopper routes the call to your designated personal device, so you never miss an opportunity. Call and message from the app or your desktop, and Grasshopper will make sure your business line ― not your personal number ― shows up on caller ID.

Can you use Grasshopper with a landline?

Yes, you can use Grasshopper with a landline, mobile phone or computer.

Tom Anziano headshot
Tom Anziano, Business Ownership Insider and Senior Writer
Thomas Anziano is an advertising and marketing professional who has worked in the U.S. and Germany. He has also taught Business Writing in English to university students in Madrid, Spain. He holds a degree in Marketing and Spanish.
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