Ideas for entrepreneurial sports fans

Ideas for entrepreneurial sports fans
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Entrepreneurs find the most success when they choose a niche that interests them. While you might hesitate to turn a hobby into a business, there are many opportunities that abound.

If you enjoy Sunday night football and kicking a soccer ball around on the weekends, consider a career in the sports industry. You don't need to be a professional athlete. With one of these 10 sports business ideas below, you can turn your love for the game into a lucrative business.

Physical therapist

Physical therapist sports business ideas
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Injuries happen in sports, and, often, players need professional help to recover. If you're willing to get your degree in physical therapy, you can open your own practice and assist athletes or teams in your area.

Sports video game

Sports video game, sports business ideas
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Gaming is a popular hobby today, and many video games are sports-related, like Madden and FIFA. Develop your own game, but choose a unique angle. Pick a sport you're most interested in and create a game that you would want to play yourself.

Sports radio station

Sports radio station, sports business ideas
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While most fans like to watch their teams play on TV, there are certain times and situations where that is not possible. If someone is traveling or simply wants to catch up on sports stats while on the run, you can provide play-by-plays, recaps and entertaining segments by starting your own sports radio station where you can talk about your passions – and get paid while doing so.

Sports-betting company

Sports-betting company, sports business ideas
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Fans love placing bets on teams and players as a chance to win money while keeping up with their favorite sport. Friendly competitions, like fantasy football, allow you to connect with others through shared interests. Consider starting your own betting company or site where sports enthusiasts to compete with likeminded individuals while earning a profit.

Sports photography/videographry

Sports photographer, sports-related careers
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Parents often want lasting records of their kid scoring the winning goal or hitting a home run. Most times, the best they get is a blurry action shot on their smartphone or digital camera. As a sports photographer, you can work with amateur teams to capture photos of each player and sell them to proud parents. You can also work with parents to capture video footage and assemble a video highlight reel that parents can send to scouts at prospective colleges and universities. Knowledge of the game and a good single-lens reflex (SLR) camera are essential for this business.

In addition, game footage is a much sought-after skill for coaches and media outlets alike. If you're a skilled videographer, consider freelancing: Teams require game day film to prepare, and local media often reports on high school sports.

Sports copywriting

Sports copywriting
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Since you already keep up with games, teams and players, you can share your knowledge by starting your own sports copywriting firm. Whether you want to freelance for a local newspaper covering high school teams in your town or ghostwrite for major and minor-league athletes, you can attract a following by offering sports news, op-eds and features. You can even run and monetize your own blog.

Personal trainer/health coach

exercise, health
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Both major and minor league athletes need to stay in peak condition year-round, and part of that is making sure they consume a nutritious diet and follow a strict workout regimen. Players need health coaches to design menus and create individualized workout plans. You can build a reputation with local clients first, then start advertising to teams. Find out more about how to become a personal trainer here.

PR for athletes

public relations, sports-related careers
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Professional and college-level players frequently make headlines with their athletic abilities, but they have lives outside of their sport. Many athletes are also entrepreneurs and/or philanthropists, and it takes a great public relations agent to make sure their personal brands are well-known, both on and off the field. If you've got an arsenal of media contacts and a go-getter personality, why not launch an independent sports PR firm?

Sports camp organizer

Sports camp organizer
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Organizing a sports camp is a great way to start a business you'll enjoy. The camp could focus on the sport of your choice and any level of competition; it can last one day or several weeks. To boost its appeal and popularity, bring in experts, like coaches and athletes, to offer attendees experienced insights into their respective games. Garnering a local athletic personality's endorsement can also add further prestige to your event.

Sports scout

sports business ideas
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As an avid sports follower, you recognize good talent when you see it. Use this skill to your advantage and become a sports scout, recruiting talent for professional teams or colleges. On the job, you can watch the games you love while noting players that stand out. Start out by learning the ropes with a scouting organization and eventually transition to becoming an independent agent.

Additional reporting by Adam C. Uzialko and Nicole Fallon.