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Entrepreneurs Define the Meaning of 'Success'

entrepreneur . / Credit: Success image via Shutterstock

How do you define success? For some business leaders, success is defined by monetary rewards, while others say success is having a positive impact on others. BusinessNewsDaily asked professionals for their thoughts on what makes a business successful.

"I own and run a Web design company. My goal has never been to have the most clients, or even to make the most money. I like being focused on just a couple of clients at a time, and a few interesting projects a year. My measure of success is doing good work for interesting people and providing them with value." — Paul Jarvis, owner of PJRVS

"Success is the gradual realization of a worthy goal. To me, the key word here is worthy. Ask yourself this ... if you reach your goal, will you look at it as a goal worth attaining." –John Lee Dumas, founder and host of business podcast Entrepreneur On Fire

"Success is defined for me personally by accomplishing goals, not being motivated by a dollar, but by creating, with creativity, passion, hard work — it often goes hand in hand with financial rewards as well." — Matt Levine, co-owner of Cocktail Bodega, Sons of Essex, The Rowhouse Inn and partner at Brandsway Creative

"Success is running a profitable firm that conducts business with honesty and integrity, makes meaningful contributions to the communities it serves and nurtures high-quality, balanced lives for all employees. As business owners, we must think outside of our own doors. We must think about the potential impacts that we have on those around us, as well as future generations."  – Hope Wilson, president of Wilson Business Growth Consultants

"Success is something we should always be striving for. It comes in different sizes and shapes. It is seen as various things from varying viewpoints. It can often be hard to achieve, but in some way, it leaves the world a better place." — Michael Byrnes, national speaker and president of Byrnes Consulting

"To me, success means making a living of something you absolutely love to do. Something that makes you come alive and gets the best out of you. But most importantly, it means going to sleep at night knowing that your talents and abilities were used in a way that made a difference to others."  – Iris Louwerens, founder and owner Dig Mondays

"Success entails meeting the goals you have set for yourself. Success doesn't have to do with comparing yourself to others; it is all about growth and accomplishments." – Marcia Dee, owner of Etsy shop UpcycleFever

"As an entrepreneur and business owner, my success is built around my staff. My company will only be successful if I have the right team with me — and to make sure that happens, I ensure that my staff is happy. My ultimate success is making sure I can pay my staff as much as I can, and making sure they love getting out of bed every morning and coming to work because they really enjoy what they do." – Brendan Lyle, CEO and founder of BBL Churchill Group

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