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The Best Internet Marketing and PPC Management Services of 2020

Matt D'Angelo
Business News Daily Contributing Writer
Oct 24, 2019

Need help with your online marketing efforts? Here are our top-ranked services for different business needs, as well as what to look for in a marketing and PPC management service provider.
Best PPC Management Service for Small Businesses
Price: Contact company for a price quote.
Featured Sponsor
Price: Contact company for a price quote.
Best Internet Marketing Service
Price: $900-$2,000 per month.
Best Overall PPC Management Tool
Silverback Strategies
Price: Contact company for a price quote.
Best Internet Marketing Service for Very Small Businesses
Price: Marketing Hub plans range from $50-$3,200 per month.
Need help with your online marketing efforts? Here are our top-ranked services for different business needs, as well as what to look for in a marketing and PPC management service provider.

Attracting new customers has never been easier for small businesses, thanks to the internet. Online marketing empowers small businesses to promote their products and services to customers not only where they're located, but across the country. Various online marketing strategies – search engine optimization (SEO), pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, social media marketing, content marketing and link building – can increase your business's online presence.

Rather than carry out their own online marketing plan, many small businesses employ internet marketing services to do it for them. These companies offer a range of services to help businesses improve their online rankings and build a strong online profile.

Find the Right Internet Marketing Service for Your Business

Fill out this questionnaire to find vendors that meet your needs.

Our Reviews

WebiMax: Best PPC Management Service for Small Businesses

WebiMax offers one of the most comprehensive lists of internet marketing services available on the market.
The company offers month-to-month contracts, so clients are not locked into a long-term contract.
WebiMax does not publish prices on its website, so you must contact a representative to receive a quote.
With WebiMax's helpful customer service and solid PPC management, this provider is our choice as the best PPC management service for small businesses. WebiMax unites other online marketing resources to create effective ad campaigns for your small business. When you sign up with WebiMax, you are assigned a dedicated account manager who is certified in Google AdWords. WebiMax can also help you create and design landing pages for your PPC campaigns.
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Hibu: Featured Sponsor

Hibu can serve as your internet marketing partner and double as your web designer. This unique, flexible service not only helps you market your small business with a specific eye on local listings, it also supports your organic search strategy by optimizing your website so it will, ideally, show up on the first page of Google. Hibu's focus on local listings means users in your city, state or region are most likely to see your small business's website in their search results. In addition to helping you drive website traffic, Hibu offers social media marketing support by creating Facebook and Twitter pages for your business. It also supports PPC campaigns, purchasing ads for your company on Google, Bing and Yahoo. Since Hibu doubles as a web development service, it makes it easy to marry your digital marketing efforts with a sleek, branded website. When creating a website, Hibu will set up domain registration and collaborate with you on design, although much of the control remains in your hands. Once your website is registered, you can select your desired aesthetic, upload images and configure the layout as you see fit. Then, a Hibu team member will implement your ideas and create a seamless, professional website for your small business. Hibu websites are compatible across multiple device types, adapting well to desktop browsers, tablets and smartphones.
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Act-On: Best Internet Marketing Service

Act-On offers a comprehensive suite of internet marketing services, including support for SEO, email marketing tools and social media consulting.
Act-On can scale its services to meet your business's changing needs.
Act-On has limited customer reviews on the company's BBB profile.
Our 2020 award for the best digital marketing service goes to Act-On because of its helpful search engine marketing tools, its email marketing features, not to mention its web design and social listening tools. Act-On's internet marketing service can help businesses of any size excel online. This service has a range of email tools, such as trigger emails, link building and spam filters. Also, its search engine tools can pull keyword reports, create PPC campaigns and audit your website.
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Silverback Strategies: Best Overall PPC Management Tool

Silverback Strategies offers PPC management support and a host of quality internet marketing services to support your efforts.
Silverback Strategies' services are highly customizable, and your account manager supports you every step of the way.
Pricing is not available on the website, so you'll need to contact a representative for a quote – a task that's challenging because the company doesn't offer 24/7 customer service or live-chat features.
Silverback Strategies is our pick as the best overall PPC management tool, because their account managers know the ins and outs of search engine and social network marketing. Silverback helps you find the best keywords, maximizes your return on investment and optimizes your bid management for ad placement. When you sign up with Silverback Strategies, you receive a dedicated account manager who answers your questions and ensures you're getting the most out of your PPC management service.
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HubSpot: Best Internet Marketing Service for Very Small Businesses

HubSpot offers a suite of internet marketing services at an affordable price, which is ideal for small businesses and those taking a DIY approach to digital marketing.
HubSpot provides designated experts to help you with your software or services.
The service has some poor customer reviews on the BBB website; we recommend that you read these to determine whether HubSpot's services are right for your business.
HubSpot is our choice as the best digital marketing service for very small businesses. It provides every feature we looked for in a digital marketing service at an affordable price. This solution's email marketing tools send out automated emails and segment contacts into relevant lists so that your emails resonate with your target audience. Other tools include SEO, keyword research and social media marketing tools.
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Best Online Marketing Services of 2020

In this guide, we break down the difference between internet marketing and PPC management, and highlight the best companies in the industry today. While internet marketing and PPC management are similar, there are some important distinctions to understand first before you speak with online marketing agencies.

Internet marketing or digital marketing services encompass nearly ever online marketing feature: social media marketing, email marketing, SEO, search engine marketing and a host of other services. PPC management, on the other hand, involves pay-per-click advertising and a marketing strategy. PPC management is a targeted approach to directing more traffic and sales to your website through ads placed on Google or Facebook, for example. In some ways, PPC management is a type of digital marketing.

What to Look for in an Online Marketing Service

When choosing an online marketing company or PPC management provider, consider the features the company offers, its level of experience and the reporting features that are available to you.

The best PPC management companies assign an account manager to your business, and this expert works closely with you to tailor the company's services to suit your business's needs. When you are shopping for a service, ask if the service is a Bing-accredited and Google-certified partner.

The best online marketing companies offer helpful search engine marketing tools, marketing email tools, web and ad design, landing page creation and social listening tools.  

Also, pay attention to customer service. As we mentioned above, many companies assign you an account manager, and you'll be working closely with your manager to develop your online marketing strategy; it's important, therefore, to ensure that you collaborate well together. By choosing a partner who understands your needs and provides good customer service, you can build a comprehensive strategy that boosts your business. Our reviews on business.com include details of our experiences with each agency's customer service.

Our Methodology

Locating the Best Services

To find the best PPC management and online marketing companies, we asked small business owners which companies they've used and recommend. We also researched reputable online sources, including review sites and business websites, and noted companies that consistently had high marks.

Choosing the Best Services

We then researched these vendors in depth, narrowing our list based on different use cases (e.g., small business, very small business, etc.) and the following criteria: rates and contracts, customer service, reporting and analytics, service limitations, tools and services available, email marketing tools, and SEO tools and strategies.

Researching Each Service

We extensively reviewed each service's website, comparing features and prices, and studying user reviews, including Better Business Bureau ratings.

Analyzing Each Service

Finally, we contacted each service, posing as a small business owner to get answers to questions we couldn't find online and, importantly, to assess the customer service and the support you can expect to receive should you become a client. Check out our reviews for detailed info on the pricing and features of each service as well as its customer service.

Matt D'Angelo
Matt D'Angelo
Business News Daily Contributing Writer
I'm a staff writer for Business.com and Business News Daily. I cover various small business topics, including technology, financing and marketing.
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