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Updated Apr 05, 2024

13 Businesses You Can Start Up Quickly

These easy-to-start businesses are great ways to begin an entrepreneurial venture and make extra money.

Ross Mudrick
Ross Mudrick, Business Operations Insider and Senior Writer
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Table of Contents

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 Many would-be entrepreneurs crave the freedom and potential earnings of a successful self-owned business. While starting a business takes time and effort, an excellent turnkey business idea can help you get up and running quickly — with a few caveats. 

We’ll highlight 13 easy-to-start business ideas to help you begin generating side income, and we’ll share legal and marketing considerations to ensure your new venture has the best chance of success. 

Business ideas that are easy to start quickly

These easy-to-start business ideas are meant to inspire budding entrepreneurs and point them toward ventures in which they’ll excel. Many of them also have minimal startup costs. Consider your unique strengths, skills, interests and resources when you’re deciding on your new business. 

1. Yard work

graphic of a person using a riding lawnmower

People with 9-to-5 jobs don’t always want to spend their weekends doing yard work. If you have a more flexible job, you may be the right person for this easy-to-start business. 

Landscaping companies cut the grass but don’t necessarily do things such as weeding, planting, raking and fertilizing. In the winter, you could offer snow removal services.

2. Software training

With so many specialized software applications available, there’s a wealth of opportunities for experienced people with specific platforms. Not everyone is inclined to pay hefty fees for technical manuals for programs such as QuickBooks and Final Cut Pro. If you’re a master of these or other programs and have patience and enjoy teaching others, you could market yourself to software users who need assistance and training. Consider one-on-one or group sessions, depending on the interest and program.

In addition to coming up with a great business idea, it's essential to manage your startup's financial health by upgrading your financial literacy and managing cash flow.

3. Homemade soap making

Selling artisanal products is an excellent, creative business idea. People love products made with care and concern for the environment, nature and the body. If you love soap and feel adventurous, why not take on soap making? 

If you make it big, you can sell your soaps at farmers markets, local craft fairs and even local stores. Or you may decide to start selling online via online marketplaces for handmade goods. Be sure you can keep up if your product takes off.

4. Errand service

graphic of a uniformed person holding a grocery bag

Do you love food shopping and wish you could do it more? OK, maybe not, but you could get paid to run errands for other people. Joining a platform like TaskRabbit or Handy gives you access to opportunities to earn money by doing chores, tasks, pickups and drop-offs in your community. It’s a busy world, and people will hire you for services they don’t have the time, talent or equipment to handle themselves.

5. Social media management

Companies can’t always afford to have a full-time staff member to run their small business social media efforts. If you’re a social media buff, you could offer your freelance social media management services to those businesses. 

You could handle photography, editing and post scheduling for a flat or package fee. Programs such as Hootsuite and Sendible make social media management extremely easy.

6. Freelance services

In this part-time economy, with so many companies looking for freelance or contract employees, it’s easy to imagine building a business around providing freelance services. Whatever your skills — writing, editing, graphic design or coding — there’s likely a freelance opportunity waiting for you. 

Check out the listings on sites such as Upwork and, and get started on a project today. Freelancing is also a great way to start a photography business or another creative endeavor.

7. Selling on eBay

While there are many excellent online business ideas, selling on eBay is a quick way to start an online resale business. Whether you’re selling handmade products or items you don’t use anymore, eBay is a great way to earn extra money. 

List your items with set prices, or take bids to get the most value. You could easily start an eBay business consigning old clothes, vintage items, handmade products and more. You could even scour flea markets and rummage sales to add to your stock. 

While eBay is one major platform in this space, you can also consider Facebook Marketplace and its competition, including Craigslist, Etsy and Amazon Marketplace. 

If style and clothing are your passions, consider fashion-related business ideas, like being a fashion blogger, fashion business coach or photo stylist.

8. Pet sitting

graphic of a person giving a dog a treat

People are always looking for someone trustworthy to walk, feed and play with their pets while they’re away. If you love animals and have enough knowledge to care for them over a short period, consider starting a pet-sitting business. 

Pet sitting is a popular type of student startup, but it’s suitable for any responsible animal lover. Pet owners are willing to pay a lot to ensure their pets are cared for with love and respect. You don’t need much equipment, so this is an easy business to start. 

9. Cleaning service

There was a time when only the rich had cleaning services, but those days are long gone. People are getting busier and are always looking for ways to make their lives easier. 

Often, cleaning falls by the wayside when people get really busy. You need basic cleaning supplies to get this job off the ground; these may vary with each household’s needs, so be sure to ask. You should also know basic cleaning techniques and generally be neat and organized. You also must be reliable and able to maintain a schedule. 

10. Delivery service

Do you have a reliable car and enjoy driving around? Not so much that last part? Same for others! People are willing to pay for the convenience of having items delivered. Sure, there are many delivery-company options, but you still have a shot at competing. This kind of business may be a good fit for you if you can provide a less costly, more efficient or more personalized delivery service.

Did You Know?Did you know
Before you start your search, it helps to have at least general knowledge about how credit card processing works.

Did you know? Interested in starting a food truck business? Costs can range from $28,000 to $114,000 to get the business off the ground. 

11. Hauling

Ever tried to shove a sofa or an old appliance in the trunk of your car? You’re not alone. Short of hiring an expensive commercial moving van and movers (and waiting for their schedules to open up), finding a way to move bulky items or piles of smaller items is challenging. People need options and are willing to pay well for them. You can quickly set up a hauling business if you have a roomy vehicle. 

12. Tutor

graphic of a tutor and a student at a laptop

Tutoring is an excellent home-based business idea. Students of all ages and abilities sometimes need a tutor. Whatever you’re good at — or excelled at in school — you can offer your expertise to others and be paid well for it. Select the subject matter, age and skill level you’re most comfortable working with, and offer in-person or online sessions, individually or in groups.

13. Entertainer

Got a talent that people enjoy seeing you perform? Put it to work for you. There are always small, local arenas and events looking for talent: senior centers, weddings, birthday parties, farmers markets, community centers, schools and bars. Whether you can juggle, play an instrument, do magic tricks, sing or do anything else that entertains people, you could put together a brief act and market yourself with an online video. 

Key TakeawayKey takeaway
Remember to test your business idea by refining your target market and ensuring your business idea aligns with their real-world needs.

Launching any business takes time and effort

While we’ve highlighted business ideas that are easy to start, launching and successfully running a business take time and effort. Legalities and marketing are two areas that every business must address in order to succeed.

Legal considerations when starting a business

Legal considerations for startups include the following: 

Marketing considerations when starting a business

graphic of a person standing inside of a smartphone holding a megaphone

Common startup mistakes include not defining your market and target audience. Your customers must know you exist and how to find you. Fortunately, there are many ways to get the word out with little to no marketing budget.

  • Word-of-mouth referrals: Word-of-mouth advertising is incredibly valuable. For example, if you start a hauling business, your satisfied customers likely will know other people with hauling needs. If you’re a pet sitter, your happy clients will share your contact information with their friends and families. 
  • Testimonials and reviews: Ask your customers to spread the word about your business and request testimonials and online reviews. Use their comments to market yourself on social media. 
  • Local marketing opportunities: Use local marketing strategies to gain a foothold in your area. For example, set up a Google Business profile, utilize localized email marketing, and consider direct-mail advertising to reach your customers.  
Are you the parent of a budding entrepreneur? Help your child start a business legally by researching the proper business licenses, forms and requirements for your local area.

One good idea and a little footwork

If your idea is sound and you use these practical guidelines to launch your new venture, you could be in business in a matter of hours. Share your idea with people you trust, start small, and ensure you comply with appropriate laws and ordinances. 

People likely need your services and are happy to pay you to help them. Start getting the word out!

Adam Uzialko contributed to the reporting and writing in this article. 

Ross Mudrick
Ross Mudrick, Business Operations Insider and Senior Writer
Ross Mudrick has more than 10 years of experience counseling organizations on fundraising, strategic communications and operations development. Over the course of his career, his consultative services have helped organizations obtain grants from the U.S. State Department, W.K. Kellogg Foundation, Carnegie Corporation of New York and many others. Past clients include the New York City Economic Development Corporation and Mudrick is well-versed in crafting budget proposals, business cases, press releases and more documentation. Recently, his work has expanded to recommending the best business software for nonprofits and other enterprises. Mudrick holds a masters in public administration from NYU, where he studied adaptable organizations and systems management.
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