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3 Secrets of Successful Facebook Ads

Business News Daily Editor
Business News Daily Editor

Paid Facebook ads have proven to be quite effective for businesses, but there have been a lot of changes in recent years. Here's how to make your next campaign succeed.

  • To have an edge in the digital market, create a realistic framework with a particular timeline and the target niche.
  • Consider including a video in your advertisement.
  • The most essential characteristic of a Facebook ad is the offer. The offer must be enticing and valuable for your clients to proceed into the details of purchase.  

When people first began using Facebook to build brand awareness and increase sales for their business, the social media channel was an open field. Having a business page and with content that was published regularly was really all that was needed to see sales conversions rise substantially.

Unfortunately, that has all changed dramatically over the last several years.

It is now almost impossible to get new leads through Facebook without paying for them with Facebook ads. It's a pay-to-play game that requires a savvy business owner who is willing to keep up with the latest changes in Facebook ads.

Ad copy

In marketing, everything ultimately comes back to how good your copy is, and Facebook ads are no different. Regardless of what type of ad you choose to run, the copy you write must speak directly to your ideal customer and make them want to listen to you. To do this effectively you have to know exactly who you are targeting and what you want them to do.

Start with the headline. Don't fill it with a boring list of features or blatant marketing jargon. Instead, make it conversational and interesting. When developing your ad, the field that is listed as the headline is essentially the first sentence that will be displayed above the image; it needs to be as good as the first line in your favorite novel if you want people to keep reading instead of scrolling past.

Finally, use the description field to combat any anticipated objections. This text will be prominently displayed beneath the image and is easily visible without the viewer clicking to read more. If viewers learn that your offer is completely free or has a money-back guarantee as they are scrolling past, you may get them to stop and reconsider.

Keep in mind that the copy you write will likely need to be changed for different audience segments even if the offer is the same. Additionally, it's important to try out different combinations and test them to find out which is most effective.

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Images and video

You need eye candy if you want people to pay attention to your copy. This can be a carefully curated image that visually articulates your offer or brand, or it can be a video that people will want to watch.

If you use stock images, use high-quality images that are relevant to the advertising copy. Facebook has several rules about the types of images that can be used, as well as the ratio of words allowed on ad images.

Because of the above issues and the popularity of video in general, it can be more effective to simply opt for video for your Facebook ads. People love to watch videos online, and editing video is easier than ever, thanks to the growing field of user-friendly video editing apps 

Messenger ads

Facebook Messenger ads are still in the Wild West phase of marketing, which makes it the ideal time to jump on the bandwagon. The wonderful thing about Messenger ads is they are delivered directly to customers' messenger app, along with messages from their friends, co-workers and family. It's an intimate space that still feels very personal, primarily because so few businesses are using this platform.

It is important to keep this feeling of intimacy at the forefront of your mind when creating ad experiences for Messenger. To do this effectively, you will want to utilize a chatbot service to build full campaigns. This allows you to ask your subscribers (the people who have subscribed to receive messages from you) a question or offer them something of value and then create an automated experience that moves them further along a sales funnel in a way that feels less like a sales pitch and more like a friend offering advice.  

Facebook ad-targeting specificity has come a long way in the last few years. Early on there were a few hit-or-miss approaches to creating Facebook ads. Now, Facebook allows you to choose the type of ad campaign you want to run, detailed objectives and custom audiences. You can also run multiple versions of the same ads to find out which is more effective and limit the amount you spend by carefully allocating your budget by day and ad.

If this all sounds very complicated, that's because it is. It is more important than ever to take your time to learn the fundamentals of setting up your campaign properly. Stunning copy and attention-grabbing graphics are no longer enough. It's good to understand how Facebook ads work, but if you don't have the time to stay on top of them and their updates, seek help from a marketer who is skilled with them. 

Examples of successful Facebook ads

Apparel category

1. Crew

This is an image ad whose objective is to drive sales. The target market is J Crew male demographic. The ad is successful due to its short and conversational tone. The reminder that a new season is coming that requires a change of clothes entices Facebook users to shop.

2. Everlane

This is an image add with the aim of increasing online conversions. The ad target market is first time buyers. The image used is informational about the selling points of the product. The ad uses a quote from a well-known publication, that is, style magazine, as an affirmation of how good the product is. This acts as a tool to woo more new buyers who have not heard of Everlane before. This ad is a success as it resonates with the target audience of practical, style conscious and minimalist.

3. Warby Parker

This is a video app to encourage app installation. The ad promotes use of a new tool designed to improve the buying experience of existing customers and new customers. This add is a success since it sells what the consumer needs at the moment in terms of ease of usage of the app

Food and beverage Facebook ads

1. Dominos

This is an image ad selling to the customers a deal that they would not resist. Its targets both loyal and new customers. The ad is a success as the image used quickly grabs the attention of hungry users. The ad indicates that in the food and beverage industry, sometimes less is more!

2. Starbucks

This is an image ad that encourages app installation and rewards program sign ups. The ad target market is loyal customers. This ad has been a success as it emphasizes on free drinks by sampling downloading the Starbucks app. The ad includes an install option as a call to action. The ad makes it easy to earn a free drink while in actual sense you have to load cash into the app before earning the free drink.

3. Hint

This is a video add whose objective is to send traffic to the site and increase sales. The target market is new customers. The ad has been a success is it is visually engaging. It rides on the wave of pre-summer diet marketing hype. Clients are encouraged to work on their weight loss and increase hydration leading to more clicks.

Software companies Facebook ads

1. Mailchimp

This is a video ad with audio component. It aims at raising awareness of an expanded suite of products and services. Its target market is both new and loyal customers

This ad has great visuals and sound. It is bright yellow which is captivating with music that quickly grabs your attention. It has a logo which can easily be identified by the target audience who have worked in the realm of digital marketing or online business. Mailchimp also sell additional products they have to offer on this same ad. This is very convenient for customers who maybe shopping for other products.

2. Shopify

This is a video ad with an aim of sending traffic to the Shopify website and increase engagement. It targets both new and repeating customers. The ad raises awareness of the positive contributions shopify users are making in certain communities. This makes Shopify stand out as a brand and attract other like-minded people to work with Shopify.

3. Volusion

This is a video ad that aims at building brand awareness and increasing reach. The ad targets both new and returning customers. The ad is a success as it asserts its credibility in the ecommerce industry by including their trust rating.

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