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Updated Oct 24, 2023

13 Business Ideas for Couples

While it might not be right for everyone, running a business with a significant other can be a dream come true.

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Written By: Marci MartinBusiness Operations Insider and Senior Writer
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Though starting a business with a significant other wouldn’t be ideal for some couples, for others, it could be a dream come true. In fact, your bond may make you excellent business partners.

It’s possible that working with your partner could distract you from business concerns or strain your relationship. However, it could just as easily bring you closer together while doubling your passion for success. If you and your significant other handle conflict well and motivate each other, consider turning your talents into a business.

Business ideas for couples

Starting a business can be easier for a two-person team. As with any partnership, the following business ideas work best when each person takes on a role that fits their skills and strengths. Like all business ventures, an entrepreneurial relationship is a labor of love. 

Here are 13 businesses you and your partner could start together:

Catering company

Some couples fight over who should cook dinner. For others, preparing a meal together is a bonding activity. If you and your partner fall into the latter category — and are good cooks — consider starting your own catering business. Let the resident gourmand cover most of the food prep while the other serves as a customer service rep and sous-chef. 

Did You Know?Did you know
Starting a catering company is also a green business idea if you add an organic twist and focus on sustainable business practices.

2. Coffee shop

Sometimes, socializing with the public is what couples need to work together successfully. If that sounds like you, consider opening a small coffee shop. A coffee shop doesn’t require much space, and a limited menu lets you focus on high-quality or specialty items without stretching yourself thin. 

One of you can spearhead customer service while the other focuses on the coffee. Consider hiring employees and a manager so you can schedule days off together when business is steady. 

3. Food truck

If you’re foodies who love to travel, consider starting a food truck business. Whether they set up shop at music festivals, block parties or private events, food trucks are a great way to make extra money while traveling and meeting interesting people. The freedom of the open road and the appeal of their favorite activities has led many food truck vendors to start such a venture — and doing so with the person you love might be even better.

Before opening a food truck, invest in the right vehicle, pinpoint your target audience, finalize your menu, and consider offering a catering option.

4. E-commerce business

Crafty couples with a passion for DIY projects can start selling online by creating an Etsy shop or launching a shop on platforms like Amazon Handmade or another Etsy competitor

One of you can handle marketing while the other handles customer service; both of you can fill orders. E-commerce represents a money-making opportunity and offers you and your partner a chance to be creative together. What’s better than having fun while turning a profit?

5. Online resale

Perhaps you and your partner love shopping together. You may come across valuable items you can resell in a niche market. If you enjoy looking through garage sales and thrift shops and are knowledgeable about antiques or vintage items, consider starting an online resale business. Antiques, old toys and comic books are just a few examples of items that might catch a potential shopper’s eye, especially online.

Start by opening an online store through social media platforms like Facebook Marketplace or a site like eBay, where you can advertise your items locally. If your business grows, consider expanding into a brick-and-mortar location.

6. Fitness instruction

If you’re a couple that runs and hits the gym together, launching a fitness business could be right for you. Whether you’re interested in personal training or class instruction, you can become certified through organizations like the Athletics and Fitness Association of America and begin accepting clients.

If you and your partner specialize in the same area, you can double the number of sessions or classes you book. Alternatively, if one of you is a personal trainer and the other teaches a class, you can expand your client base through your service variety.

Looking for even more ways to start a business? Dig into these other great business ideas.

Benefits of couple-based businesses

Starting a business with your significant other can be risky. It’s important to remember there are bound to be good and bad times. And, as with any other relationship, a business partnership requires a lot of work. However, it can also bring advantages for your entrepreneurial venture and growth as a couple. 

Here are a few potential benefits of running a business as a couple:

  • Better communication. Improved communication is an automatic benefit of working as a couple. Whether you’re figuring out your business’s launch or working through daily operations, communication is your most valuable tool for succeeding as a business couple. Excellent communication will help you define your roles and responsibilities and accomplish your short- and long-term goals.
  • Deeper respect. Starting a business and working together can lead to a new appreciation and respect for each other, both personally and professionally. Few things are more empowering than understanding each other’s priorities and goals. 
  • More flexibility. The ability to easily plan time off together is a great benefit of working as a couple. When you don’t have a business together, you must switch around dates with other co-workers to get your vacation times in sync, which is stressful and time-consuming. By working as business partners, however, your vacations’ timing and length don’t rely on other employees and company restrictions.
  • Stronger bond. Your successes will mean a lot more if you’re celebrating with your partner, considering the effort and time both of you invest in your work. Relating more to each other through your job will make those victories much sweeter and your time together even more special.

Strong partnership, successful business

Starting a business with your partner can be an exciting and fulfilling venture. You’re combining your individual skill sets and interests while working toward a common goal of running a successful business together. 

Now that you have several ideas to consider, take one and add your creative touch to it. With a positive mindset and the determination to overcome any obstacles, you and your partner can enjoy the many rewards of going into business together.

Shayna Waltower and Jad Kaado contributed to this article. 

author image
Written By: Marci MartinBusiness Operations Insider and Senior Writer
Over the years, Marci Martin has mastered the art of proposals and business plans and risen to become president and CEO of a small company. She is a business management pro and skilled project manager who has spent more than 10 years overseeing business operations for a range of companies. She's had hands-on experience in such notable business areas as finance, human resources, logistics and safety. Martin, who has a degree in business management, is also passionate about leadership and public speaking. She enjoys conceiving business messaging and presentations, which she infuses with her real-life experiences and perspective.
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