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LinkedIn's New Tools Can Help You Find Top Talent

image for Roman Pyshchyk/Shutterstock
Roman Pyshchyk/Shutterstock

LinkedIn is one of the top destinations for job seekers. Recognizing the central role it plays in connecting aspiring employers and employees, the business-focused social network has revamped its hiring tools into a platform it dubs the "intelligent hiring experience." 

LinkedIn says the goal is to build a streamlined pipeline for applicants and leads. It's doing that by combining a large batch of existing tools into a comprehensive set for recruiters. 

In a blog post, LinkedIn vice president of product management John Jersin says several changes are coming in preparation for a summer launch. 

"In all, we will be releasing more than 15 new product enhancements for LinkedIn Recruiter and Jobs over the next few quarters. Some of our new features will help recruiters and their teams collaborate better, some will help them to be more productive, and others will provide them with smarter results, but all of them are capabilities we can't wait to get into your hands," he said.

LinkedIn has revamped its hiring tools so it's now easier to navigate and access key features.

The Jobs, Recruiter and Pipeline Builder tools, for example, are being combined into one platform. Recruiters will be able to manage all of their potential candidates from the Talent Pool tab. 

The new platform will have an element of intelligent services – it will learn, over time, the types of candidates you are after based on which candidates you save, hide and send InMessages to. The service will then begin recommending candidates for your open jobs after taking these preferences into account. 

Additionally, the communication stream with a candidate is being pulled together into one conversation so previous dialogues between a candidate and different team members are visible to everyone. If nothing else, it will reduce the number of times candidates are asked the same questions when in discussions with a company.

Finally, LinkedIn is streamlining rejection. While no one likes to hear they didn't get the job, it's better than being left in limbo. The company says a new feature will allow you to send individual or bulk rejections quickly. 

Job hunters will now wait less time to hear back on an application they've submitted to an employer, thanks to a streamlined method for sending out rejection notices.

According to LinkedIn, these features are coming later this summer. To learn more, there's a dedicated landing page about the new feature set, which also includes a detailed handbook for recruiters, a step-by-step guide and a series of FAQs.

Derek Walter

Derek Walter is the founder of Walter Media, which offers writing and content strategy services. He is also the author of Learning MIT App Inventor: A Hands-On Guide to Building Your Own Android Apps.