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5 Ways the Job Market Will Change in 2018

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Getting a new job is always a popular New Year's resolutions. What better way to get a jump on that resolution than by learning the most influential job market trends for the upcoming year?

Glassdoor recently revealed five labor market trends that will change the way companies attract, hire and retain employees in 2018.

This should come as no surprise, but AI and automation stand to make a huge impact in nearly every facet of the workforce, but most especially in human resources and finance.

If you've applied for jobs recently, then you know that most application processes and tracking systems seem like relics from the Stone Age, which often make applying for jobs from mobile devices incredibly frustrating. Mobile apply is due for a serious and complete overhaul in 2018. Unfortunately, it will probably take a while for us to see the end results.

Job creation in 2018 is being driven not only by continuous tech innovations, which will also continue to expand into non-tech industries, but also by significant demographic shifts as well. Many traditional jobs that can't be easily automated in the near future –  such as restaurant waiters, construction workers, and truck drivers – will continue to grow and be a significant source for jobs.

While workplaces have strived to increase transparency over the last couple of years, the online job application process remains clear as mud. In 2018, job seekers can expect increased visibility in the application process with real-time application status updates.

To help reduce turnover and better match proven talent with the most productive roles, more and more companies are looking to create ways to support employee aspirations outside vertical trajectories through role experimentation. This establishes clearer pathways for internal lateral job moves that tap into employees' changing skills and passions.

Based on the research conducted by Glassdoor's chief economist, Andrew Chamberlain, it seems the best bet for job seekers looking to get ahead in the new year is customizing their resumes and cover letters as much as possible. With AI and automation infiltrating the HR industry, the software used to sift through the increasing number of resumes is about to become much more sophisticated. Ensure your resume has the highest probability of being seen by tailoring it as much as possible to match the criteria employers are looking for. 

You should also focus on doing extensive research on your potential employers. Because companies are becoming more transparent with their job requirements as well as providing greater insights into company culture and expectations, take advantage of the information available and research the position you're applying for as much as possible.

To learn more about what's to come in 2018, check out Glassdoor's full report, and visit this Business News Daily article for more tips for job seekers.

Julianna Lopez

Julianna Lopez is a freelance writer, editor, and social media marketer. She loves all things New York, books, movies and theater. If you're interested in her services, you can reach her at lopez.julianna6@gmail.com