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Updated May 07, 2024

Grasshopper Review

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Written By: Chad BrooksBusiness Ownership Insider and Managing Editor
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Table of Contents

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Editors Score:8.3/10
Grasshopper is our choice as the best virtual phone system because of the flexibility it offers. It can route calls in any way remote employees choose and provides the tools needed to present a professional image at all times.
Plus Sign Pros
  • Grasshopper is easy to use.
  • Most Grasshopper plans include unlimited user accounts.
  • All Grasshopper plans come with the same 24/7 customer support.
Minus Sign Cons
  • Grasshopper doesn’t integrate directly with third-party software applications.
  • Grasshopper doesn’t provide any video conferencing capabilities.
  • Grasshopper doesn’t offer any artificial intelligence (AI)-powered features or tools.
Grasshopper company logo
Editor's Rating8.3/10

While many customers enjoy the personalized care and attention solopreneurs and small companies can provide, they still expect a level of professional communication associated with larger operations. For many business owners, implementing a virtual phone line to separate personal and business calls is the first major step toward communicating like a bigger company. 

Grasshopper is the gold standard of virtual phone systems. It gives you all the essential communication tools like extension dialing, toll-free numbers and business texting you need to present a professional image at all times. 

We love how easy it is to set up a call forwarding tree that works for everyone’s schedules. We also like the ability to forward incoming calls to any phone numbers in any order you choose. That type of flexibility combined with helpful features like instant text response will ensure new customers never slip through the cracks when you’re too busy to take a call. While most cloud-based business phone system providers charge by the number of users accessing the platform, most Grasshopper plans include an unlimited number of users to keep costs stable even as your business and headcount grow.

Grasshopper Editor's Rating:

8.3 / 10

Ease of use
Customer service

Why Grasshopper Is Best Virtual Phone System

Grasshopper’s commitment to simplicity and affordability alongside a small assortment of great features make it the best virtual phone system for small businesses. We like how Grasshopper provides the same core features with every phone plan instead of spreading them across entry-level, middle-tier and enterprise-level offerings. That includes unlimited minutes, mobile and desktop apps, call forwarding, virtual faxing, voicemail, extensions, simultaneous call handling and business texting — everything a new or small business needs to project a professional image over the phone. 

We also appreciate the consistent 24/7 customer support hours across all subscription levels. The platform is no more difficult to operate than an iPhone or Android phone and offers a similar look and feel for calls and texting. You can select between a toll-free number, vanity number or local number to best suit your needs. You can also add new numbers down the line if your needs change. Starting at $14 per month, it’s among the three most affordable business phone systems we’ve reviewed. With unlimited users included with most service plans, Grasshopper’s value proposition grows with every additional user account you essentially get for free.

Other features that make Grasshopper a standout virtual phone system include instant response. This is a great feature for business owners who worry they’re losing customers if they’re too busy to answer a call. With instant response, you can text new callers automatically to provide important information about your business or let them know you’ll be ready to serve them as soon as possible. Purchasing and setting up Grasshopper is a quick and easy process, especially if you’re selecting a new phone number instead of porting an old number from your previous carrier.

Grasshopper mobile app

Making calls and sending texts on the Grasshopper mobile app feels natural and easy thanks to the intuitive design. Source: Grasshopper


If you’re comfortable operating your existing smartphone, you shouldn’t have any issues adopting Grasshopper. You can access your business phone account and platform settings through the desktop app, mobile app and web browser. However, the apps are where you’ll be able to access the dialer and messages to make calls and send texts. While you can use Grasshopper from a computer, we think the mobile app offers a much better user experience once you’ve moved past the setup process. 

Grasshopper piggybacks off your phone’s cellular network for voice-over-internet-protocol (VoIP) calls, texts and messages, but it also works with Wi-Fi to support communications if your cell service becomes shoddy. Using Grasshopper feels like using your normal phone. For most people, the only major difference is what is displayed on the caller ID to help you distinguish between personal and business calls. With Grasshopper, you can decide if you want to see your business number populate the caller ID to let you know you’re receiving a business call or you can set the caller ID to show the caller’s phone number instead.

Customizing your phone system with new add-on features, extensions, phone numbers, menu options, business hours and voicemail greetings is easy to accomplish with a few clicks from within the app or web browser. If you need help figuring out how to use or adjust any features, the desktop app includes a small resource center with tips, tricks, frequently asked questions (FAQs) and webinars addressing common issues. While a few AI-productivity features like note-taking would make the platform even easier to use, we still appreciate how Grasshopper has remained a simple system to use.

Grasshopper Features

Mobile App

Distinguish between personal and business calls from nearly any mobile device.

Instant Response

Respond to new customers automatically via text when you miss a call.


Track call metrics to identify areas for improvement.

Call Blasting

Ring each call forwarding number simultaneously to reduce missed calls.

All Grasshopper plans come with the same core phone features and customer support. With a virtual phone system from Grasshopper, you get everything from a basic auto attendant menu and call forwarding to business texting and voicemail transcription. While Grasshopper’s phone features are relatively common, the simple platform includes a few nice features for small and new businesses.

Mobile App

Available on both iOS and Android devices, the Grasshopper mobile app allows you to make and receive calls from your business line on nearly any device. Unlike other virtual services, when you make a call using the Grasshopper app, your business line number shows up on the caller ID of the person you are calling. During setup, you can choose whether you want to see your business number or the incoming caller’s number displayed, helping you distinguish between personal and professional calls when using the same device for both.

Instant Response

This automatic texting feature can respond to new customers immediately via text when you miss a call, helping to ensure you don’t lose prospects to competitors because you’re speaking with someone else. Responses are easy to customize from within the Grasshopper app with your key branding elements including images, custom text and hyperlinks.

Grasshopper instant response

Instant response is easy to set up and change from the mobile app. Source: Grasshopper


Grasshopper provides simple but effective reporting tools with all of its virtual phone plans. Administrators and users can uncover insights into historical data with custom reporting tools to provide an overview of calls by type, including voicemails, hang-ups and faxes. You can also dive into minutes used and average call length with sorting options for specific phone numbers, extensions, time zones and dates. Reports are stored for up to 90 days and are available to download as comma-separated values files from the Grasshopper app.

Grasshopper reporting and analytics

Reports are easy to run, read and download from within the Grasshopper application. Source: Grasshopper

Call Blasting

This paid add-on is designed to reduce wait times and increase customer satisfaction. It lets you assign up to 15 phone numbers for simultaneous ringing. It’s an ideal tool to implement in seasonal businesses when demand and incoming calls skyrocket for short periods of time. You can toggle the add-on from within the app and adjust your settings on the fly to use this feature effectively when you need it.

Grasshopper Cloud Phone Costs

Unlike most business phone service providers that separate plans into tiers according to the number or types of features included, Grasshopper’s pricing is largely tied to how many phone numbers and extensions you plan to purchase. Additional phone numbers cost $9 per month, regardless of the plan. Additional extensions cost $3 per month for True Solo and Solo Plus subscribers.

Other potential fees include business texting which requires a $19 one-time fee plus $1.50 per month. For $75, Grasshopper will provide a professionally recorded greeting of up to 250 words for your phone system. You can also hire a live United States-based receptionist with the Ruby add-on starting at about $160 per month for up to 50 receptionist minutes.




True Solo

$14 per month

One user account, one business phone number, one extension, 24/7 support, business texting, desktop and mobile apps, call forwarding, virtual fax, auto attendant, visual voicemail, custom greetings, simultaneous call handling and basic reporting.

Solo Plus

$25 per month

Everything in True Solo with unlimited users, three extensions and the ability to purchase additional extensions.

Small Business

$55 per month

Everything in Solo Plus with four phone numbers and unlimited extensions.

Did You Know?Did you know
Starting at $14 per month, Grasshopper is the third most affordable solo phone plan we’ve reviewed. For even more cost-effective options, check out our Vonage review and Zoom Phone review.

Grasshopper Setup

The lack of complex routing options and software integrations means the setup process for virtual phone systems like Grasshopper is very easy. Once you select a phone number and log in with your credentials, the system’s onboarding assistant walks you through the process with a short series of basic questions. For most people, the longest part of the setup process is likely recording a satisfactory greeting. 

Grasshopper setup wizard

Grasshopper’s setup wizard walks you through the onboarding process with helpful instructions. Source: Grasshopper

Unless you’re waiting for your previous carrier to release an existing phone number, the entire setup process only takes a few minutes to complete from the time you make your purchase or sign up for a demo account. If you are porting a number, you may have to wait anywhere from a few business days to a couple of weeks to start using your existing business number with Grasshopper.

Did You Know?Did you know
You can hire a U.S.-based human receptionist with the available Ruby receptionist add-on to handle all of your incoming calls with a professional and curious demeanor.

Grasshopper Customer Service

We love that all Grasshopper plans have the same level of customer support. That includes 24/7 availability through phone, email, chat, Facebook and X (formerly Twitter). We contacted the company numerous times, posing as a new business owner. Each time we reached out, our calls were immediately taken by representatives who provided clear and detailed answers to all our questions. The reps never tried to pressure us into signing up for the service. 

Grasshopper also offers on-demand training covering everything from creating new extensions and configuring user permissions to registering your brand to comply with U.S. and Canadian business texting regulations. 

Grasshopper training courses

You’ll find links to on-demand training courses from your Grasshopper app. Source: Grasshopper

Grasshopper’s parent company, GoTo Technologies USA, Inc. (formerly LogMeIn Inc.), is an accredited member of the Better Business Bureau with an A+ rating. Over the past three years, 73 complaints have been filed against the company. However, not all of those complaints were related to the Grasshopper service.

Grasshopper Drawbacks

One downside to Grasshopper is that it doesn’t offer some features and tools that other virtual services do, such as call recording and integrations with programs like Microsoft Office. On the other hand, many other virtual systems don’t offer a powerful mobile app that allows you to make calls from your business line on your smartphone. Even though Grasshopper doesn’t directly integrate with other platforms, it’s still possible to facilitate call-tracking with top customer relationship management software and Zapier using tagged phone numbers and other workarounds.

Another potential negative is that Grasshopper only offers a virtual system. If your business were to outgrow a service like this and need a more robust business phone system, you would have to find a new provider. Check out our RingEX review or Aircall review for more comprehensive business phone systems. 


In searching for the top business phone systems, we investigated more than a dozen platforms. We researched and analyzed each offering, participated in demos whenever possible and tried free and paid plans. We evaluated each solution based on its tools and features, pricing, limitations, ease of use, setup process and customer service options. We selected Grasshopper as the best virtual phone system for the flexibility it offers on top of great customer support and unlimited users with most plans.

Grasshopper FAQs

Grasshopper is a virtual phone system. It’s a fast and easy way to purchase a business phone number and start taking VoIP phone calls on your existing smartphone, tablet or computer.
Yes, Grasshopper is an excellent virtual phone system. While it’s lacking in many integrations and AI-powered communications tools found in more expensive cloud-based phone platforms, its cost and simplicity make it an excellent choice for many independent contractors, solopreneurs and small business owners.
Grasshopper is one of the least expensive business phone systems available. However, the company does not offer a free plan. You can try Grasshopper for free through a seven-day trial without providing a credit card.

Overall Value

We recommend Grasshopper for …

  • Anyone shopping for a virtual phone system.
  • First-time business owners.
  • Any business looking for a basic, low-cost phone system.

We don’t recommend Grasshopper for …

  • Businesses shopping for an advanced unified communications platform.
  • Businesses that want to integrate their phone system with their other software applications. 
  • Businesses looking for AI-powered productivity tools to improve communications.
author image
Written By: Chad BrooksBusiness Ownership Insider and Managing Editor
Chad Brooks is the author of How to Start a Home-Based App Development Business. He has spent more than 10 years guiding prospective entrepreneurs and business owners on the ins and outs of launching a startup, scaling a company and maintaining profitable growth. Within the world of entrepreneurship, he is particularly passionate about small business communications tools, such as unified communications systems, video conferencing solutions and conference call services. Brooks, who holds a degree in journalism from Indiana University, has lent his business expertise to a number of esteemed publications, including Huffington Post, CNBC, Fox Business and Laptop Mag. He regularly consults with B2B companies to stay on top of the latest business trends and direct growing enterprises toward the modern-day business technology required in today's digitally advanced world.
Grasshopper company logo
Editor's Rating8.3/10
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