Meet from anywhere

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Gathering your team together for a meeting is time-consuming and not always practical. Thankfully, the right video conferencing can let you meet from anywhere, saving you time and money. Here are six affordable videoconferencing solutions that will let you meet with employees, colleagues or clients from anywhere, using your existing desktop PC or mobile device.

Google Hangouts ($5/month per user)

google hangouts, conferencing
Google’s Hangouts is an easy-to-use videoconferencing app that’s pretty powerful, considering that its basic features are free. Businesses will probably want to invest in a subscription to Google Apps for Work ($5/user per month), which adds a bunch of work-friendly features to Hangouts. The additional include integrated online calendars and the ability to collaborate on documents and spreadsheets during a video chat session. Plus, you’ll be able to sign in and out with the branded email address that your company already uses.

Adobe Connect ($500 per year)

Adobe Connect, conferencing
Better known for its design and image editing software, Adobe also provides a top-notch video conferencing service called Adobe Connect. The platform has all the tools you need for a smooth virtual meeting. Participants can connect instantly from almost any Internet-connected device, and the software boasts a pared-down interface that’s easy to use for beginners. Attendees can share slides and documents to work collaboratively. You can also run polls and take shared notes during a meeting. And Adobe Connect has advanced features such as the ability to create breakout rooms, private video chat rooms for more focused discussion with a smaller group.

Skype for Business ($2/month per user)

Skype Premium, conferencing
Skype is best-known as a video-calling service to chat with friends and family members. But for business users on a budget, Skype is a competent video-conferencing tool. Video chatting with one other person is free, but upgrading to Skype for Business for $2/month per user per month adds a few important features such as group video calling with up to 250 participants. Paying for a premium account also opens up group screen sharing so you and your colleagues can share documents, spreadsheets and presentations and work together.

Cisco WebEx ($24/month, $228/year)

Cisco WebEx, conferencing
Cisco, one of the heavy hitters in the enterprise-grade video conferencing space, also provides the WebEx service for small businesses. A free version is available, but it only supports voice calling; for video, you’ll have to upgrade to the Premium 8 version, which costs $24 per month, or $228 per year. The entry-level subscription lets up to eight users at once join a meeting remotely, and allows for screen sharing for easy presentations. Users can also share documents, spreadsheets and PDFs for collaborative editing. And the service includes an interactive whiteboard feature, letting users share notes, draw charts and more.

Citrix GoToMeeting ($39/month)

Citrix GoToMeeting, conferencing
GoToMeeting offers a feature-packed baseline subscription for $49 per month, or $468 per year, letting up to 25 people join at once for a face-to-face virtual meeting. The service makes it easy for hosts to schedule meetings, and makes it easy for guests to join for free by clicking an invitation link from any Web-connected PC or mobile device. The service also has features such as speaker identification, and it offers screen-sharing tools for business presentations. You can even share your keyboard and mouse controls with meeting attendees for smooth collaboration.

Fuze ($8/month)

Fuze ($8/month)

Fuze is an affordable videoconferencing service with a solid feature set. A subscription to Fuze Pro starts at just $8 per month, and lets up to 125 people join a virtual meeting through simultaneous video feeds. The service lets you share your computer screen or an individual program window for instant presentations. It also features a set of markup tools to annotate and edit documents, PDFs and videos collaboratively. Participants can join a meeting from almost any Web-connected device, and hosts can record virtual meetings to review them later.