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Clockify Review

Laura Handrick
Laura Handrick
  • Clockify is a great solution for businesses that bill clients. Its tools let your employees track the time they spend on projects.
  • Employers can look on Clockify's dashboard and instantly see what employees are working on.
  • There is a free tier that offers unlimited reports, API and software integrations, plus email and chat support.
  • This review is for business owners who are considering Clockify as their time and attendance system.

We selected Clockify as the best time and attendance system for small businesses with remote office staff because it offers a robust free plan on a par with many competitors' paid offerings. The software includes client billing; unlimited users, projects and reports; and many apps and integrations.



The Verdict

Clockify is the best time and attendance system for remote and office workers because time is easily tracked via web browsers and mobile apps and there is a free forever tier that allows businesses, regardless of size, to use the service for no cost.

In addition to the free plan, Clockify offers three paid plans, two of which have a flat monthly fee regardless of how many employees you have.


Clockify offers four pricing tiers that range from free forever to $9.99 per user per month (with a two-month discount if you pay annually). However, most small businesses will find the free plan more than sufficient, as it provides time tracking for an unlimited number of users. Here are Clockify's four pricing tiers:

  • Free: The Free plan allows you to track time and attendance for an unlimited number of employees and projects. It offers unlimited reports, as well as API and software integrations. You also get email and chat support.

  • Plus: The Plus plan is a monthly flat-rate plan that costs $9.99 per month. It adds reminders, required fields, time rounding, auditing and branded reports.

  • Premium: The Premium plan costs a flat monthly rate of $29.99. It adds project templates, bulk edits and additional security features, like the ability to hide pages.

  • Enterprise: The Enterprise plan costs $9.99 per user per month and gives you full control over the data, as well as custom fields, time approval, manager roles and single sign-on. This plan also provides phone support.

Key takeaway: Clockify offers a free-forever plan and three paid plans. Two paid plans offer flat-rate pricing – $9.99 or $29.99 per month – and the fourth plan costs $9.99 per employee per month.

Best Features

Clockify offers a wide range of valuable features. The time tracker lets your employees start and stop time as they work or input their hours manually per day or per project, and the dashboard shows you what your employees are working on. You can track hours by project or team, and run reports.

In addition, employees can track time off for sick leave, vacation, bereavement, jury duty and more, and managers can then review and approve timesheets before sending them to payroll.

Best of all, you can track employee work hours for client billing purposes. Employees can choose to mark time as "billable," and then you can integrate that data with more than 40 applications, such as Monday.com and Salesforce. Or, you can create your own API integration using Zapier to sync the data with over 1,500 apps.

Key takeaway: Clockify is an excellent free option for tracking time by project or team. Because the software is web-based, it works equally well for in-office and remote teams, providing you with a dashboard to view what everyone in the company is working on.

Pros and Cons


Clockify provides a setup checklist, which includes information about creating your profile, workspace preferences, employees, groups, projects and bill rates (if you use them).

The dashboard shows you who is working on which projects, as well as who is out of the office or on a break.

Clockify provides two ways for employees to track their hours: by starting and stopping a timer, or by manually entering their work hours into a digital timesheet. Managers can then approve those hours or make changes as needed before submitting the timesheet to payroll.

Clockify integrates with a variety of project management software and customer relationship management software, as well as with a number of applications, using prebuilt integrations or APIs. That means you enter time, project and client work hours only once, and they're synced with the other business software you use.


One downside is that Clockify doesn't include scheduling software. That means this system is better for offices and project-based organizations than for retail, restaurant or service environments, where workers are prescheduled to work in shifts.

Also, Clockify has fewer standard reports than some other time and attendance apps. It includes a weekly report, a summary report and a detailed report, but you may need to use pivot tables in Google Sheets or Excel to create custom reports.

Key takeaway: Pros of Clockify include the setup checklist, dashboard, two ways to track time and robust set of integrations, and cons include a lack of scheduling software and limited reports.

Customer Service

Clockify provides support via email and online chat for all of its plans, including the free plan. The online chat is not a bot; it connects you to a customer service representative. If you upgrade to the Enterprise plan, you'll also get telephone support. Clockify support is available 24/7; if there's no one on the chat, the service will create an email that Clockify staff respond to within 24 hours.

Customers rate Clockify very highly, at about 4.8 out of 5 across multiple software review sites.

Key takeaway: All of Clockify's plans include email and online chat support, but if you need phone support, you may wish to upgrade to the Enterprise plan.


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The Verdict

Clockify is the best time and attendance system for remote and office workers because time is easily tracked via web browsers and mobile apps and there is a free forever tier that allows businesses, regardless of size, to use the service for no cost.

Laura Handrick
Laura Handrick
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